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  1. Honestly I've been playing more than ever, but I've been continuously spending more and more time on batreps seeking those sweet internet kudos, so my batreps have slowed even though my games have picked up. I do think that across the board we're seeing a dropoff of the "non-core" players.
  2. Thanks man! That was indeed mine. When I started drafting it we were 32 and 32, so when I posted it at 32 and 35 I figured either it was "Held the Line" or nothing, and my result would be informative to others either way.
  3. Well, we're going to have to have our moment of truth another time, because my battle report isn't publishing. EDIT: A-HA! For the Record, Held the Line does proc on 3-point intervals.
  4. I'm honest about my role in my nation, Lobby-pawn. And I'm honest about yours, too. As we've established today, honesty isn't a strong suit we share. We'll defend our actions from an O-12 investigative committee just like we'll defend our civilians from the rapacious assaults of out-of-control PanOceanian soldiers on our Caravansery. That is, successfully. There's no moral difference between criminals so long as they're both committing crimes, Farley. And just because your crimes have yet to come to fruition doesn't invite you to pass judgment on my successful ventures.
  5. Aw, lame. Well, it's not like I'll deliberately wait on YJ to score a draw there so I can get a 20XP achievement. Now back to photoshopping these deployment zones...
  6. Ah, so if Haqq and YJ were even in a theater (and therefore neither were "in control") neither of them would be able to get Held the Line nor Cleared the Decks on a win?
  7. Hey guys, Because this hypothetical situation is liable to turn up as Haqq, YJ, and the Nomads battle over the Baijing, I wanted to know whether, when the scores are in 3-point increments, you get the achievements when "evening out" the scores or when achieving a decisive advantage. Eg., in a scenario where the scores are tied between two factions, would you get "held the line" for defending against one as the other? Or would you need to have a decisive 2-point advantage at the time? If nobody has the answer, I'll have an answer for my own question shortly.
  8. My men are mercs assembled by-task and then disbanded, High Commander Barakat. But I do know a squad of reliable Kaplans with whom the drink wouldn't go to waste.
  9. [IC] Effendi Yilmaz, Silk Cartel Troubleshooter Most Esteemed Admiral, I ask in the interests of civility in the Human Sphere, which Lobby do we need to pay off to quell your sanctimonious duplicity? Fifty shares in Moto.Tronica? Maybe thirty NeoVatican Indulgences? Perhaps a few million Oceanas under the table to Omnia Research? PanOceanians lie as a matter of course but I find they'll pursue proper discourse when sufficiently bribed. But let's not get off on the wrong foot. I admire your dedication to pursuing a cassus belli against my people, especially ex-post-facto now that you've been waging extrajudicial war on an Alfundaq that is not yours for the utter entirety of the campaign. Normally when a force of brazen conquest sets out to rape and pillage, they find a reason to do so before they set out to rape and pillage, but then I do not have at my disposal the finest tactical minds of the Hexahedron and so perhaps there is another layer to this that I'm not seeing with my humble eyes. In the past, Admiral Farley, the Crusaders had the decency to inform the Children of Allah that they were under siege before Crusading at them, but the NeoChristians clearly have no such compunctions towards the 9th and 10th Commandments. Let's look at some metrics, shall we? Here's the lovely Ilik Alfundaq, which has been the site of brazen Hyperpower aggression despite its status as an accorded neutral zone for the better part of a month. I wonder, Admiral, were you aware that Ilik Alfundaq represents PanOceania's greatest foreign venture by a wide margin, and has been this entire time? Were you aware that it is Yu Jing's second-greatest? Do you lie on purpose, do you lie by omission, or are you merely so ill-informed by your unaccountable military hierarchy that you honestly believe that you have the moral justification to tell Haqqislam what to do here? Does Hexahedron Director Jane Dunbar control your eyes, your tongue, or your balls, Admiral? More than one? All three? Here are Sygtir-1 and 2. Suffice to say I could not display the numbers for these on such short notice and I'm aware that numbers cease to exist for a PanOceanian if they're not currently within the range of said PanOceanian's attention span, but you'll have to take me at my word that even in aggregate these represent a less dedicated reprisal from Haqqislam than your blatant invasion of our homes. And this is accounting for the tactical disadvantage of having to defend two theaters! We give you good faith, and in turn you give us blood, violence, and now cassus belli. And now "justification." Ultimatums. Threats. We've always been threatened, Farley. By you, the grand stellar bully who takes away the other children's toys if they don't elect him King of the Playground. O-12 set the precedent that you weren't allowed to openly conquer the second-string powers after the NeoColonial Wars and you've been chafing at having to play fair ever since. It's clear that diplomacy doesn't carry weight for the length of this conflict, so let me make this eminently clear: I am in the business of preserving diplomacy in this campaign. I am in the business of safeguarding the only diplomatic platform in the Wotan blockade, the Baijing, from both the refreshingly honest antipathy of the Combined Army and your own insidious lying brinkmanship. The Hyperpowers may be the sword of the Human Sphere, but it's clear that you can't be trusted to be its shield. They Hyperpowers can have the Baijing when they're ready to speak in truths again and no sooner.
  10. One of the jarring things about the Outrage pack is that they kept the art style from Outrage basically intact (Emily excepted), which would be great except for the part where Infinity hasn't been "mangesque" since 2E and the advent of CAD sculpting. As it were, they're in this bizarre limbo between the hand-sculpts of 1E and 2E that took heavily after 90s anime OVAs, and the modern computer sculpting that takes more heavily after modern sci-fi fare and video games. They would look out of place next to my old ghulams, and they would look out of place next to my new ghulams.
  11. For one, weaponized accusations of cheating and public defaming targeted at single players.
  12. I didn't mean to finger-point at anyone in particular. I'm just baffled at the previously-presented hypothetical of controlling one's level of toxicity/smack-talk for strategic advantage in the metagame because I would think the objective correct choice should one have the liberty to choose is to choose not to be toxic.
  13. As a belated comment re: the idea that weaponized toxicity is a tactic, legitimate or otherwise, I'd like to postulate that "negative psyops" are irrelevant from a moral standpoint because if we have the kind of community that widely embraces bullying as a metagame strategy then we already don't deserve new players or nice things in the first place.
  14. My poor Ariadna buddy has been my punching bag of late, not through any fault of his own. Switching it up by taking the fight to Tohaa tomorrow.