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  1. Exactly, the contents / info of a camo marker is private and assuming, whether correct or not, that the combat group info about that marker is open info... just leads to headaches. I don't think this is an issue for most players because not too many try to game the system by asking questions about camo markers. Of course, when it comes to competitive play with rewards I can't blame anyone for doing that... it happens in all competitions with poor rules. People will push the rules until something is done about them. CB, do something about them. I see this ruling going one of two ways. The combat group of all camo markers, including those placed by a trooper, is PI. Let the mind games begin. The combat group of all camo markers, including those placed by a trooper, is OI. Which leaves obvious conclusions when 12 objects are part of 1 combat group. But for this to work... all camo tokens need to follow the same rules that don't rely on what's underneath. The whole notion of being able to ask questions about a camo token where the answer is determined by what's underneath is STUPID! Once revealed, the normal rules apply.
  2. It's not about the order, it's about the combat group. So you declare one camo token(Zero) is part of the first combat group... but what are you saying about the camo token(mine)? See below.
  3. Umm... If you're announcing which comabt group each camo token is part of your opponent most certainly can tell which is which.
  4. To be fair, your interpretation of the evidence and conclusion is guess work just like his. He's saying it's their fault and you're saying its not. Someone got their mini and someone did not. Neither is proof of anything. Whatever middle men exist just become another potential point of failure. We don't know who's fault it is. Even if its not CB's fault in the end... it's their product and people will assign blame however they want. I know absolutely nothing about distribution. I only know it sucks I've been waiting on an Ikadron since last Christmas. I don't know who's fault it is, I just know I don't trust my local store to be on top of the situation.
  5. If you're talking about something like a missile template i can certainly see that as an issue. Do missile templates have three dimensions? I assume so and I can see spec firing a wall would accomplish what you're describing but i also have no problem with it. Air detonations do sound cheeky.
  6. What kind of game situation is no airbursting or wall shooting supposed to prevent?
  7. Now I'm curious. Are you suggesting I can't place smoke or spec fire anywhere the template doesn't sit flat on a surface at all points?
  8. They look like the MK12 to me. But really, all i ever see looking at that Kriza is a bent gun.
  9. I love the new Garuda. I'm certainly buying it for bits to use on my CA or Nomads. The jump packs are going on Rodoks to make my Rasyat if i ever get off my ass before they release new ones. I might even attempt swapping heads on whats left to make riot grrls. But I'd prefer something without a good sculpt already. The Charontid for me has the same problem the Avatar has +1. I just want something different, not another Over/Xeo/drone/Avatar. There is nothing wrong with unity among a faction but there is a point when its gone too far for me. It's the reason i imagine i'll never play PanO. On its own the Charontid is a really good sculpt and i like the pose. The back plug feels silly and i hope a painted version alleviates that feeling.
  10. Agreed. The rules are what is keeping me from investing too much into this game/hobby. I had a few hundred dollars to spend this black friday on Infinity or PC games. I went with the latter because It's hard to stay motivated with Infinity when half the product irritates me so. I've come to the realization that Infinity is a hobby for when I need a break from my PC.
  11. Isn't that exactly what you are doing? You're assuming the order pool open information overrides a camo markers private information. You're making assumptions about what the term "order pool" even means/encompasses. Where does CG fit in all of this? The pile of order markers, combat groups, and courtesy list are three different things. The Courtesy list doesn't show which CG a deployed camo trooper is part of. This is evidence to suggest the CG it is part of is PI. So your statement that nothing hints this is PI seems incorrect to me. The order marker provided by the camo trooper can be placed on the table as OI. There is nothing else to suggest that pile of order markers and what's shown on a courtesy list should have any connection. You spend an order marker/token and there is a maximum expenditure for each CG shown on the courtesy list. I see nothing to suggest i need to physically place my pile of markers into separate CGs when that info is already on my courtesy list. If a player ever asked me about a specific camo markers order or the pile of orders on the table... i'd give them my Courtesy list and say "enjoy". Separating the order markers on the table into easy to manage groups matching your Courtesy list's CGs and thus order pool isn't mandatory when i look over the rules. I assume it's things like this that get overlooked in the rule making process because no one considers someone might manipulate/interpret the existing rules to obtain certain information. CB must decide in each of these cases whether to rule in favor of the rules as written or rules as intended. In doing so they must consider that players buy printed books with rules in them and contradicting a written rule has its own consequences. Which I personally dislike. It should always be rule as intended imo and taken from there.
  12. That pit is already filled with Special Smoke Dodge.
  13. Is it bad that I don't care how they ruled it at Interplanetario? I mean whatever the correct and official ruling turns out to be, I'll find little comfort in it. Because unless I start keeping some list of all the rulings found here I'm not going to remember them all. At this point i think I'd be better off to just play how i want. And what i want is for camo markers not to be easily identifiable... you know, almost camouflaged.
  14. I don't buy into this evidence you're seeing. To me there is a clear lack of evidence. We know a deployed camo markers order gets placed in the order pool but what do we know beyond that? I don't see anything to indicate I must declare which order pool the orders i have belong to. Players have a pile or orders on the table and a Courtesy list that doesn't show what CG my deployed camo markers belong to. If you want to know about my order pools, you can look at my Courtesy list. We also know the contents of a deployed camo marker is PI. You're the one assuming that if that marker provides an order you get to know which CG it's in. Why? I see nothing in the rules below to indicate my pile of orders should tell you anything other than what my Courtesy list does. Order Pool The Order Pool is the amount of Regular Orders available to each Combat Group during their Active Turn. The more troopers with the Characteristic Regular in a Combat Group, the bigger its Order Pool. Each Combat Group has its own Order Pool. Furthermore, each Combat Group can only use its own Regular Orders, and never Orders from the Order Pool of a different Combat Group. There is no limit to the number of times Regular Orders can activate the same trooper during its Active Turn; the only limit is the size of the Order Pool of its Combat Group. You can spend Regular Orders from your Order Pools in any order. When you activate a trooper, you do not need to spend all orders you plan to use on that trooper consecutively, but can alternate between troopers and even Combat Groups. Players are not required to expend all Regular Orders in their Order Pools. Players recalculate Order Pools at the beginning of each of their Active Turns, during the Tactical Phase. Each time players suffer a casualty, that is, when one of their troopers enter a Null state (Unconscious, Dead, Sepsitorized...), they lose that trooper's Orders for subsequent Turns. Structure of the Order Pool Only Regular orders go into the Order Pool. Irregular Orders, Impetuous Orders and the Special Lieutenant Order are not part of any Order Pool. IMPORTANT! The status and expenditure of Order Pools is Open Information. Players must place the Order Markers for each of their Order Pools where all players can see them.
  15. I believe a camo marker's CG is private. "Consider any piece of information on a player's Army List that is not explicitly Private as Open and knowable to all. " This statement is referring to information ON my Army list. Of course they don't use the term Courtesy list... Is that intentional? I assume it's just poorly written and in this case Courtesy list is what's meant. Otherwise can I not just figure out which camo marker is a trooper and which is a mine by pointing to each and asking questions. That doesn't sit well with me.