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  1. After Phase 2 but before Phase 3 I did a writeup on this general conceit (percentage to which a small minority of players dictate the game flow of the campaign) for the Haqq forums, actually. For the sake of my own sanity I'm just going to copy it wholesale here rather than trying to re-contextualize all of it.
  2. Even then, it was all more suggestion than rule. Although I was one of the key players in the Baijing push, I barely defended Ilik at all through the whole campaign. There was a lot of leeway given to account for players going their own way.
  3. Seconded. Speaking as one of Haqq's own report-spammers, I'd sooner see accolades handed out to forum organizers and active advocates for the faction than merely prolific battle reporters. BoW's Infinity campaigns are community events, so why not emphasize community-building?
  4. Whew! I'm all caught up. Even though I had to do some truncated crunch-only "mini-reports" for the sake of time. Following the same format: Hassassin Tower of Terror - HB vs USARF, 200pts Escalation League Round at Baijing Mini-Report: Sultan Meets Shogun - QK vs JSA, 300pts ITS Tic-Tac-Toe at Ilik Better To Die Fighting - HB vs Onyx, 300pts ITS Engineering Deck at Baijing Mini-Report: The Righteous On Raxora - QK vs Tohaa, 200pts Power Pack at Raxora BioTechVore Blowout - QK vs Tohaa, 200pts Daraani Biotechvore at Daraani
  5. Well, we'll make an effort, at least.
  6. My fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth games for Wotan. Only "Muttawi'ah Massacre" got the full photoediting treatment by virtue of time, but I tried to up my narrative game throughout. Quick summary of the game rules involved in each if it tickles your fancy. KTS - Kill-Cage Tohaa Scheming - QK vs Tohaa, 300pts Kill-Cage at La Forja Mobile Shipyard Muttawi'ah Massacre - HB vs ISS, 150pts Escalation League Round at Baijing Bloodbath at Baijing - HB vs Onyx, 300pts Looting and Sabotaging at Baijing versus the awesome SgtHulka; check out his linked report Operation: Incompetence! Last Flight of the Yuan Yuan - QK vs Onyx, 300pts Antenna Field at Echo Commodule Outflanked and Outgunned - QK vs Caledonia, 200pts YAMS 2.0 at Baijing
  7. Honestly I've been playing more than ever, but I've been continuously spending more and more time on batreps seeking those sweet internet kudos, so my batreps have slowed even though my games have picked up. I do think that across the board we're seeing a dropoff of the "non-core" players.
  8. Thanks man! That was indeed mine. When I started drafting it we were 32 and 32, so when I posted it at 32 and 35 I figured either it was "Held the Line" or nothing, and my result would be informative to others either way.
  9. Well, we're going to have to have our moment of truth another time, because my battle report isn't publishing. EDIT: A-HA! For the Record, Held the Line does proc on 3-point intervals.
  10. I'm honest about my role in my nation, Lobby-pawn. And I'm honest about yours, too. As we've established today, honesty isn't a strong suit we share. We'll defend our actions from an O-12 investigative committee just like we'll defend our civilians from the rapacious assaults of out-of-control PanOceanian soldiers on our Caravansery. That is, successfully. There's no moral difference between criminals so long as they're both committing crimes, Farley. And just because your crimes have yet to come to fruition doesn't invite you to pass judgment on my successful ventures.
  11. Aw, lame. Well, it's not like I'll deliberately wait on YJ to score a draw there so I can get a 20XP achievement. Now back to photoshopping these deployment zones...
  12. Ah, so if Haqq and YJ were even in a theater (and therefore neither were "in control") neither of them would be able to get Held the Line nor Cleared the Decks on a win?
  13. Gonna give us big heads over here, Warren.
  14. Hey guys, Because this hypothetical situation is liable to turn up as Haqq, YJ, and the Nomads battle over the Baijing, I wanted to know whether, when the scores are in 3-point increments, you get the achievements when "evening out" the scores or when achieving a decisive advantage. Eg., in a scenario where the scores are tied between two factions, would you get "held the line" for defending against one as the other? Or would you need to have a decisive 2-point advantage at the time? If nobody has the answer, I'll have an answer for my own question shortly.