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  1. Rasyat seems like a much needed resculpt. Kurgat would be the next Morat i expect to see resculpted. The Raicho feels out of place but isn't that bad on its own. Same for the Zerats. Other than that what is even left? I'd love to see Gakis and Pretas updated but they are unique like Dr Worm so don't stand out from the rest of MAF. Because of that I imagine they are lower priority. I'm not a fan of the Shasvasti models at all other than the spec-op and Noctifer. The Noctifer's appeal is all about the cloak, pose and setting for me. The actual alien is hidden well enough their design is nearly irrelevant.
  2. Feels like far too many troopers wanting to spend orders instead of providing them. Ko Dali, Speculo, Legate, 2 HMG's, and i'll include Dr Worm as it's your only other specialist.
  3. I agree with much of what is being said here. @Phlyk makes many reasonable points. Equipment, weapons, skills, and basic rules (cautious move, BS attack) for example all fall under the category of player options (ways to play) imo. I enjoy games with many many options available to the player. Regardless of how any one person feels about the sheer number of options available, I don't really see it as an issue. I see it as more of a design choice which simply reflects the type of game CB wants to create. Personally, I love as many options as I can get my hands on. However I completely understand that as the number of options increase the audience Infinity appeals to will likely decrease. So long as each option is different than the others it creates a choice for the player, no matter how small. Naming weapons so the name alone indicates how it functions is a good thing. Doing so doesn't have to remove the fitting/fun names either. A simple name in brackets could accomplish this and leave players to choose how they refer to them. If my second short skill moves me from behind an opponent and into their LoF I see no problem with not triggering an ARO. If that trooper doesn't spend another order it's essentially like he just stepped out in front of you and now it's your active turn to respond. Or if that trooper does take an action, you ARO his face off. The whole point of attacking from behind is that it should provide a significant advantage. This is where i see opportunities to streamline Infinity. Maybe a die roll modifier should replace the current mechanic. Allow the player a chance to ARO as normal but at an appropriate negative modifier. Sure the modifier might be so severe it means the ARO is pointless, but the rules remain more consistent and easier to interpret. I attack you, you ARO, we calculate modifiers and roll. Surprise attack as a special skill could be removed. You surprise opponents coming out of camo or attacking from behind etc. Make a list where it applies and their modifiers. Anything is better than having rules state models with Protheon have surprise attack but players can't actually use it. That kind of situation is ridiculous.
  4. Thanks for keeping this all civil. I still don't think the rules on combining ammo types only have the one interpretation and thus outcome. Naturally, I'll follow any decisions made by those in authority. I enjoy a good puzzle, even if it's through wording. There is a reason legal documents are sooooo long winded. I'll drop this discussion now. I just wish I knew what the thinking was behind the rule allowing to double the dmg of breaker weapons. So what makes a marksman with a breaker weapon so special that it turns each shot into double dmg but each plasma weapon shot does nothing more.
  5. I'd love to hear the thematic reason for breaker weapons causing double dmg with shock and not with other ammo types.
  6. Fair enough. But it does seem strange that they can make a ruling without having it changed officially or stated so no one else makes the same interpretation.
  7. No the rule is you combine the effects. In the ammo descriptions it lists the effects, i posted them all. The combined effects are what the ammo type does.
  8. RAI? rule as intended maybe? Are you telling me their word is law on Infinity rules? Where do these statements go to be read by players?
  9. Plasma involves ARM + BTS Shock involves ARM "when the combined effects involve the same Attribute" See where it says combine?... you need to include and combine the BTS effect too.
  10. All I've put forward since this started is the rule is unclear. I don't think there is an obvious interpretation when you consider the fact breaker weapons double their dmg. At least you recognize the rule can be read either way. +1 Because that ridiculous rule is in place, i will not question another players view on plasma+shock for a game. Until there is a FAQ I'll split the difference and play as the rest of our group does, with the BTS roll causing shock. Lol, I have no problem with being proven wrong. I only wish someone had done so. I'm here simply claiming this rule isn't clear. And as such players can do what they like. Those stating their interpretation as the only one invite my rebuttal. I missed this post. Where exactly is this stated? Where is there an example of an ARM + BTS weapon that gains another ARM ammo effect?
  11. Maybe you missed the part where the wording doesn't support your interpretation.
  12. Same, i just cut the tab so the only remaining parts are below where the mini is in contact with the base. It feels like I'm pinning the mini to the base with ease. I actually leave some large pieces of flash on many mini's that meet that criteria. Back legs of the CA Drones for example.
  13. I've been conceding that Plasma and Shock function under the first rule. But it's not that clear. I'm going to alter my view slightly to operate under @Col's assertion that it's one or the other. Combined effects of Plasma and Shock: Plasma Special Ammunition uses the Small Teardrop Impact Template. Each ARM Roll failed against Plasma Special Ammunition causes the target to lose one point from his Wounds/STR Attribute. Each BTS Roll failed against Plasma Special Ammunition causes the target to lose one point from his Wounds/STR Attribute. Each ARM Roll failed against Shock Special Ammunition causes the target to lose one point from his Wounds/STR Attribute. If the target has a Wounds Attribute of 1 on his profile and fails an ARM Roll against Shock Special Ammunition, then he enters the Dead state directly, bypassing the Unconscious state. Rule: "In either case, when the combined effects involve the same Attribute (ARM, for example), apply both in the same Roll." Do the combined effects involve the same attribute? No. The combined effects involve ARM and BTS, they are not the same. The rule is not, "when some of the combined effects," Rule: "Otherwise—if the Special Ammunition affects different Attributes— then their effects are not combined, but applied separately, forcing the target to make a separate Roll for each affected Attribute." This^ rule is accurate. But under this rule what is the outcome? Does a target make three separate rolls?
  14. Ok, lets go with that interpretation. I can agree with you. Those are the rules, I agree. OK, lets combine them. Again, you're choosing to combine these two ammo types as you see fit. There is no rule stating that is how they combine. However, this rule seems to apply... " Otherwise—if the Special Ammunition affects different Attributes— then their effects are not combined, but applied separately, forcing the target to make a separate Roll for each affected Attribute. " Why do you not choose to follow the "Otherwise--" at the point it applies? Is there wording indicating it only applies at one specific place or time?
  15. Let me try it this way... Rule quote "when the combined effects involve the same Attribute (ARM, for example)," alright, we agree plasma and shock both involve an ARM save. Continuing to follow the rule "apply both in the same Roll.", OK, how do you apply both a plasma (ARM + BTS roll) and a shock roll? ARM+Shock combined into one makes sense given the example. But how do you combine BTS and shock? The only rules concerning this interaction dictate you apply them separately. Yet both of you seem to believe nothing happens. Why? I see nothing to support that.