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  1. In Aleph, the only unusual model I run is probably the Asura Multi-rifle profile, I just prefer the versatility of the different ammo as a threat over the spitfire (and there are plenty of spitire profiles in Aleph so its not like Im missing out on the weapon), and with the new datatracker rules in ITS she usually makes a good way to score points without needing to be a specialist. When it comes to MRRF... Probably the Moblot HMG Sapper, I like putting one of them in a 5 man link, just because it is not dramatically more expensive than a normal HMG profile and gives a nice option to use in the game, even if you don't actually start in a foxhole, sometimes the ability to gain a foxhole can be a nice annoyance to the enemy (especially if you still have those 5 man bonuses).
  2. This should be an interesting thread. - Repeaters are silhouette 1, always forget this and put them down in spots where I assume it will be fine if it were S0 and am then surprised when my opponent just shoots it. - not sure if this is common or just a side effect from moving from playing JSA to other factions, but not everyone has courage! Guts rolls do exist. (Unless you are like us and forget them the entire game)
  3. Yes, sorry for any confusion, I wasn't trying to dispute the rule I just wanted to know the reasoning behind it, because I couldn't see a reason for them to be immune. *Edit, and a reason was given so I guess this can be locked?
  4. Interesting distinction, but fair enough I guess. Makes me wonder how hey get into the tag if the only way out is to eject. Ty for the answers.
  5. So, in the new FAQ about hacking there is one new thing that confuses me, and if there is a clear answer I would love to know. 'Can you declare to the Gorgos TAG, Iguana TAG or Anaconda TAG as valid targets of the Hacking Program: Expel? No.' Ok, so I can see why the Gorgos is there (sort of, it doesn't have the manned skill so I cant see how it could be considered a valid target). But why are the Anaconda and Iguana not valid targets? As far as I can see they fulfil all of expels target requirements and don't have a rule that completely exempts them as targets. At first I thought that this has something to do with the evacuation device skill, as they are the tags that have it, but nothing in the skills rules exempts you from being expelled. (Yes, I know that the skill itself is non-hackable, but to me atleast I don't see why that stops a hacker from making the tag open up and dump out the pilot, the pilot gets in normally right?) TLDR - Why isn't the Anaconda/Iguana a valid target for expel? They are manned tags
  6. Loup-Garou are always a go to for me, cheap, dangerous with good (and sometimes unexpected) range bands thanks to x-visors, also, they have the weapons options to basically handle any threat. Being so fragile probably puts them out of the top tier link teams when you compare across all factions, but they will usually do a lot of murdering.
  7. Weirdly enough, I actually like taking the multi rifle loadout on its own (especially now with data-tracker rules) because it can basically deal with most things in its way. This is probably more my local meta showing, rather then it being a better profile (we tend to play cityscape maps with lots of buildings and streets) As a small aside, does anyone think that the new shock rules make Trinity a more usable program against the big HI hackers*? or will redrum still be the way to go? *Specifically the Asura, Anathematics and the Charontid
  8. I would like to see a new twist on the werewolves from the kazaks, I mean, every sectorial has slight differences in how their ones do, although I guess the fact that kazak werewolves start human is their thing. That said, maybe a character who has a spetsnaz background and has a limited camo option for his human form would be interesting to see.
  9. Well, I could easily see the betrayal being that Tunguska has somehow changed the nomad AI so that it is a part of the EI, iirc Arachne (I think that's the name) has its servers, or w/e they use now on Tunguska, whether it was by accident or intentional (voodootech is a mystery after all) i can't see the rest of the human sphere being too happy with it if it got out. Back on topic, new Moblots pleeeease? (Futile, I know)
  10. Infiltrating Moblots, basically overshadowed by every SK ariadna has (to be fair, not surprisingly) but at least in MRRF they can provide a major annoyance to your opponent, especially as noone remembers that they can bring emaulers. But even the other profile can provide serious problems for your opponent, in cover and on suppressive fire they are effectively ARM 6 with mimetism for 0 swc. And in active turn they are good close+mid range gunfighters who at the very least have a decent chance at surviving any return fire. Are they best things to spend points on? Probably not, but they can be very effective, and they make good datatrackers in some missions.
  11. This where they reveal that the new 'Avatar' isn't actually a resculpt, it's Bit's new form.
  12. For me its the humble 112. Nice fluff, is a doctor so can push buttons and is packing a shotgun for those pesky times he actually has to shoot anything, and more importantly, he has an axe. That axe has repeatedly made sure that my opponent cannot get Coup-de-Grace against me, no sir, in my army, when you go down, we make sure you stay down. Also, Margot, generally hiding in Duroc's shadow, she has PanO levels of BS and none of the high tech stuff to get there, just sheer skill, which is kind of insane when you think about it. (Imagine what it would be if she got her hands on the high tech stuff).
  13. Hoooo... This suddenly makes them alot more interesting to take for a Hunting Party game in Wotan, thanks for the response.
  14. So Loup-Garou have Flash Grenades and the option to take a Flash Grenade Launcher, and that has been fine. But I clicked on the weapon in Army to bring up its Infinity Wiki page the other day, and on both pages it says Flash Light Grenade Launcher Replaced in HSN3 by the Stun Light Grenade Launcher. Flash Grenades Replaced in HSN3 by Stun Grenades. Does this mean the the Loup-Garou now have Stun Grenades and a Stun Grenade Launcher? Or should I just keep using the profiles as they are in Infinity Army.