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  1. I'm waiting for the right time to deploy my three Ghulam snipers after holoing Ayyar as them a couple times. With 2nd turn, they would be very deadly. Or deploy 4 Ghulam snipers with 3 Holo's and 1 real.
  2. He means that his ML units are put hiding at the end of turn instead of being left to overwatch during enemy turn.
  3. The order efficient way is to use Tuareg doc, who is also a durable specialist. It's usually quite easy to guess around which area Tarik will be fighting.
  4. @Errhile I might have asked this before but would you have an exaple list, with comments, of what you run with the backfield Govad Haris? Probably a Muyib core? That'd be around 200 points leaving plenty for other stuff.
  5. Increased AVA is hardly an issue in picking Hassassin over Vanilla. Nobody I've heard of is capped in vanilla by Muyib, Ragik or Lasiq AVA. The 2 Fidays (one+Djabel) are plenty enough and benefit much more from Saladin than 3rd Fiday. I've never seen a list with 2 Ayyars. Haqq Heavy lists don't require the 2nd Asawira if they even utilize the first. The only interesting AVA HB have IMO are Farzans for the Minelayer+Infiltration. And that's a very specific thing considering vanilla has the excellent Hunzakuts. If Daylami AVA was the other way around, or HB had more Mutt's, then it'd be interesting. HB also has as an extra only Avicenna, which is not even close to being a staple.
  6. There is only one correct answer here and it's the possibility of having a Fireteam. The tradeoff of course being that you can't pick many of the good solo models. If you like to play Haqq, but want fireteams, pick HB. Ayyar is very usable model in almost any list, so if that's what you like, you can field it very effectively.
  7. Never against a sniper, because you die horribly in such case. If a sniper is in HD, it's not unreasonable at all for him to reveal where he can pin down your HMG beyond 32".
  8. You are much more likely to actually kill the proxy with the sniper (39% vs 25%). However you assume optimal range for HMG here. If we go down that route and allow closing in some of the distance, the best weapon is SMR: Djanbazan - Shock Marksman Rifle vs. Posthumans Proxy Mk.2 - MULTI Sniper Rifle (Anti-Materiel Mode) Active Player 45.57% Djanbazan inflicts 2 or more wounds on Posthumans Proxy Mk.2 (Dead) Failures 34.75% Neither player succeeds Reactive Player 19.68% Posthumans Proxy Mk.2 inflicts 1 or more wounds on Djanbazan (Unconscious) 6.40% Posthumans Proxy Mk.2 inflicts 2 or more wounds on Djanbazan (Dead)
  9. That's wrong. Any sample size won't help if it's unrepresentative of the population, in other words, biased. On the other hand, even very small unbiased sample can detect reliably effects with low power. Higher sample brings more power, not representativeness/less bias. Continuing your example, if the coin is fair, the chance of getting 6 consecutive results which are the same is about 3%. I would argue that with such sample size it's well within reason to make inference. However if the coin tested is not representative of the population (assumed as all fair coins), then any amount of repetition will not make the results more accurate. To return to the topic, having six lists from a faction can give us useful information. Of course there are at least three immediate problems. First, each player makes two lists, which are definitely not independent. Second, players self select to factions instead of being assigned randomly. And last, and most important, is the assumption that Interplanetary players are somehow a representative (or even the peak) sample of Infinity players.
  10. If you use all your SWC and only way to fit it is with Santiago LT and your opponent knows his stuff, he can know it. But that's a lot of if.
  11. No. Even a sample size of around six or so is very useful if it's representative fo the population. Sample of two is too small for sure, but quickly after there will be interesting results. Notes about Haqq and HB: I'm quite surprised at the very low amount of HI in vanilla. Only Janissaries were fielded more than two times, which I find myself going for the least. I would've expected Zuleyka, but no Kum. No Daylami in HB! It is my go to anti-TAG to take 4-6 of these. All HB lists had both Ghulams and Muyibs. Which is quite interesting to me, as Ghulams were not LT's, so they had probably Ghulam Core with Muyib Haris.
  12. Hassassins have a huge amount of mines available (I sometimes run 2-3 Farzan Minelayers, and often a Muyib with mines in Haris/Core). However I don't know if that's the best course of action due to order cost. Muttawiah and Daylami are good, Mutts can isolate through smoke and Daylami can just be everywhere to shoot. Apart from that outshooting them in active turn is an option, take a ML or HRL and blast away. I've also used Smart Missiles against Caledonians successfully, as that can heavily limit the smoke AROs available for them. Are your table designs balanced or too open or too crowded?
  13. You are correct, I goofed. Just drop one of the hackers (Govad if mission doesn't need much button-pushing, otherwise Barid).
  14. Who needs Muyibs in that kind of beautiful list? Just take 3 Fireteams, here strong hacking is complementary and you still have 50 points to take from our excellent solo selection with some Mutts and 8-point bots for spice.
  15. Last and most obvious option, especially with the Proxy Sniper: ignore it. It's somewhere in a corner watching a firelane, we have lots of smoke. On your turn just smoke it. Then proceed to win mission or kill the order pool. If you are rocking heavy infantry (or Dogged), don't be afraid to tank a hit if you can get to a good place to kill it: in cover you have very good chance of not dying even if he hits you, he doesn't have shock for Mutts and bikers. If it's in a central location tjhat can't be ignored, set up enough AROs that it won't survive activating instead (something like 4-5 shots even at -6 is ok when they come from different locations).