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  1. I think you're all right. it depends a bit on how we look at things. I agree with Barakiel and Skoll that throwing a smoke grenade is an obvious way to cover an advance towards CQ or even CC. So all good with the fluff. But TIA also has a point in saying that it would inevitably turn Teutons into a support unit that covers other troops advancing with it. That would be very much against the fluff. in the end I thought best not to give them eclipse and save it instead for units with a more team player attitude. But again, I do see the point of how it could make sense on the Teutons too.
  2. Whether old or new, this is the fluff on GdA. How is it not honest to rely on it? Yes, it's what I meant That said, I must say Eclipse could make sense on the Teutons too.
  3. I still don't agree with you analysis of Jungle + Climbing, but I see you point about NBW and I'm actually now convinced that it would be a good fit on the Teuton. You happen to know what's the point cost? _______________________________________ Moving on, one of the units that probably need saving the most is the Guarda de Assalto. Once again I think the fluff itself offers very clear solutions. Here's what I cooked up: Characteristics: from the fluff, "the Guarda’s tactical profile leans more towards sacrificing protection for better mobility, in order to reach objectives sooner and trusting that their offensive power will tip the scales in their favour at a decisive moment". My emphasis. Problem to solve: Highly expensive access to inefficient Eclipse smoke (BS10 on the Auxbot) Highly expensive BS15 tax on an ARM3 chassis with no MOD stacking/denying and inability to smoke-dodge because Eclipse is on the Auxbot The whole Eclipse thing is moot on a vanilla killer HI since it basically turns it into a majestically expensive support unit Actually inferior mobility as the Auxbot forbids coordinated orders Suggested solution: one clear angle to address is the non existent better mobility and ability to reach objective sooner. Drop BS to 14 Add Forward Deployment L2 and V:Courage Drop the Eclipse Auxbot in favor of the standard one with HFT Example profiles (all with Auxbot): MULTI Rifle + Light Flamethrower, Grenades, D-Charges, Breaker Pistol (47 pts, 0 SWC) Spitfire, Grenades, D-Charges, Assault Pistol (51 pts, 2 SWC) Boarding Shotgun, Grenades, D-Charges, Breaker Pistol, Chest Mines (45 pts, 0 SWC) Why dropping BS from 15 to 14? Because it was a waste of points on a vanilla ARM3 shooter. Also fluff-wise, the GdA is not at the prestige level of Swiss and Aquila. Why Forward Deployment? It’s in line with ARM3 and with the fluff. It's actually going to make the GdA reach and cap/contest objectives faster than other HI. On the table it’s going to synergize with Infiltrating and Mech Deployed units, and offsets its actually inferior mobility due to the Auxbot forbidding coordinated orders. No more Eclipse? As mentioned in the premise, it was a highly expensive access to inefficient Eclipse smoke (BS10 on the Auxbot means it takes 2 rolls to achieve the same success rate of a PH14 HI tossing). PanO needs Eclipse but other units are more suitable to carry it (IMHO FK and Singh). Why is it a good solution? It makes the unit much more point efficient and gives it a scope/angle. Basically in my perspective it makes the unit what it is supposed to be based on its fluff.
  4. No offense taken Thanks for the pointer on cost, TBH I wasn't sure about every single thing so I thought safer to round up rather than down. The cost of a dual SMG profile should be around 40 pts. I'm also not disputing the CC superiority of JSA. I'm just saying it shouldn't be otherwise - same as we complain about other factions not coming so far off PanO's shooting ability, we shouldn't expect PanO to match the CC skills of a specialized CC sectorial. And Ajax is a character, not an AVA4 troop. The thing about the Teuton is that with the PanOesque BS14 it can engage enemies on his own terms - something Domarus can't do more effectively than a Fusilier. This means that the Teuton can choose to shoot the Domaru while the other way around doesn't work that well. To me, the very fact that it would be able to effectively disinfest roofs from TO/ODD infiltrators would make it worthwhile considering in very many ITS missions. But that doesn't mean we must agree on it. I do think that jungles are full of trees and vegetation of all sort that requires some sort of climbing skill. I don't think of it merely as going up a vertical wall, but rather as a monkey-like agility a la Assassin Creed.
