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  1. I'm impressed with the Nexus but I think the paint job goes a long way in me liking it.
  2. But you are wrong. There are plenty of situations. K1 vs MSV2+Feu is a 0.5SWC and 1 point savings. So imagine that used for another hacker/specialist over a regular troop. Or a better heavy weapon for another troop. You can't keep comparing units or profiles that don't cost the same without considering the whole picture. No matter how close they may appear. K1 vs Xvisor+Feu costs 2 pts more but you gain MSV2. Blah blah MSV2. It's still a 0.5 SWC savings to use elsewhere if you don't need the MSV2. Maybe an Asura, Atalanta, Deva, Agema, and/or Marut is more than enough MSV for a list? Are you sure?
  3. There are just too many factors, tangible and intangible, to consider when talking about faction/sectorial lists. I say lists because without taking the entire faction/sectorial into consideration you can't come to any significant conclusions. There is more to consider than just point costs of nearly identical units. If all factions have an identical MSV2 trooper but only half the factions have access to smoke, there is a noticeable shift in power no matter how close those units are in points. So if Frenzied fireteams get anyones knickers in a twist please remember there are sooo many other factors in play. K1 Teucer still provides advantages. Free agent potentially saves a command token. He has NWI. And no matter how closely you compare him to Atlanta... you are not actually forced to choose between them. If you take both, what do you compare them to now? There are advantages outside comparing one unit to another that exist and you only really see them when comparing lists.
  4. I'm kinda keen to do a flaming Salzy conversion. Flamethrower down in the ready to fire position and HRMC at a 45 degree rest position My first thought was to convert the left arm+hand to hold the HFT as if it were firing and let the HRMC touch the ground. But i keep coming back to the same conclusion... it's actually perfect the way it is. So while my urge is usually to make something unique, i need to fight it this time. Also, that Angel pic above is hilarious.
  5. I guess that's where I disagree. A ruling in the middle of some obscure and massive thread isn't enough for me because it will not reach everyone. I could forgive this if it only happened once in a awhile, but that's not the case. Rules should be broken down into labels like TROOPER or EQUIPMENT and then used appropriately. Any skills or effects should clearly indicate what labels are affected. Clear sequences and exceptions should be shown. Translation issues should almost never be a factor. Because each translated label would be repeated instead of worded differently from rule to rule. If a rule allows a unit to attack a trooper or deployed mine and the effects only describe what happens to the trooper this is unacceptable. The rules need to indicate what effect the attack has on the mine. Even if that effect is nothing. Choosing not to have clear labels and structure in favor of some description where each writer can potentially describe a rule differently from one sentence to the next is lunacy. I'm someone who loves a complex game. Complex in terms of my choices available, not in terms of deciphering poorly structured and worded rules. Infinity imo is a great hobby but a terrible game. It's like playing chess but the queen is randomly allowed to move like a knight and vice versa depending on who's the TO.
  6. Me either. I didn't notice the shadows and assume they were taken together.
  7. Thanks for the additional clarification IJW. While I must acknowledge the ruling I don't think the rules are clear at all. A TO or player can certainly come to a different conclusion. To me, I still read the activation and other Targeted rules/descriptions as poor/lazy. As if the writer assumed the state would only ever be used against a trooper and didn't think clarification was necessary and now we are stuck with it. If this isn't the case, then CB is guilty of poor and confusing rule design. "The trooper suffered" isn't the same statement as 'only troopers can enter the targeted state'. Not by a long shot. Especially considering the high level rules allow for deployable weapons to be attacked by Spotlight or FO and no where during those steps are you not allowed to do so. Spotlight specifically says upon a successful roll the target enters the targeted state. It even says it's signified by a targeted marker. To me, that is more than enough rule to say it's been activated. Why would I even look at the activation requirements within Targeted? And if I do, it talks about troopers, it doesn't state anything regarding only troopers can activate the state. SPOTLIGHT (INFOWAR) SHORT SKILL Attack, CLAW-1, Non-Lethal. REQUIREMENTS You may choose any enemy within range as target of this program. The target of this Hacking Program need not have the Hackable Characteristic. EFFECTS In the Active Turn, allows the user to make a WIP-3 Roll against the target. Upon a successful Roll, the target enters the Targeted state, signified by a Targeted Marker (TARGETED) in base to base contact. The effect of this program is canceled automatically at the end of the current Player Turn, but the induced state may be canceled earlier by other means. The range of this program is the Hacker's Hacking Area. This box below even lists deployable repeaters and equipment. I highly doubt CBs intent was to list equipment for a future scenario where these items would need to be targeted and attacked by Spotlight without suffering it's effects. Because if they were that smart, they'd have made their exclusion obvious and clear. REMEMBER The target may declare Reset as his ARO, regardless of his Troop Type (LI, MI, HI...) and even if the Hacking Attack takes places outside of his LoF. However, pieces of Equipment (Deployable Repeaters, Sniffers, FastPandas...) are unable to declare Reset. This^ explains the issue i have with these rules. Listing permissions isn't a restriction. It's like the activation rules are giving examples but anything can enter the targeted state.
  8. Agreed. I can't wait to throw my money at this creation. It highlights the reason i play vanilla Nomads and sectorials for the CA.
  9. The Nomads know how to take things to the next level. I'd love to see these two weapons side by side.
  10. Perspective and stuff* for example. *Edit
  11. If only that were true. It's like playing English football and every ref has their own interpretation. It's aggravating beyond belief. I've heard nothing here to make me believe I can't fire guided ammo at mines. If I was a TO that would be the ruling... and that is my biggest problem with Infinity by FAR. These rulings can slap you upside the head at anytime in a tournament. I actually direct anyone asking about Infinity to this sub forum. Because if they can stomach this level of uncertainty I know they'll have no problem enjoying the game.
  12. But the OP is talking about using Guided Ammo which clearly says it can be used against a target in the targeted state. It doesn't mention trooper at all. So I think he can do that.
  13. I see nothing wrong with putting deployable weapons or equipment in the targeted state. The rules for targeted may use the word trooper but no where does it indicate only troopers may be placed in the targeted state. It's written like CB never considered anyone would place something other than a trooper in the targeted state. The wording doesn't actually change anything. i can target a mine with an attack after it's discovered. Spotlight is an attack. Sat-Lock is a comms attack... I assume that counts the same. Upon a successful Roll, the target enters the Targeted state, signified by a Targeted Marker (TARGETED) in base to base contact. It says target, not trooper, so it works for me. Guided. In Active Turn, this weapon can make a BS Attack against a target in the Targeted state, ignoring LoF and making a BS+6 Roll
  14. This^ I really expected the EI constructs to be different from the Unidrons, Overdrons, and Xeodrons. The Avatar and Charontid make me quite content to keep playing Morat and Onyx over vanilla. I'm eager to play the new Shasvastii as well because it's safe to say they will be unique.