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  1. I would definitely put in that the Marauder is probably the best pure ARO piece of the group. MSV and dogged go a long ways towards locking down a lane, also burst 2 if set up with a link. The tank hunter would also be the better choice for ARO missle. If your talking active turn then the Minuteman is the best ML hands down. That link team burst 2 on BS 13 can pack a serious wallop in the opening turn. and possibly with a +3 fireteam bonus as well. For the rocket launcher active turn I'd give it too the marauders too. Full link bonuses on the heavy rocket launcher are amazing, and don't discount his assault pistol either the Burst 5 at close rance makes him a super versatile piece offensively or defensively
  2. He would be pretty nuts in a grunt link (or really any of the usariadnan links since he has a hodgepodge of gear from all of them) I would have loved to see a profile for him that could do that. don't think it'd be that overpowered seeing as Wallace can link with everything in his sectoral and he's not an auto include
  3. Thanks for the compliments and feedback guys. Thought I'd show off the painted HMG blackjack and the fully converted sniper blackjack. that .50 cal looks so great as a T2 sniper ^^
  4. Thank you. Though after having used both I can confidently say that the new series 2 sci-fi is much easier to build and play with and then the sci-fi 1. The new stuff also visually matches infinity a bit better. The wedge/triangle bases on the sci-fi 1 created alot of cover arguments around corners and door frames. The flush walls in the new stuff is much better. It's a shame the connection points don't line up between the old and new sets though cause that would have made mixing my left over Sci-fi 1 stuff alot easier. thank you. Building a big structure with the more limited sci-fi 1 set made me alot more confident and ambitious on big projects on the sci-fi 2. And to avoid some design pitfalls that made the first building a bit more difficult to use. once I'm fully moved into my new place I hope to have the galactic stuff put together pretty quickly.
  5. And finally got the painted version All done. might still clean up a few little details later but he's pretty much done.
  6. Thank you very much. And feel free to copy it if you'd like. That's why I try to explain just what parts I used for most of my conversions. In other news. Second Blackjack is all converted now. AP HMG] pieces are pretty much the same as the sniper one, only big difference are the AP HMG is from the panzerjagers kit from Dreamforge games, and the rocket launcher[DEP] is from the Project Z survivor kit
  7. Just finished my second blackjack conversion. AP HMG variant.
  8. Mark II BlackJack Armor is now fully built. Put it beside the MK I armor for comparison. Put a cage around the shoulder with a rounded front plate, and some weapon mounting plates. his left one jsut has some targeting optics, the right side is for the DEP mount on the HMG variant. Rear view of the armor, can see the airtank, back stowage, SMG and I moved the knife to the back from the side.
  9. guess that is true enough. But I do have a bit of a thing for the grand sort of battle zones. I have a friend that often complained our battlefields didn't have enough verticallity So I've made sure that future buildings had that aspect. Sadly though the insides of the outdoor buildings haven't seen alot of use yet.
  10. it's still 4x4 it's just got lots of indoors and upper floors.
  11. Blackjack conversion I'm working on right now. Didn't much for the weapons or backpack on the base version. Arms are from the Space Marine Primaris Reavers. I can't actually remember the name of the company that made the Barret .50 😣. could use the chest piece that came with the model (save for the crotch plate) so I could have the arms fit over the chest. Filled the space with a few large mag pouches. Space marine knife on the right hip. Spetsnaz backpack on the back, and a small piece from the bottom of the foot filling the massive gap on the back. (will have to show some rear pics on the finished version) still have to bulk up the shoulders a bit, but I have some pieces in mind for it.
  12. got some more done. Outlands is all built now. No close ups of them yet but I do have a couple of pics from the a setup for the first two games with the new terrain.
  13. WIP of my blackjack conversion. Had to go buy some primaris marines because all the other arms I had were to small. still have to add the last step bit to the feet and bulk the shoulders up a little. looking pretty good so far though. Well made some progress and the Mk II suit is all done now. Back and front view, and a shot beside the Mk I armor. [time for additional content edit #3] Just finished the AP HMG conversion on my second Blackjack. Think it came out great. Only one more left but, but I think I'll paint one of these two first. Really want to get these guys on the table top. I want to bring the pain to my friend's Kriza Borac _______ Wasn't expecting to end up getting all this on one post, guess it's been a slow see in ariadna command. Got the AP HMG one all painted up now. he's all set and ready for today's big free for all escape mission
  14. My order of the new Sci Fi II just arrived and I've been putting together a massive 2x4 double hanger from the frontier kit also have a ton to put together from the galactic and outpost sets. this is what I have so far. The other hanger extends off to the left. Had more detail shots, but the forum does seem to want to let me upload them >_< the left building is the main access/loading hall. The right one is the control and locker rooms. loading/main access building left hanger side. (early WIP) right side crew and control building. Back and upper view.
  15. not sure if I need the vehicle weapons. But just wow. Their range is fantastic. ^w^. Thanks for pointing them out Section 9. I've been looking for nice looking modern civilians for ages and the have a whole bunch. I'm gonna have to make an order. (I regret that I can only give your post one rep vote)