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  1. What happened to G:Remote Presence of Sphinx? I'm guessing this is a typo?
  2. Explains a lot. Thanks for fast reply.
  3. I cannot see any Units. just like the database is completly empty. Using the online Version.
  4. Thats the point. Take the Chasseurs for example. They have C&H lvl 2 and SS lvl 1. So what happens if somebody enters the ZoC with their first short skill while the Chasseur is in camouflaged state? If he had to declare that he is delaying that could give him away as a Chasseur.
  5. I have searched for a while and found no answer or, to be more precise, different answers. The question is plain and simple: If the first short skill of your enemy forces you to ARO and for whatever reason you are allowed to delay it (C&H, SS, etc.), do you have to declare this delay? RAW it reads that if you do not declare an ARO on first opportunity, the ARO for that order is lost. And then it reads about delaying/holding an ARO without further explaination. Could be I just missed something to clear this up...
  6. My guess: Blister incoming with 1 Mobile Brigada CR and 1 tinbot.
  7. Na... Beginners Level guys. Throw in something extra... Fill it up with coffee, chili pepper or... well.. salt. And yes, thats germany!
  8. Plus unconscious models still have an impact on the game. Enemies could use the as "cover" to avoid template weapons or against mines and other things. Command Tokes are just one more reason to keep those models on the table.
  9. A question, maybe already asked a thousand times, but is there any way to see weapon specs while creating a list? In the earlier version you could click on the Weapons and got a box with the weapon stats listed.
  10. Maybe use a Raktorak or MK-12 Kurgat? If it's against PanO I would not mind fielding a Sogarat instead of the Suryat since PanO has two HI in the set and the Father Knight is a tough SOB. So if we use the Morat Starter: 3x Vanguard (3x14=42) Sogarat (57) Raktorak (22) Oznat (20) Starter total: 141 And then throw in either a Zerat Sniper (28, brings Mimetism & Infiltration) or Yaogat Sniper (34, brings MSV lvl 2) which are both available in single miniature blisters. Operation Icestorm only uses Combi Rifles and Sniper Rifles, so proxy accordingly. You will not have any fancy jumper this way, but it is a cheap and good way to start. Since the Zerat have been the only female Morats (there are two models) before the Oznat, I don't think that CB will resculpt them any time soon. The Oznat proportions are very close to the Zerat. Yaogat I'm not so sure since they are male and compared to the new design very small. And if you think Yaogat are to new to get a resculpt: the Sogarat was even newer and look: we now have two completely new models. So currently I would wait buying Yoagat, Kurgat and Rasyat, basically any old male Morat unit.
  11. There was a plasma rifle nerf?
  12. Great! A small typo: Gorgos has two inactive symbiont armor Profiles (only the name is wrong).
  13. Pretas and Gakis for sure, since the new Box which replaced the two old boxes already used 25 mm. Therefore the current models are already S2. As for the Wormbot I am also not sure if this is just a misprint.
  14. If I get a profile later on, thats ok. Sad to leave Szaly in the Garage for a while, but I can live with that. I already lost my CA-bugs... that makes me expect the worst.
  15. Ok, i flipped through the PDF, looking for anything clear about base size, found nothing. Then I got to the silhouette templates... So just to be sure: base size is now determined through silhouette value and therefore will result in: S1 - 25 mm S2 - 25 mm S3 - 40 mm S4 - 55 mm S5 - 40 mm S6 - 40 mm S7 - 55 mm S8 - VSHC (=Very special Haqqi crab) Correct?