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  1. Remind me how many profiles those units have again? Anaconda only needs one sculpt, So nothing would change. Ashcroft and Mushashi the same. The unknown ranger requires 2 sculpts. CB is already making bodies with 2 sets of arms so those two profiles are also completed at the same level of quality. Infinity is not going to become some poorly sculpted mini game by adding weapon/arm options where appropriate. There is nothing saying more options has to result in lower quality for those that need them either. I know CB can do this because the proof is right in front of our faces. How many box sets have 2x the same legs, body and pose with different arms and/or heads. Just do this for the line troops with 2 arms for only one body instead. Now guess what, the quality hasn't changed one bit. Selling all these line troopers players need multiples of separately would be nice. How much money do players want to give CB but can't right at this very moment? I'd buy three more plasma carbine Unidrons now if i didn't have to throw my money away on the rest of the starter. Don't tell me SKU bloat is the reason i can't have this.
  2. Do 3 sets of arms really cost the same or more than 2 additional minis who i assume have 2 sets of arms themselves? If CB make an effort to separate the basic line infantry profiles from low AVA, high cost, and SWC ones players wouldn't be staring at situations like Moderators or Rodoks to begin with. I need more combi Moderators but i'd need to buy a 6 mini starter set just to get 2 more. I'd have to buy 4 Rodoks just to make one converted BS. Is the current situation really better for everyone? CB could trial something when releasing a new line infantry for Shas or Tunguska. Boxes can either focus on those low AVA, high cost, and SWC profiles or focus on line infantry with weapon/arm options. If CB needs more convincing they can have a different trial. Sell line infantry in blisters instead. One blister containing the normal sculpt. Another containing that troop with options. The one you sell more of is what people want. That setup in regards to Moderators would result in me still buying the starter, and SWC box. Instead of getting the two line troops from the starter I'd buy the two blisters. Then I'd buy another blister to use the alternate pose. I'd buy more depending on the options.
  3. That would be cool if we had sculpts for all these profiles. As a painter, thematic, and competitive player the game is lacking in areas more weapon/arm options would solve. The last Bakunin list I ran had proxies for Taskmasters and a lot of Moderators, even though i own all of the available minis. What are the odds we'll see more combi Moderators in the next 5 years? Even if i bought more starter sets that results in identical minis. Is one hero and one proxy better than two mini's with accurate load outs and quality reflecting this design? Subjective, sure, but i'd take two accurate minis sharing similar construction over proxies and duplicate minis. It's not like these options ruin Infinities unique minis. It gives players the ability to field accurate line troops. Wow. If that's what you take from my post i might have to make use of the ignore function. Companies make decisions. I don't get why you think they are the best decisions just because they made them. I guess Lucasarts made the best decision for their company by putting Jar Jar Binks into their movies. I'm sure that was based on all the pertinent information too. Is every decision ever made by a company the best one because they know more about their product than we forum members do? That would mean every idea you've ever had to improve Infinity isn't even worth posting because CB considered it and obviously choose not to implement it based on all their pertinent information. I have no trouble with anyone saying extra weapons/arms are bad, but give reasons other than if it was a good idea god would already be doing it.
  4. Haven't we been over this already... Just because someone makes a living doing something it doesn't mean all their decisions are best. If CB decided to change their scale to 1 meter tall miniatures it's the best decision because they made it? I don't believe that logic for a second. If you think not having options like weapons/arms is good or bad, tell us your reasons. Please don't imply CB made the best decision because they make the best decisions by default. Lets discuss ideas or suggestions based on their merits, not based on who made them.
  5. That seems like a weak trial to draw any meaningful conclusions from. The faction, unit, sculpts, options, all play a part. Putting your best foot forward matters. Either way, how does one determine the sales of those boxes were worse because of the options instead of some other factor? How many boxes were line troopers with many profiles? I don't buy multiple Spec ops blisters because the value is terrible. That doesn't mean giving customers more extra weapons is a bad idea.
  6. Extremely accurate post. Should be part of some guide somewhere.
  7. MALIGNOS Combi Rifle, Monofilament Mines / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 38) Close enough?
  8. Welcome to infinity! The Morat starter units do not fall within the same sectorial as the Xeodron Haris/fireteam. So you can either take the Haris as part of Onyx with the Overdron or use them in addition to your Morats in vanilla Combined Army. I'm not sure how viable it is, but i imagine you can make it work. With most of your points spent on expensive units i'd just advise to buy cheaper units to provide those with orders to play with. The closer your list comes to fitting within a sectorial the more benefits fireteams provide over the few additional units from vanilla CA. So you could always use your Morats as proxies for Rodoks within Onyx.
  9. Taskmaster box with Boarding shotgun, Red Fury and 4 Koalas. One fat Koala minimum.
  10. The statements in the rules are just so contradictory regarding smoke it's hard to accept this as a BS attack and not a Dodge. It's almost as if CB forgot to make a skill special dodge or place it under the Dodge skill with the specific rules. I certainly see the point you and @macfergusson's made that there is no skill label/declaration, special dodge. You are both correct. But is the skill to declare the use of smoke truly a BS attack and not a Dodge? The line seems very thin to me. It actually feels more RAW than intended. As far as I can tell, nothing states a weapon must make or is only capable of a BS attack when used. Every weapon isn't listed as a possible declaration. There are simply criteria for a BS attack. Each action must meet the criteria for a BS attack before it can be used. Dodge unfortunately doesn't have a set of criteria. But I don't think It's a stretch to assume an action where the rules state it is not an attack, has its own bold heading "Smoke and Special Dodge", falls under the Dodge declaration. In the end I don't really care one way or the other if smoke is a Dodge or BS attack. I care that it's unclear as all hell. I'll go with the majority but i'll do so pointing out the discrepancies until someone else can clear them up for me. I feel uncomfortable when someone asks how smoke works. All I can tell them is I don't know but this is what they do on the forums. Which feels terrible. Imagine asking someone how their gun works in RL and the response is, I don't know, but this is how it works in the movies.
  11. I don't see it myself. What other components are being ignored? I see two components myself. The first being that you gave an example of how you spend money on Infinity. Does that tell me anyitnhg about the value of the product or what % of income a typical customers spends? Either way it's subjective. The second component seems straight forward. Just because you spend lots of money on terrain doesn't mean you'll spend it on minis containing extra bits at an added cost. As an example of why you may not be happy you referenced an extra weapon you haven't used. I think Kan broke down that point accurately while you tried to turn our argument into wanting free stuff and being entitled. Something that has continually been stated to the contrary. I'll pay for parts, you don't seem to want to, it has nothing to do with being entitled or wanting free stuff. It's aggravating to keep hearing otherwise.
  12. I'll take a look at that yellow, thanks. I tried to re-base with white using a brush before starting those areas, it wasn't pretty. My other minis are sprayed black already but i went over the areas i want brighter with a white spray for next time. I'll see how that goes hopefully sooner rather than later. I used some old GW paints, Hobgoblin orange and Bad Moon Yellow. Then highlighted with Vallejo lemon yellow and white.
  13. I don't want my only fireteam option for Grrls to be a core. That would force a choice between Moderators and Grrls. I don't like expensive (~150pt) fireteams and feeling obligated to take all 5 or not bring a core is unappealing. As much as i love taskmasters, I also don't need three of them with an extra burst in one area for almost the same points... and did i mention i love Taskmasters. EDIT: Something like the Xeodron haris is a little more acceptable simply because the Samaritan is a fragile killing machine that offers something much different for those 160 points.
  14. And sectorial limitations were put there for a reason.