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  1. Whether or not the Frenzy point cost if fair is certainly debatable (A negative, discount, is still a point cost). I don't have a clue what Impetuous, Extreme Impetuous, and Frenzy should cost. All I can do is look at a sectorial and compare it to other factions/sectorials. Avicenna is clearly a superior doctor restoring wounds with a 90% success rate. No one really talks about that like they do Grrls. Everything within a faction must be considered as part of the whole. Bakunin has no TO camo either. No drop troops, no MSV2, no HD surprises, and those are all seriously powerful tools. It's only fair to be compensated with some powerful tools in return.
  2. While that may be true, the ALL AT ONCE principle doesn't override the order event sequence. AAO exists as far as i can tell to make sure every trooper gets to declare and execute any ARO or eligible skills. It doesn't allow players to go back and change decisions or add new options during previous steps in that sequence. The only reason the first short skill is still in play is because of delay. But that first short skill was a move. SS doesn't allow you to respond to that move as if you had LoF or facing. The rule explicitly states that. The second short skill is still a separate step within a sequence and still follows the AAO principle. You can however respond to CC attack while Engaged as if you had LoF or facing. Being able to respond to that CC attack AS IF you had LoF or facing doesn't give you the same to the Move as well. Again, the rule is clear it only applies to an attack. The Move was not an attack and thus you can't respond to it with a FTF AS IF you had LoF or facing. So your options after all this are AROs allowed in response to Engaged like a CC attack or ZoC AROs to the Move. EDIT: In case i haven't made it clear yet... You don't get to declare a BS attack ARO at any time. So you don't get to pick a point during first short skill Move to make that BS attack. Which means any point about AAO, LoF, facing, and measuring for a BS attack ARO is irrelevant because it doesn't take place.
  3. SS allows the user to respond to attacks and ONLY ATTACKS, EVEN without LoF and regardless of facing. Allows the user to respond with a Face to Face Roll to Attacks (and only Attacks) directed at him by an enemy inside his Zone of Control, even without LoF to the attacker and regardless the facing of the user. A BS attack can be responded to with a FTF roll because the BS attack against the reactive player is made while ignoring LoF and facing. The conditions for the ARO still must be met. A CC attack against a SS trooper also allows the reactive player to respond to that attack with a FTF roll while ignoring LoF or facing. So the SS trooper acts AS IF he had LoF and facing to that CC attack. So the SS trooper can see and is facing the active troop making the CC attack, big deal. That CC attack was made in B2B, BS ARO is not an option. SS activation to the CC attack does not change the previous ARO options when the active player moved into B2B. Responding to one attack AS IF you had LoF or facing is not the same as having LoF or facing during the entire order sequence.
  4. It's not exactly the Frenzy skill and associated point reduction that is the problem is it? Troopers with Frenzy are fine in vanilla are they not? The only thing that's changed is sectorial advantages AND disadvantages. These advantages and disadvantages are almost entirely made up of intangible elements. Who gets fireteam core, haris, AVA increases or decreases, entire tactics are eliminated or added. Bakunin gains a fireteam core and more AVA Riot Grrls. They also lose all MSV2 and AD just to start. If you want that sweet point discount you better be willing to negotiate some loses from your faction.
  5. I don't see how examples of BS attacks where sixth sense allows you to respond by shooting are relevant. And I don't see how a close combat attack suddenly allows you to preform a BS attack ARO that is never an available declaration. The first Move doesn't allow for a BS attack ARO, do we at least agree on that? So the next short skill is a CC attack. What about a CC attack allows you to legally declare a BS ARO? The rules specifically say you can't. In all these cases being brought up you are declaring a delay followed by a BS ARO against the Move. Not the CC attack. Sixth Sense rules do not say you now have LoF against that Move action. SS gives you LoF against the CC attack. It's at that point you declare your ARO. At no point have the conditions for a BS attack been met during that order sequence.
  6. But SS doesn't say you can respond to the order as if you had LoF, just the attack. So in this case I'd say you shoot while he's in cover. Why should there be no difference? Rules and skills exist because they are different.
  7. As if does not mean she was facing that way. I jumped the gorge as if I was an Olympic athlete. See how they're not the same thing at all? I'm not an Olymic athlete just like the Maakrep wasn't facing the Alguacil. You can't respond to the Move as if it was in your LoF because it was not an Attack. The CC attack was an attack. You can only respond to Attacks as if you were facing them. The rule is crystal clear.
  8. Sorry i completely edited that post to try and make it clear. Your example is using a BS attack which is clearly allowed to be responded with a BS attack ARO. Just because the CC attack is an attack it doesn't mean SS applies to anything other than that CC attack. The rule clearly states it's only for attacks. The CC attack doesn't give you LoF and thus a BS attack ARO declaration on the Move before which was not an attack.
