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  1. I think you should include kerails on your list, along with clipsos and kosuils and kotails. Are you going to have separate d20 entries for one sudra versus two sudras?
  2. All effects happen at the resolution phase of an order, including smoke and shooting and such.
  3. I went to an outdoor/sporting goods store and bought a hard pistol case. It has an egg-shell layer on top and a layer that has pull-out squares on the bottom. It ran me $14.99 and is large enough to fit close to 1000 points of figs safely. When I get home I will take pictures and upload.
  4. I might be mistaken, but I was under the impression that even if the template user gets beaten, as long as he succeeds in his roll the template goes down. The FTF would only protect the model that shot back.
  5. Why not give AHD some program like Cybermask? Maybe puts the user into a camo state on a successful WIP roll?
  6. KHD does have use against non-hackers though, through use of Cybermask.
  7. I think the reference was to players who ask their opponent to turn away from the table so to place HD models, whether or not they have HD.
  8. From my admittedly inexperienced perspective, I note that you aren't using a lot of SWC and that your list is kinda lacking in long range heavy firepower. Also, if you are trying to come up with a generalist list, you have two doctors and no engineers. I would definitely drop something to upgrade the Hsien to an HMG, at the very least. Maybe try to include some HMG or spitfire remotes. I also prefer a regular hacker over assault hacker, but that is just me.
  9. I always assumed the bonuses were bother fire team members looking around, squeezing shots off, stuff like that. Instead of trying to factor in the other shots, CB just fudged a bit and added burst and BS.
  10. Well, learn something new every day! So I would measure for every short order move made, before making a second?
  11. I use extra bases i have laying around to place end points to move orders, eyeballing everything. Not sure if we do this right, but we don't declare distances verbally (i.e. model A moves 4 inches) but just say where we want models to end up (by placing markers). If a question comes up about whether a model is visible, we break out silhouette markers. Only once all orders/AROs have been declared do we start measuring and figuring out if we got to the end points specified.
  12. As a new player, I kind of agree that fireteams are a real hassle for new players to deal with. I don't find them overpowering, however. While I don't have a lot of success against them, they have forced me to think outside the box to try to cope with them. Right now, I encourage any new players at my LGS to start with a sectorial; fireteams are hugely useful, make the game a little easier to transition into from other games (think of it as a 40k squad) and, in a lot of ways, dumbs down some of the choices that can overwhelm new players. I find it easier to build stronger lists in ISS than vanilla Yu Jing right now, simply because I lack experience in Infinity and feel a little overwhelmed by all the options in vanilla, which is really the strength of vanilla. If fireteams are driving out new players, encourage players to start with a sectorials and eventually graduate to vanilla when they can more easily process the greater variety of choices, the greater toolbox available.
  13. Cool! Thanks for all the help there!
  14. I was wondering if anyone knew the exact measurements for all the various silhouette sizes, specifically base diameters and silhouette heights. I am considering going to a hardware store and buying PVC pipe of the proper diameters and cutting it to the proper heights, but I don't have all the bases or silhouette markers. Any help would be appreciated. Also, the diameter of the blast template would be appreciated as well; I bought both Icestorm and Red Veil, and the blast templates are of different sizes ><
  15. Terracotta because they are inexpensive HI that have a variety of effective profiles. The HMG with automedkit can stick around for a while and lets you either forego a medic or keep your medic elsewhere, increasing coverage. The FO is an effective profile as well, cheap durable specialist. The Ninja KHD is still a very effective CC infiltrating marker state that can easily kill hackers and has access to Cybermask, which can be hard to deal with, especially coupled with stealth. And it is another dirt cheap specialist!