  5. Well, it is implied that we're still talking of PanO standards of course. Don't think it's fair to compare it to the CC capability of Domaru, considering the Teuton has BS14, EXP CCW and Berserk to sneak out of FtF. I was talking more about a fluff/concept perspective. I would imagine that being a jungle fighter involves a lot more climbing than jumping. I know many people don't bother about this side, but it was the whole premise behind my suggestion. I think it's important because it turns the request from "I want an arbitrary buff to Teutons" to "I want the Teuton profile to match his job description". I think it gives everyone something easier to agree to rather than an avalanche of individual wishlists. Not trying to be polemic with this or anything, just explaining the full background and scope behind my proposal. The profiles I had in mind are (keep in mind point cost is supposed to reflect the addition of MA2, Climbing+ and possibly a minor CC buff): MULTI Rifle + LFT, EXP CCW (44 pts, 0 SWC) MULTI Rifle, D.E.P., EXP CCW (46 pts, 0 SWC) Dual SMG, Grenades, EXP CCW (44 pts, 0 SWC) Boarding Shotgun, Panzerfaust, EXP CCW (41 pts, 0 SWC) The MULTI Rifle profiles should also be available with an Lt option in MO.
  6. With Climbing Plus + Stealth from MA it can negotiate the middle of the table quite alright, I guess. There it would cause serious issues to Infiltrated SK hidden on some roof. It's still BS14 though, so shooting first & cutting later is always an option. Could you elaborate on this? From my perspective Jungle Terrain and Climbing Plus are ideal partners (as seen on the Tik for example).
  7. Not sure I agree with that. It basically puts the Teuton in the same league of Imperial Agents, although admittedly below JSA standards. On the other hand with Berserk it means basically 50% crit chance with an EXP CCW. It will likely take a blow, but it has very good chances of killing whatever dealt it. Very Teuton-esque IMHO.
  8. In the hope of letting Avicenna rest in peace, I would like to go back to our main issue here, which is a bunch of HI that do exactly the same thing and are obviously rankable from best to worst, meaning a large portion of them don't provide compelling reasons to put them on the table. I was noticing that in most cases there are very simple and almost obvious adjustments, basically based on aligning profiles to their fluff - or I would rather say to their concept. I would like to start with the Teutons, since I think they provide a perfect example of the above. Premise: Teutons are cubeless frenzying lunatics from the jungles of Paradiso. They have low ARM compared to most other knights and, at least on paper, a definite preference for CQ/CC. Problem to solve: they don’t have any reason to be taken except that they’re cheaper than other HI. Can’t link and with CC21 and no MA levels they’re actually worse in CC than Hospitallers. Being Cubeless is only possibly advantageous when playing against CA. Suggested solution: Lower BTS to 3, which is in line with lighter ARM. Add MA2 and Climbing Plus. EXP CCW on all profiles and only access to CQ weapons (i.e. no Spitfire, but hell yeah on Shotguns, D.E.P., MULTI Rifles, SMG, Flamethrowers, etc). No specialist profiles, Lt option only in MO. Why Climbing Plus? PanO HI with ARM3 have (or should have) an enhanced mobility or deployment perk coming with (and justifying) their lighter armor. Teutons are at home in the jungles of Paradiso and already have Jungle Terrain, so it seems very well in character. From a table perspective, it’s a skill that no other PanO HI has and allows them to fulfill their role as CC specialists. But now they will cost more! True, but we didn’t like them very much when they were cheaper. The point here is to give them something that makes it worth taking them, as specific angle that other HIs don’t have. Why no Spitfire profile? A tradeoff to justify a higher CQ specialization and to compensate the overall buff. Frankly, it’s not like we’re short on knights with Spitfires anyway. Isn’t EXP CCW on a CC20+ PH14 HI with MA2 and AVA4 in MO a bit OP? Can’t say for sure, but Kanren have a Monofilament CCW + Holo (meaning you won’t even see it coming) and cost 25 points. A 40+ point investment in PanO, where the cheapest regular order is 10 pts (not 5), is a more committed choice in list building than Kanrens are. Teutons have low defenses against bullets and hacking, as well as no way to stack or deny BS MODs. They rely on getting close or they’re likely to be shot dead before they can do anything. Why is it a good solution? It makes Teutons clearly stand out from other PanO HIs and it’s in line with their fluff and their light armor.
