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  1. They're a pretty good base for simple conversions-- the entire USA line is becuase of the simplicity. Did the same with my second foxtrot (and figured he'd appreciate the smoke more than a radio!)
  2. Something a little more simple this time-- I got the USA army box and the USA started before the new packs were out and was stuck with repeat sculpts, so I decided why not arm them myself? Minuteman with ML, AP HMG. Grunts with sniper rifles to fill out my favorite LI link team
  3. They aren't Grrrls. Yes, full circle, I'm aware.
  4. Look, the simple answer to the Grrrls vs Brigada debate is that Brigada look badass as hell and Grrrls, despite being one of the top 3 profile to cost units in the game (ahem, Ghazi, Posthumans), don't look like anything you can field on the table without anyone laughing at you. They are ugly. They are worse than ugly-- they are hideous. Even the new sculpts are meh. Brigada comes in with that armor set and leaves with the prom queen. Gold medal in style. And until CB rebalances HI better I still intend to use at least a 3-core. And once they do rebalance HI better I will probably run them every list I make. With that in mind, I am pretty amped to try a 3-core, HMG/Tinbot/Hacker as a mobile gun platform and specialist delivery tool while still having most of my points left over and room for a Massacre haris sounds pretty good.
  5. It's more that I want the three points to upgrade the MB with MR to HMG and and concerned about leaving massacre with no weapons capable to FTF past 8"
  6. How much support does Massacre's Breaker Combi give vs the BS? Because I'd be very tempted to upgrade the Multirifle to a HMG.
  7. Huh, never knew that. My group always played like the new version of the rules, so I guess all of us never knew that either.
  8. Any suggestions for beginner reading on that electro quantum consciousness stuff? sounds really interesting and I am going to have a lot of downtime and boredom tomorrow.
  9. Looks like it's because I had a random Army tab open from before the update. it's working now.
  10. Is there a new version out? Mine doesn't show the LT version yet
  11. Honestly, I just want to swap the AP rifle minuteman profile for a T2 version. Right now I have no reason to ever take Minutemen over marauders. Move+shoot is same speed, Molotok isn't much worse than AP HMG with better range bands given forward deployment, and dogged on the same armor, all while being fewer points-- with a Haris profile! Gimme me a reason to use Minutemen CB, because I love the minis' Iraq aesthetic. T2 profile and Haris would probably do it-- it would certainly force some competition. The only T2 in faction is blackjack-- and T2 sniper is good, but I want a profile that can suppress-- really rams home the faction theme of 'i've hunkered down in your midfield, now move me'
  12. So Annihilation is my favorite mission type, I blame my prior experience in other wargames, and I too struggle with CJC-- particularly because my meta is pure PanO and Tohaa, which are optimized for A: Killing or B: Immortality. What is everyone's experience playing against these guys with CJC in an old fashioned 'kill 'em all' game? MVPs so far: Massacre Core link team. No, I don't care if you have 8 symbiomates, eat CC gangbang with B2 zero V smoke or regular smoke to make my Intruder happy. I have not tried McMurder yet but he seems like a cheaper and lower B version. Why not both? Iguana: BS 14, B4, DAM16, fast, heavy flamethrower. One of the scariest gun platforms in all of Nomads. Gun down most things-- good! Get close and incinerate anything with a symbiomate-- better! Dance around a wall and let you nastiest assault hacker ruin a heavy's day-- fan-freaking-tastic. Intruder has underperformed for me in the past-- I burned 9 orders shooting through smoke on 16s with MSR only to watch Joan dodge every last shot in one game. In another a Gao Rael (I think that's the foxhole sniper?) ate a full turn's worth of HMG becase of symbiomates. God I hate Tohaa. Maybe start AD flamethrowers behind them? This might be bad luck because in my last game vs JSA my intruder singlehandedly took out 60% of his dudes. But JSA doesn't have 3+ wounds each. Things I have yet to try: Brigada Core+Massacre Haris. Because I like armor. I like all the armor.
  13. Glory be. Looks like HI is back on the menu
  14. This only for the season or permanent? I'd hate to lose it like gravitational advantage
  15. Where's that suggestion coming from? If it ever happens i'd be happy because then I'd use combis, but I don't think gecks are getting buffed any time soon