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  1. It varies by unit-- it seems to be about 8 points on grrls, obviously less on Jaguars, maybe 2 points there, but there's nothing to compare to. But stats are tied into unit fluff in this game so you would never see frenzy on a troop like unidrons-- they are vat grown terminator robots who can't feel emotion or bloodlust. They just kill.
  2. Yes. Welcome to why Riot Grrls are considered OP.
  3. So... as a CJC player, what do I need to get to go vanilla? Zeros, Interventors and maybe a couple morlocks? This thing honestly looks and feels like a 1 man fireteam
  4. Either way this might make me go vanilla nomads. This is precisely the kind of boot to the face style I like
  5. Where can I find what full auto does? It isn't on the wiki
  6. You talking about a core fireteam hacker? Outside of that I can't think of anything CJC gets with SS2
  7. I think you are right, I haven't mastered the game basics yet let alone the advanced dirty tricks. How useful is hacking though vs Tohaa? Aside from cybermask and maybe spotlight they are immune. And who is even halfway decent as a hacker in CJC? All have no BTS and no HD+, so no white noise. Jaguars though are disgustingly good and god knows why I tried a Balboa missile link instead. I could have smoked up the board and sworded his dudes in the face with deadpool. That tends to work pretty well in my very limited experience.
  8. Coincedently, I got wrecked by both Tohaa and PanO today. It was really no contest. My side of the table had no cover and he had a sniper, the one with symbiote armor and symbiomate that I couldn't remove. Because my intruder missed every single shot. Couldn't advance because of the no cover issue. Tried to land a hellcat, great position, aside from the TO guy that got an unopposed shot. Combined with me missing some AROs because I simply forgot about them (and the opponent deciding to play competitive rules enforcement) they just ran a train of my ass. Game two vs PanO consisted of my Intruder missing 10 orders worth of shots vs Joan through smoke on BS 16. She then proceeds to murder my whole team. Still have no idea how to beat these guys
  9. So, I have a game coming up and it's against the new players nightmare scenario-- Tohaa fireteams I have a lot of options to work with but don't have a lot of tactics-- loads of B4-5 fireteams with symbiotic armor and symbiomates are nasty, and I don't know how to crack that nut. DTWs are always nice, and I will probably bring an Iguana. But beyond that, what should I be ready for? Also: repeater web and missile zond vs no hacker army. Viable?
  10. It's an amazing profile for many reasons, just don't think of it as a TAG. It's ARM 6 with 2STR so it feels (and plays) incredibly fragile. But it's got it's own built in repeater and is tough enough to get close to anything you need infowarred so you can either hack or incinerate it from relative safety. Oh, and when it dies you get to put an HMG within the best position inside 16 inches. Fail the evacuation and scatter off table? Ok, deploy in the best firelane from your DZ in your good range band. It's got the highest BS in CJC and ties for first with Kusinagi in vanilla, so that good range band is going to make your opponents very sad. I've never been disappointed fielding one and honestly can't make lists without it anymore.
  11. I might just grab another healer after that suggestion-- I placed mine next to a couple of Tau Drones and said 'yup, that looks like some sort of creepy professional infiltrating murder specialist' Also never liked the Koalas for my Hombres, pity the drones are just a little too big
  12. Theme I was going for was hardcore mercenaries with bigger cojones than the rest of the sphere combined, chronicles of riddick meets the FPS of your choice, but shouldn't pay more points for worse units. I know it's something I 've brought up before and the answer is comparing unit by unit with other factions doesn't work, but it seems we compare poorly in every category As to GitS aesthetics, i am still sad the maghariba is a unique look to haqq, because it's the only haqq unit I like. If something similar appeared in Aleph I wouldn't play anything else. I just want to play posthumans and a spider tank in the same list, damn it!
  13. That's my main gripe-- I wanted a brute force faction (and brigada) that was also capable of bringing a bunch of non linear tools to the table to force hard choices. Outside of AD bakunin does everything better. brute force? Better in all categories. hacking? Custodier with HD+ and pitchers out the ass. Really, cjc has nothing going on this department unless you want to drop 120 points on a brigada tinbot hmg death star. Camo game? Zeros and prowlers vs bandits (ok, intruder wins all categories here) heck, their warbands are half the cost and have an extra order, so chucking 2 in each combat group isn't much of a cost and offsets the irregular. Even if a Massacre link is on of the reasons i play CJC It just feels a little bait and switch though if gravitational advantages become more common, or geckos get AD I will change my mind instantly
  14. It isn't just the grrls, Taskmasters seem to just be better geckos. -1W for b4 shock, koalas and a LT option seems pretty effective, and CJC was supposed to be the brute force faction... but digressing from that, I might du kusinagi as some sort of Moran-- i hate the default morans until we get a resculpt. Reverend healer could probably fill a similar role when she isn't doing duty as Balboa. Gives me a matching set.
  15. Hi all, When I first bought in to Nomads, I got an eclectic selection of minis that don't fit well for my final build-- namely some bakunin minis when I exclusively play Corregidor and lack the necessary minis to make a cohesive vanilla force. While I know Bakunin is the objectively better sectorial, I still have no desire to play it-- but I want to make use of a few of the good minis. Reverend Healer is one of my favorite minis (and I wouldn't play it even in vanilla), Reverend Custodier, and Reverend Superior Kusinagi. What could be done with these three with limited conversion work to reuse them in CJC? Custodier with some camo schemes seems like an instant bandit, but the other two seem a little harder to mess with. Thoughts?