  9. Not a lot of variety in his list, but I suppose frugality is what most infinity lists go down to as higher the competitive ladder you go. I also suppose he wouldn't share a list he's actually going to play 😉 Sent from my HTC One A9 using Tapatalk
  10. Bulletteers are the other elephants in the room. Sent from my HTC One A9 using Tapatalk
  11. Yes. PanO is already the most played (and thus I assume the best selling) faction. From their perspective, there could be no problem to solve. While I hope CB will not go down GW's way, there is definitely a precedent for a strategy based on cyclically overnerfing/overpowering factions to push players to buy new stuff. The +1 BS is largely overridden by large availability of Mimetism and other stuff. One reason why I usually take a Nisse HMG and not the Aquila is that Mimetism + BS13 gives you better FtF odds than plain BS15 in most situations. Also the reason why ORCs are not that popular in spite of seemingly very solid stats. They have awful odds against any HMG and no compelling specialist profiles that bring something to the game in other ways. That's the point. You can't solve a core issue by adding a few units here and there. Going back to the BF, I suppose one reason why the sniper didn't get Albedo is that it would work very, very well with the Swiss. To be honest, I also don't want PanO to get super toolboxy or whatever. I'm fine with the focus on shooting, as long as different units can do it differently enough that they all make sense. Things like Montesa are an example of plain shooters that however bring some special angle to it due to Mech Deployment. They're not auto-include, but it's obvious they have a reason to exist and for certain scenarios or lists I always consider bringing them. Swiss Guards are also very well loved because they have one defining attribute that brings a specific angle to gunfights. GdA would be a totally different thing if it had Forward Deployment L2 rather than the point scam of putting Eclipse GL in the BS10 Auxbot.
  12. I'm not necessarily a fan of the BF MSR but I do like my Nisse sniper. I typically use them in 2 ways: 1) As main objective guardian. In scenarios like Seize the Antennas or Transmission Matrix, where a lot of fighting happens in the middle of the table, a MSV2 sniper can effectively neutralize all kinds of Camo/ODD SK/LI/MI, anyone relying on smoke to get close safely, as well as taxing HI without long-range weapons. Works best with a second unit in suppressive so they can cover each other's blind spots. In this case you deploy strategically to cover a certain approach route but without exposing it to unnecessary risks. 2) As pure and simple tax. In this case you deploy it aggressively with as much coverage of the table as possible, and with your doctor's palbot close by. Works best when your opponent goes first but also deploys first, then you can place your sniper with a nice coverage of your opponent's link team or whatever other piece you really don't want to give freedom of action. Of course he may die, but typically your opponent will have exposed some key unit to do that or will have wasted orders going the safe way. It's a chess piece, if sacrificing it grants you a bigger advantage in some other way, then it has done its job. At the end of the day TO snipers are typically more survivable but also risk to have a smaller impact on the game. After the first good shot they have the same issue with smoke as any other unit. That's why the Nisse with ARM3 + MSV2 + Mimetism is so amazing and often a pretty good substitute for the Aquila. While I agree the BF MSR is not amazing in absolute terms, it's the only MSV2 sniper NCA gets. Its existence doesn't offend me and I think there are bigger issues to solve honestly.
  13. If you have a TAG, then by all means. But a Bulletteer is a disposable piece of equipment next to the Aquila and the ORC haris. When it goes down, it won't be worth the orders it takes to go fix it. On the other hand the hacker can give you much needed fairy dust and also buff the Bulletteer itself. ORCs are WIP12 BTS3 and you're investing 122 points and 3 SWC in them. I would be VERY concerned about protecting that investment.
  14. Much better IMHO. I would kick out machinist and his palbot to make room for fusilier hacker or a second bulletteer with shotgun Sent from my HTC One A9 using Tapatalk
  15. Thank you, it's exactly what I meant The paradox/nonsense here is that Jotums dodges better. If Shock CCW and Kinematika are free then forget what I said. My point was that Locusts already have knives at DAM = PH-1, Shock, Silent, so a second CCW at DAM = PH, Shock, seems somewhat blatantly redundant to me.