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  1. How can my statement be false? It's a hypothetical situation based upon giving more and more power to TAGs. I said i did not want to see such a play style dominant. In no way have I said it exists or will exist with these specific changes. I believe many players have not been giving TAGs a fair chance since specialist pilots have been introduced. Nor have they come to terms with how to use these essentially new toys. People tend to be resistant to change and Infinity players are no different. Your statement regarding many players reinforces that imo. Also, keep in mind TAGs range in points from 53-137. 53 point, ARM5, STR3, WIP13 specialists, are pure win imo and don't get enough credit. I'm looking at you Gecko with an honorable mention to Xeodron's.
  2. I agree, and the last thing I want to see in Infinity is a clear advantage given to a certain play style. One where choosing the biggest TAG you can, supported by as many orders as you can, is clearly better than other strategies. I'm not saying these abilities would do that, but it's one step closer and I'm not entirely convinced it's needed right now. I don't want Infinity to become a boxing match between each factions big monster.
  3. Nested skills solve a problem in Infinity that doesn't exist. There is plenty of room to add these skills in their appropriate section. The idea that it has any noticeable impact on maintenance is laughable. It does however have a noticeable impact on Infinity players. I see players make mistakes with these hidden skills all the time.
  4. That is an interesting statement. Consistent how, exactly? I never said they didn't know their rules. I said they made a mistake or poor choice. I never implied I could do a better job either. I pointed out a mistake with one area of the game that can be improved/fixed. I can't believe you think removing nested skills adds enough maintenance to even mention. Let alone enough maintenance to justify CBs mistake/choice.
  5. Those are terrible reasons to force inconsistency on a games player-base. If the devs are so bad they can't keep a handle on their own rules, then they've got bigger problems to worry about. The possibility of mistakes exist no matter the system used. It's no excuse to create an intentionally inconsistent one.
  6. I have no idea what you're trying to say here. Different games take different approaches and what works for one may not work for another. Nothing another game does changes the fact that Infinity's nested skills create inconsistency within Infinity. Inconsistency in rules, that I assume exist to make a game flow as smoothly as possible, is bad. What you've described are not nested skills. They are similar effects, but no matter how similar, are still different, so they are unique to one specific skill. In which case it's perfectly acceptable for them to remain there. Stealth in Infinity functions the same whether it's nested in MA or Protheon. Stealth is listed on some unit profiles and not on others who have Stealth as well. It's a design mistake that should be fixed. I can confidently call it a mistake because it serves absolutely no purpose as is.
  7. That's not a logical step, it's a design choice governed by games that have short, concise rules and fewer total skills per profile that they can be printed and clearly understood on small cards. Each unit and its rules are consistently explained on the same size card. Infinity is incapable of that, which is why having skills listed, not explained, keeps profiles a consistent size while retaining as much relevant information as possible. The size of each unit card in Infinity would be of greatly different length if all rules were explained on them. Alguciles have no extra skills and rules while other units have pages. So separating the two becomes a better design choice. If Surprise attack only applied to camo I'd agree 100%. Unfortunately it does not. We either need to list SA on all profiles capable or find a place where SA covers everything without being a nested skill in every place it is available. SA applies to Impersonation and Protheon, i'm sure more as well. If it only applied to marker states it could be a point placed under the marker state rules, but it doesn't. I see two possible solutions. 1: Surprise attack can be listed as an individual skill on all profiles that meet the requirements. 2: Surprise attack could be a skill declaration like BS attack, spec fire, etc it could contain all its requirements as a short skill and not need to be nested. I agree and disagree. Condensing skills where appropriate, yes please. But the moment that additional skill is a component of a different skill, it should be separated. Now, there is certainly a point where separating skills like this becomes an issue. Which is once these skills no longer fit on the profile space. But at that point there are other solutions besides nesting skills. Namely the formatting of the profile could be altered. Infinity does not need nested skills, period.
  8. And the game would be better for it. Yes, all individual skills should be on the profile. Just like all weapons and equipment should be listed on a profile. FO's should show the flash pulse. Your next point isn't a logical step. Listing all skill names in one place on a profile is consistent. Having individual skill rules all a click away is consistent. The former has no connection to the latter. Trying to explain each rule on the profile itself is indeed a terrible idea. Profiles are useful because they represent a units capabilities at a glance. This current system of nested skills hurts that at a glance convenience. The two systems are in opposition and there is no need for it.
  9. I don't think CA has the HI selection for a mass armored list of any kind. No specialists, expensive, and want to spend orders not provide them. MAF to me is an even harder sell for a massed armored list. Our HI doesn't come with specialists unless we're talking Ana or Charontid. Our TAG's make better specialists for all intents and purposes yet neither they or EI aspects are available in MAF. MAF only has one specialist that can infiltrate or AD beyond our DZ, the Zerat, which doesn't even come with camo. Which means more orders must be spent moving our specialists into position unless you fancy the Zerat to survive. Best bet is to choose a few high quality pieces and support them with cheaper orders. And in this case, I think vanilla is a better bet. Although I must say the Hungries fireteam in MAF is a huge positive for that sectorial.
  10. I have to agree. I love vanilla and Bakunin because it allows me to collect a more consistent scale and quality of models. Whenever i consider collecting a new faction I always start looking at the models and then see what tactical options are at my disposal based on those.
  11. And I don't understand the acceptance of nested skills. If nested skills were a good idea, the next logical step is to nest more skills. Which would lead us to every unit only having one skill listed on their profile. Rodok's would have the Rodok skill and Bolts would have the Bolt skill because their combinations are unique. Hopefully everyone agrees that is a terrible idea. So we're left with two options at this point. Some nested skills or none at all. Consistency and high level visibility eliminates confusion because memorization and execution becomes clear and straight forward. 1+1=2skills, not 1+1=5skills because there are 3 nested skills hidden away. So when I have a choice between a system that consistently lists all skills and another system of skills represented and not represented on the skill list the choice is SUPER easy (for me anyway).
  12. I don't believe this for a second. Full auto is only available for Tunguska and vanilla Nomads.
  13. What does being in a fireteam have to do with tracking Frenzy?
  14. More importantly... who is going to prove they are the most dedicated Pan-O player ever by having interchangeable bodies to go underneath Joan based on the faction they face? EDIT: Now i'm thinking I have to do something similar for CA.
  15. I think Grrls are a superior fireteam to Domaru. How good +1PH, CC, Stealth, Lt, and chain rifles are on a HI fireteam compared to +1BS, MSV1, tinbot2, and Hyperdynamics is I can't say. The reason i side with Grrls is because they have a specialist. Domaru are like TAGs without specialists and one of those doesn't even exist anymore. Now comparing Grrls to Haramaki is difficult because of Ex Impetuous. Being able to break the fireteam once up the table to take advantage of the extra order the following turn sounds great. Also, the Haramaki ML is a notable profile because it's 0.5SWC less and becomes useful further up the table in CC while the Grrl ML does not. Some flexibility can be added with Domaru profiles as well. They seem quite capable even without a specialist. I'd be happy with a Shikami or Ninja doing the button pushing instead. Overall, I think a Haramaki fireteam would be pretty good if played more like a warband. However, I've never played against JSA, let alone seen that fireteam in action. JSA is probably going to be my next project, so someday i hope to try them out.