  9. EDIT: I can't find any rules on Delaying AROs. Have any links please? Sixth Sense Allows the user to respond with a Face to Face Roll to Attacks (and only Attacks) directed at him by an enemy inside his Zone of Control, even without LoF to the attacker and regardless the facing of the user. Another way to look at it is this; Normally you can't FTF in those situations. So you assume you have LoF to that attack and now check to see what ARO conditions are met. The first short skill was a Move, not an Attack. The second short skill was a CC attack, so you can respond as if you had LoF to that attack. It doesn't mean you now have LoF to the Move before. You don't get to respond by going back and shooting during a Move which wasn't an Attack.
  10. That's the issue, the BS attack ARO is never available. The first short skill is only a MOVE. During the move into B2B from behind or a zero vis zone the conditions for a BS ARO are not met. There is no point during that move LoF can be drawn to the active troop. And once B2B contact is established, those rules apply. Those rules do not allow BS attacks. EDIT: Or is the argument that once B2B contact is made, even from behind that establishes LoF during the entire move? And that a trooper in a zero vis zone doesn't gain LoF even once B2B contact is made?
  11. It works from the front because you can draw LoF during the Move. Thus the BS attack conditions are met. That condition is not met from behind or through a zero vis zone like smoke.
  12. I don't think that's how it works unfortunately. EFFECTS Allows the user to respond with a Face to Face Roll to Attacks (and only Attacks) directed at him by an enemy inside his Zone of Control, even without LoF to the attacker and regardless the facing of the user. To me, this^ effect of SS doesn't allow a BS attack ARO in response to a Move + CC attack from behind. It allows an ARO BS attack to the reactive SS player when being shot in the back, outside LoF (smoke is simply another way to prevent the opponent acquiring LoF) and within ZoC. A SS troop can BS ARO when being shot through smoke, but can't BS ARO from spec fire the same way it can't BS ARO from a CC attack. The conditions have to be met first. The conditions for a BS attack ARO are not met during a move into BTB from behind, smoke just allows you to do this from the front. SS triggers because of ZoC and the effects are applied. The bit about responding with a FTF isn't relevant yet since no attack was made. The second short skill, is a CC attack while in BTB imposes the rules of the engaged state. Sure all the conditions for a BS attack ARO are met, but the engaged rules apply and do not allow a BS attack. So no BS attack ARO can be declared. However a CC attack can be made as normal.
  13. I'm with @Cartographer on this one. If my first short skill is to MOV into base to base with an enemy in a zero vis zone, the next step is to declare AROs. There is no attack made from the active trooper, and there was no LoF at any point. Two things have occurred; An activation was made in ZoC with no LoS, and Engaged. The ARO options are change facing, reset, hack(attacks without LoF), skills allowed in close combat, or delay in the case of sixth sense. After delaying their ARO the reactive player is left with the same options as before unless the active player did something new like a BS attack. Below is the only example i could find that somewhat related. Of course it's missing that vital step of being base to base. Example of Sixth Sense L1 vs a rear attack An Alguacil, in his Active Turn, declares the first Short Skill of his Order: Moving towards a Maakrep Tracker with her back turned, keeping outside her LoF. The Alguacil is now inside the Tracker's Zone of Control so she uses her Sixth Sense L1 Special Skill to delay her ARO, waiting for the Alguacil to make his move. The Alguacil declares a BS Attack as the second Short Skill of his Order. Now that she is the target of an Attack, the Maakrep Tracker uses her Sixth Sense L1 to react as if she was facing towards the Alguacil. The Tracker chooses to declare a BS Attack so the Order is resolved with a Face to Face BS Roll between both soldiers. Had the Alguacil declared a further Movement instead of a BS Attack, the Maakrep Tracker would have been able to declare an ARO against an unseen active enemy inside her Zone of Control (Change Facing).
  14. I don't understand why anyone wants to ARO hatch. I'd be happy to leave some seeds in less protected areas and dare my opponent to discover them. I'm getting the impression that others think of the seed embryo effect as a negative. I see it as a positive. I'd rather not pay the points for it at all but, since it's there, i might as well make use of it. Anyone have a link explaining the Cadmus? The rules themselves seem less than clear on the whole process. Morpho Scanning some decent BS seems like a great idea with an AD LGL.
  15. Having never used seed soldiers... I guess their advantage seems to be well protected orders turn one. It forces the opponent to engage something other than your cheerleaders. I can't imagine too many players have the list or desire to dig out all those camo tokens in your DZ. So if i chose them for a list I'd go heavy marker state with some Noctifiers, a Sphinx, Malignos HD, maybe Shrouded in my deployment zone. I'd give my opponent shit choices for his first turn. The Noctifiers and Malignos would cover objectives and i'd stick the seeds close to the Noctifers locations too. These are my first thoughts in the 5mins i spent thinking about them.