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  1. Beautiful model! I'm starting the Morat Aggression Force as well and I think I'll use the idea of having the sun shine like that. I've never done multiple layers on a model so I think I can do decent, although I'll be impressed if I can do even half as well as you. How many layers of different paints did you use for the transitioning? I plan to do 5, but it looks like you did quite a few more.
  2. I'd like to pledge a Suryat from the Morat Aggression Forces. It's not in yet, so I can't take a before pic, but once I have it here, assembled, and primed I'll take one.
  3. Alright, thanks for all the help you guys, I'll make sure to check out those lines of brushes and pick between them, and it's nice to know I won't need an airbrush. I plan to take well around 4 or 5 hours on the first model (if not longer) so I don't mess it up, I'm really excited for it.
  4. Alright, so my Morats are on their way and I have a question - are there some good non-airbrush painting tutorials? I'm an alright painter, but I'd like to do these models as well as I can so I'll probably put several hours into each dude (at least) so I'm wondering how I can do them nicely without airbrushes. Also, if there aren't any tutorials you guys know of, what would you recommend? The paint scheme idea is to paint their fur whitish blue with their skin greyish (cause ya know, Yeti Mountain Forces and all) and do the under-armor black/grey (open to other color ideas though!) with dark-blue armor-plates and a light-blue right or left shoulder pad (haven't decided which yet, but probably right) Also, apologies if this is the wrong forum-page to post this topic in. If it is then please move it to the correct forum-page ^^
  5. Hmm, alright, thanks for the help! I could get hungries and the like if they're pretty essential for tournaments/competitive play, but for now my friends and I are just getting Infinity started up in our town, so it'll be pretty much a for-fun game until we learn more.
  6. At first I was gonna do Haqqislam, but the models of the Morat Aggression Forces make me too happy to not play them, so I've decided to play them, for better or worse. Anyways, I'll be starting by buying the MAT Starting pack and will use that at 150 point games to familiarize myself with the game. Any suggestions on what I should buy for my team first? I'd like to try to do a pure Morat list, which means I probably won't run Oznat that often after I start building the force. (I'm fine with using some of the mechs, or whatever they're called in this game) I'm thinking that I'll pick up a Kornak to use as my LT and maybe a box of Suryats, which would allow me to run a Kornak, a Sogarat, a link team of 3 Suryats and Raktorak, and some Morats. Opinions on if that's a good idea?
  7. That's a great idea ._. Thanks for all the help, and that actually has me thinking of getting cardboard and using the bumpy sides of it to glue on for texture
  8. Will check them out, thanks! Also, Fatpacks are a little over 4 inches tall, roughly 7 1/2 inches long, and about 3 inches wide, being made of solid cardboard, with one of the 2 pieces of the fatpack-box being completely black. What all do you guys recommend getting when going into Haqqislam?
  9. Hmm, alright. Also, another question - if not fragile, then what would you say the elites are that require you to be somewhat close-up but not in CC? Also, ANOTHER quick question - Gonna start up some custom terrain again with stuff around the house and was wondering how MTG Fat-pack boxes would work. My father buys a ton of fatpacks (he's a big mtg fan) so he has dozens of boxes he's told me I can have before.
  10. Well here's the thing with the communities - I'm 2 hours from Springfield and 3 hours from Chicago (I live in Danville), so the closest Infinity place is Champaign (Roughly 40 minute drive) which I know may not seem terrible to some of you, but our old FLGS was a walk away, which is why I'd like to get a community started here. Are there any suggestions for that, anyways? That sounds interesting Forbino, as it sounds like from the description that you'll be making units dedicated to certain tasks with that kind of faction, correct? Haqqislam is definitely a maybe-faction for me, and Tohaa still greatly interests me. The only reason Combined Army is still in the toss up is because of the amazing Yeti Forces I could build By the way, if you need a description of how I tend to play, here it is - Fast and shooty. I like coming in and dealing with threats as soon as possible, while making it efficient as possible. In other words, I like playing the Glass Cannon type factions, although I'd play differently if it enabled me to do Haqqislam or Tohaa
  11. Greetings friends! I've recently been looking into wargames after a long break from them and stumbled upon Infinity, which looks simply amazing. I come from a Warhammer 40k background, of which I only played for a few years before the FLGS here went out of business, but a new one has started up and has been around long enough for me to decide to start getting people into a new table top game, and the reason I wanted it to be a new one is because I can't stand 40k's prices, factions, and lengthy games any longer. There are over 20 factions in that game (maybe over 30 at this point) and they're completely unbalanced and it feels like a mess. This game, however, seems to be relatively balanced and I like how games seem to last around 45 minutes, if that. I also like the price (easy on the wallet!) and looks of each army. This is the first time I've had such a problem picking a faction because I love the looks of each and every one. Right now it's just going to be an old 40k friend and I starting this up, and he's debating on doing either the Nomads or Aleph. I'm deciding between one of these factions - Tohaa, Combined Army, and Haqqislam. Here's my reasonings for each one - Tohaa: They seem neat and I LOVE the look of their faction as a whole. Their triad thing interests me as well, with their 3-linking squad things. I'm not entirely sure what all linking does, but the faction does seem fairly neat. Combined Army: I should be a bit more specific here and say the Morat Aggression Forces are what I like about these guys. The idea of running in without any dirty tricks seems fun... that, AND the fact I could paint them to be the Yeti Mountain Forces Haqqislam: I like the look of these guys and like their lore quite a bit, they also have access to quite a few FREAKING BIKERS by the look of it, and making a gang of bikers seems like a fun way of doing things. Any opinions on what I should do? We've done a few test games with 40k models and I like all 3 of them. Oh right, speaking of 40k, I still have quite a few 40k models if anybody wants to trade or the like. I even have an unopened Voidraven Anyways, greetings to you all and I do hope I can get some advice on which faction to play!