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  1. Nice battle reps! Although i must say, this thread should be moved to the battle rep section. The enemy lists would be better to post before you write the report. Personally i am really scared of aleph and mostly because of Achilles
  2. Every model with symbiont armour. You need to check what someone looses. At the first games, i just played with the normal stets (except Arm and Bts)
  3. My Makauls are MONSTERS in melee and they only habe MA 2 and ikohl 1(and a nice viral CCW)
  4. Well you habe to distinct between the secorials too. They play quite opposite (the only exception imo is PanO) Tohaa resilence, most 2 wound models and fireteams Ariadna camo faction with werewolves Nomads especially good at hacking CA can do nearly everything but for higher point cost
  5. I take the Taquel Quite often. It is a great model. Put a rasail Leutnant with him and you got 2 strong pieces to usw your Leutnant order. And as a backup im there is the kealtar for my round 3 (nearly every opponent tries to kill the rasail in their first turn and your taquel in their second turn) Both models combined wreak havoc in the lines of your opponent
  6. Honestly speaking Corvus Belli should switch the Chain of Command to the Bomb user. It is this skill why i take a kealtar in about 90%. That I have 2 mates is a nice bonus but a secret specialist with WIP 14 and if you take a Rasail...
  7. I take 2 or 3 kamael sniper and put them in a triad for aro duty
  8. Other people say that I play very aggressive. Well that could be, when I play against people that I don't know I make lists, that I usually don't do. For example I had 16 orders, with 2 groups with 8 orders. In my first group was the rasail viral Leutnant and in the other a Gorgos. He took 2 in the Gorgos group. Gorgos ran forward to a haramaki/domaru link and killed one (3 engaged the Gorgos with the last order). The rasail went forward, and killed 2 engaged domarus, a shikami and a total reaction drone. He then conceded because one domaru was his Leutnant and he had 5 orders left
  9. I dont make Spam lists but I like the Sniper loadout a lot. I often take 2-3 Kamael sniper in my lists so that they are on ARO duty
  10. Yuan yuans for me! My Gao rael loves them. And I bought jsa for bikes, so yojimbo is a must have for nearly all my tohaa lists
  11. You can take 2 Jäger!
  12. I dont want the new Neema. I fell the old one is still good (although a little small). But I think I will buy her. Maybe I will buy a Kosuil and take the Boarding shotgun and remodell it to make a vulkan Ectros
  13. MN I would like to have ambush camo and definitely cadmuses with other weapons. And the new LI could be BS10 PH 10 WIP 13 for 10 points with FO and Para loadout for cheaper orders maybe a limited camo and/or mine layer option. And what about a new fireteam rule? Fireteam Shasvastii : you can put camo models in the fireteam but the team breaks if you lose one guy
  14. I recently bought the Shasvastii starter, but mainly I play tohaa. On paper Shasvastii seems really strong, but the starter lacks something I can't describe. Not weapon power or a multi wound model (autokit seems kinda like a 2 wound) I know that SEF will get new standard infantry, but what are your speculations on changes, or maybe someone has heard a little bit more 😏
  15. Recently (since Wotan) I tried the Taquel quite often. What about him as a DT? Sure he is a bit slow, but if you put him in your second group you can run him up and set the bugs. I didnt manage to make a lot of season 9 battles until now but the Kosuil is my main DT in the 3 games i had