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  1. Only now do I realize that it would be a perfectly legitimate tactic to Kool-Aid-Man the Unknown Ranger clean through one of those precut scenery buildings into the enemy's backfield, and suddenly want to play USARF.
  2. I'll refrain from commenting, I'm really more of a "drown them in Ghulam corpses" kind of guy.
  3. ...Yes.
  4. I'm going to be one of those people in this thread who shamelessly bandwagons on Koni to bother him about the status of my application, don't mind me!
  5. Given the choice, I'll always take a double blister or a box over a solo blister provided there are relative cost-savings. I love all Infinity models with few exceptions, so having more Infinity models isn't an issue for me provided they're not standout stinkers like the old Croc Man or Volunteer grenadier. If I'm placing myself in the mind of a new player, I want to "fill out" my faction anyway, and stuff like double-orcs or double-ninjas let me do that. In a perfect world, I'd love for Infinity to be the kind of game that I can sell to a new player as "buy a starter box, a SWC box, two double blisters, and you've got a perfectly viable tourney list." However, it remains to be seen exactly how much the double blisters affect MSRP, which is the make or break moment for me.
  6. Aw, but the Iguana's got so much attitude! I always picture him doing Sub-Zero's "GET OVER HERE!" yell!
  7. I've never understood why the SWC discount only applies to his rifle variant when Tarik is the kind of model who benefits the most from his spitfire.
  8. I've always liked the elements of NCA where the "cracks show," so to speak. The Hexas and the Locusts are essentially a hybrid of modern day special forces and CIA assets, with none of the restraint or government accountability of either. In a meganation where the final arbitrator of justice is the free market, an agent intending to preserve PanO's primacy in the marketplace can justify anything to keep the system going. You get hints of this in the fluff for both units -- PanO may be squeaky clean on the outside, but they keep themselves on top of the second-string nations with disappearances and assassinations.
  9. 4 words: Carbonite AROs on 17s
  10. In fluff, Sekban are a defensive garrison unit anyway. It's kind of a controversial choice, but I might like to see some of them packaged with tactical cover like the new Acon Regular Sniper.
  11. A bit late to the party with my sentiments here, but I've always felt that saying PanO is one dimensional is like saying that boxing is one dimensional just because MMA exists. It ignores that there are nuances and interplay even within a more focused style.
  12. Like a lot of people here, my first instinct against Steel Phalanx is to acknowledge that you'll never win a fair fight against them, by embracing Haqqislam's strengths and swamping them in cheap lives and diceless template weapons. A set of Naffatun corner guards are an easy sacrifice to burn off the ODD of an attacking Myrmidon, Ghazis are as painfully unfair as everyone here has already implied, and furthermore, massed camo will brutalize his already strained order pool. Imagine a midfield with a Farzan minelayer, a Hawwa, and two Hunzakuts: your opponent is probably running only 10-14 orders, and that's 5 orders minimum blown on Discovery right there. If he fails his Discovers or has to move into position to attempt Discovery, that's even more orders wasted. If you can blow his whole turn trying to root out a few Hunzakuts, I'd call that a reactive turn well spent.
  13. Dang, seriously? I have both models and I never would have guessed. The HRL guy went together so much easier than the others, and he looks so much bigger to me... Thanks for calling me out!
  14. Nah, the new guy is still a fair bit larger even accounting for that (a consequence of being post-CAD with his compatriots in the late stages of hand scultping), but it's not so dramatic that it can't be written off as an in-unit height difference.
  15. tactica

    That's a pretty big "yet"