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  1. I've played some games with 4+ HI. Ayyar SMR and Janissary doctor are obvious picks. Then for some heavy guns you can pick between Azrail and Fasid, and then for mobile pieces Tarik and Asawira. If I pick Tarik, I always take Fasid HMG as the smoke is very valuable. Also Maggy with two or so HI is really nice (Ayyar and something else, Asawira doc is cheap and good). Remember to bring the KHD Barid and some Mutts for cover.
  2. The point of the Montesa (and other similar profiles like Halqa, Squalo) is to be able to eliminate one or two squishy key pieces or hit clusters of enemies, not kill as much as possible. There is nothing which can help against. Further important factor is that when you spec fire, you are safe. If you shoot with HMG, enemy can ARO you.
  3. Husam counts as Muyib and you can make Asawira Haris with 2 Muyibs. http://infinitythewiki.com/en/List_of_Fireteams
  4. You are very correct. That's why I said never for vanilla and most often for QK. I don't have much experience with QK. However the price difference of 11+ per unit is a lot, but being predictable is the worst option. My favourite DJ in vanilla is the Shock Marksman rifle. Very cheap and good rangebands.
  5. You can't make a competitive 200pt list with what you have. However 200pt is quite a silly format, dominated by cheesy stuff. You should buy some cheap stuff point wise: Naffatun, Remotes, Muttawiah, Support pack. You will never field more than 2 Djanbazan in a vanilla list, in QK you most often would run 3 supplemented with 2 Hafzas.
  6. I feel like their only use is cheerleader and masking LT. Which is frankly kind of boring. I don't really ever see myself spending much orders on one.
  7. The missions benefit greatly from area control. You also need a decent amount of mid-field specialists. We have great area control: Daylami are the best, Mutts, tough to remove things like Lasiq rifle and the cheaper HIs (Ayyar etc). Another option would be to go with Maghariba as the missions are so tough for TAG (requiring lots of specialists) that many players might not have good answers to our big fist. Having Djabel is solid and I like the Bashi for side-sweeping at later turn. Some comments of the lists. As you said they are very similar, maybe too similar. With Tarik I would 100% make him LT and bring CoC instead of Naffatuns. Much more effective this way. Tuaregs and Bashi are order hungry, unless you 100% will move them to 1st group before activating, they need to switch group or get more orders on 2nd group, say 4 at least. Cold sleep needs tough specialists to control things. I would definitely take at least one HI specialist. I'd make one list with superb area control, bringing at least 6 Daylami PF and full 4 Muttawiah with Ayyar, Lasiq for suppression and some more specialists. Then I'd make another list with lots of specialists for those missions. After that I'd scrap the second and make a balls to walls list with Maghariba and Tarik instead.
  8. Group 2 needs orders and probably one Bashi is enough (SMG is the best). Khawarij is quite hard to use, maybe skip if you don't love it. Try the Tuareg specialists, both are great, maybe better than the sniper. For sniper, consider Lasiq.
  9. I guess the main issue is that a unit like Khawarij is something you expect to spend a lot of orders on. He does stuff only on active turn and is order hungry. Therefore if you spend significant amount of your orders on a model, it's not such a big deal to spend 25 points more on that to make it more effective, especially when you get a second wound to protect those orders spent moving up.
  10. Which is exactly why you run 3 real Ghulam snipers. They pack a mean punch when ignored in ARO.
  11. Yes. Only problem is you possibly won't get to start your turn in Holo-state for Surprise shot 2. I've deployed as 3 Ghulam Snipers and 3 Mutt's before. Now I just need to do it couple times so I can actually deploy the 3 Ghulam Snipers and blast stuff.
  12. Khawarij is a good flanker. However I prefer Tarik as you can keep on flanking after taking one wound. They should only be used on active turn and end their turn in a safe place (maybe roof unreachable without climbing). Many profiles are useless in vanilla, as they are made for eventual fireteam options. Tuareg is the only option at Hidden Deployment which is really good. Sniper and specialists are great. I mainly like the specialist as they can do so many things: kill bunched enemies with shotgun, kill enemies with rifle, hack/heal, take objectives. Decent gunfighters due to -6 mod. Zhayedan only the Breaker Rifle profile is really worth it at the moment, but that one is really good. Other profiles are again for future Fireteam usage. Breaker Rifle wins face to face rolls and kills stuff. You deny cover and each hit forces both a breaker save and shock save. Use in active turn and hide well as it's made of glass, or put in suppression somewhere you won't be outranged. Competes heavily with the Lasiq, which is cheaper and more defensive option. @Hexas list is good, it's only 245 points so after adding the 2-5 orders it's great.
  13. I'm planning to run something like this once I get my Squalos model. It'd be probably possible to squeeze it with Tik as well to get both TAGs using those Coordinated Orders. At the very least with dropping the Palbot.
  14. ToadChild is correct. See http://wiki.infinitythegame.com/en/Cover and
  15. I don't think they step on each others toes much. Asawira Spitfire can serve as a main gunning platform and go on a rampage, a focus of the list. Asawira Doctor with AP rifle has somewhat similar role to Ayyar but completely different focus. I don't see myself taking other Asawiras regularly outside Fireteam. Ayyar is a great guy. He is most importantly specialist. This coupled with being able to fight means you are moving a resilient game-winner up the table. I've only run the Marksman rifle so far which is the best gunslinger. Rifle profile is more of a toolbox for short range and the Sniper is a special case. Free agent is a very nice bonus as I can put him in group 2 and move on 2nd turn when Fiday or Biker is dead. He has the superb Surprise shot 2 which you should utilize every turn to kill someone. Then you can possibly shoot other stuff. End your turn in cover so you get to Holo2 for free and repeat. I usually leave one holo in LoF of enemy for wasting his time (sometimes the real one of course), so I still get the marker state benefit on my turn. He usually does quite little on first turn, only taking a single potshot. On turn 2 and 3 he can get a lot done, usually taking objectives on a different flank of main force (eg. Fireteam) in addition to killing some stuff. He works very well alone due to high survivability (2W, Holo2) and being able to engage even hard targets from Holo-state. Of course there are a lot of other Holo tricks like suppression, mines etc. His large vulnerability is hackers. Having no Stealth and low BTS, an AHD is his worst enemy.