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  1. Since there was also a "nomad" arm with PanO Breaker Pistol I'd assume this will be the miniature for the Sniper Rifle ABH
  2. It seems I'm not fan boy enough to have any interest in them in particular because most of them are dead... I'd only take Emily since she's cute
  3. That Yolandi Visser inspred Riot Grrl with Missile Launcher is just awesome also are her sisters! The Tinbot is rather aweful though; a fourth Riot Grrl (preferably with Spitfire) would've been nice.
  4. Some might know this already but it's a bigger (and therefore better) version
  5. the reason why hademar couldn't reach La Forja Control Deck this Weekend: Godddamn ISS blocking the Military Harbour
  6. Another tale of Lt. Hademar's adventures: this time he was checking Sygtir-1's Antennas
  7. I just visited the Shanqiang Frigate Enjoy the read
  8. @Section 9he uses cutouts of actual trash bags
  9. Took a severe beating on the ice cube... Vanity killed the (Wild)cat At least I didn't lose in La Forja!
  10. Of course not! The whole universe around it does though.
  11. Aaaaand the next, with a different style: Sometimes the game hunts in packs too
  12. My first narrative one: Hunting is only a party for the hunter Enjoy it
  13. Well, by just reading the stun ammo and the mission rules it should be possible to do so. But on the other hand: IJW has spoken! *just add lightning and thunder* Since you still need mutual agreement it might be impossible for you after all to equip your troop with the stun ammunition due to it's unique effect in this Mission. Especially if your opponent 1st) reads this thread and 2nd) has no single special ammunition weapons in his list