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  1. Sepulchre definitely belong in NCA though...
  2. You're quite right, but that was not my point. I was talking about sheer chances of winning a FtF roll. Imagine simplifying the exchange down to a 2-way outcome scenario: you either win or you lose. In this perspective, all else being equal, a +3/-3 MOD is better than +1 B - as long as B > 1 (sorry I forgot to specify this in my previous post). The issue with MMX is indeed that reducing B to 1 screws up the multiplication factor of statistical advantages very badly. That of course doesn't mean it's always the best choice game-wise, but it's the base on which additional situational considerations should be made. That's because all other effects from ammo type, etc are depending on the prerequisite of winning the roll first.
  3. Nice analysis that fits with the overall trend of FtF rolls. This applies to shooting just as well. In general, a +3 bonus is slightly better than a +1 B. There are 2 things to consider: Your attribute Your opponent's attribute Basically, in normal rolls if you have a good attribute you benefit from the +1 B bonus. In FtF you always want the +3 on your skill if your opponent has a low attribute, while you want to give him -3 if he has a good attribute. In the case of KHD the DT ammo in Redrum makes all the difference. So yes, in the end Redrum is basically the only program you want to use, considering that there are no normal rolls in active hacking since your target can always at least declare reset.
  4. I take the chance to ask a related question: can Wallace also join special fireteams? In the example above, can he join the special fireteam of volunteers + grey? Sent from my HTC One A9 using Tapatalk
  5. The T2 boarding shotgun grey is interesting also in vanilla imho.
  6. I could see a TAG version of the traktor mul. An S7 man-operated gun turret with low mov and bs but high arm and non hackable. Dual ap hmg. Sent from my HTC One A9 using Tapatalk
  7. Yeah, it was. Although 'left country' isn't much in the way of tracking. And I've no idea where its been since [emoji4] The detailed search doesn't work at all. I'll just have to wait and see if it turns up I guess. Cheers. After it leaves Spain they lose track of it themselves. The destination country typically assigns its own tracking number to it. I've had good experiences calling the customer service of the post company in my country. I gave them the Spanish tracking and they were able to tell me the new number. Recently I can just type the Spanish tracking in my local shipment finder and it finds it. Depends on how the postal service works where you live, but both options are worth a shot maybe. Sent from my HTC One A9 using Tapatalk
  8. Dragao and linked sniper are your best options probably
  9. She doesn't have infiltration but purpose-wise she now falls in the same category and will compete for the same point quota.
  10. Miranda is now basically auto-include. It's so point efficient and lethal that it makes every other SK specialist in the game look amateurish. I would love to hear some rationale of why only ISS got this option. I find it weird enough for Wotan (unlike PanO and Nomads, YJ only has one ship to defend, why would they need reinforcements?), even worse if they're supposed to be permanent.
  11. The tracking number should be in the order details page
  12. Ok, but then it also means your opponent gets -3 instead of -6 on Discover rolls. A risky option, but I'm glad I'm now aware of it anyways
  13. Rules distinguish between "Camouflaged" and "TO Camouflaged" states. I'm not sure you can deploy your Croc Man as a Camo marker rather than TO Camo marker. At least I've always used TO Camo markers for my TO Camo units and my meta does the same.
  14. I agree with the spirit of the topic. It is somewhat impossible to understand how KHD is by far the cheapest device while also being the top of the hacking food chain. I've seen two flawed arguments offered as justification of the current setup: You need to punish repeater coverage. The same repeater coverage is what makes KHD very lethal. You don't need to expose yours and when a KHD strikes via the opponent's repeater network, it exposes itself to multiple AROs. So actually having multiple hackers and multiple KHDs enhances the power of the repeater network. This is made possible by KHDs being dirt cheap (Barids are 16 points and WIP14; Interventors 20 points and WIP15). Just shoot the KHD. Easier said than done. In most cases KHD units have either Holo or vis mods and marker state options. If not, they all have at least Cybermask. Not to mention that while you could easily gun down a Barid, try doing the same with Hac Tao.
  15. It's an interesting idea but it basically takes the strategic control out of the hands of players, which is the whole point of playing a coordinated campaign vs random games. A different option is a narrative recap at the end of each game phase. Example: In the current phase it is clear that CA is hitting Sygtyr-1 and PanO defending it. At the end of the game phase all PanO vs CA reports are analyzed (with the possibility of disregarding where they happened, or to focus on direct confrontation on Sygtir-1 only, or a mix of both) This determines who gets control of Sygtir-1 at the beginning of phase 2. This process can be repeated for similar situations concerning other factions.