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  1. I'm not a fan of the new forum's layout, whoever has designed that should get spanked.
  2. Very nice variety of terrains. I like the freedom of choice you have setting your table - from city centrer areas to colony outskirts. You could consider making more buttes and rock formations to be able to set full Martian style landscape table (with some small digsites or abandoned camps here and there - I'm not sure why but I have vivid memory from Mass effect when I think about this).
  3. This is really a spectacular piece and I'll be definitely doing something like this in the future. Thanks for sharing (now the list of terrain pieces I want on my table is even longer, I hate you) Seems Zenterrein liked my idea as well so there will be some lenticular banners/billboards as an official product in not too distant future... Thanks to your humble servant, the lenticular revolution has begun.
  4. Cheers guys Now I definitely need more lenticular adds on my table. I need to buy Warsenal's xiguang tower and swap those aristeia banners for lenticular ones I wasn't able to send you a PM for some reason so please send me your mail. Since I'm not the author of the original artworks I'm not sure if I can share them, even for free. So anyone eager to grab original files just PM me. Thanks for the tip mate, although since I know the owner of Zen studio, I won't have any problem asking for some custom made stuff made for me.
  5. So in the end I found a printing company that made me some lenticular postcards. I shamelessly used various illustrations from the web and after a bit of upgrading in photoshop I got something like this: Today I finally revived a parcel with my commissioned banners. Behold I've achieved a new level of gaming terrain awesomeness Sadly my mobile died after making those 3 movies. Now I need to design nice hdf stands for all those banners/billboards. The quest for uber table never ends...
  6. I think JSA was also supposed to be a next year realese? Besides we might get red veil/ operation icestorm box that might be tied to that super dreadful event (a.k.a remember Ko dali? - you have seen nothing yet), so realising a dual box on March/April could nicely tie it to the campaign.
  7. Unless it's not a Mushashi in maid cafe outfit with a decapitated umbra peeking for pants, I'm not buying it.
  8. Bostria metions works on unknown model so I don't think it's a resculpt. + 1 for a MSV 2. I'd love to see a trooper like that in JSA.
  9. So much better than the original model.
  10. I had this idea about my table for a long time as I always wanted to add an lenticular type of billboard. I can't really find a decent source of scifi lenticular or anime postcards. The easiest way I found is buying a magnetic blue ray cover. The problem is the covers aren't exactly cheep (I'd need at least 2) and are way over too big so I'd have to crop them in the end. Since you guys had plenty of ideas about the Buddha, can anyone suggest something about lenticular cards?
  11. Gorgeous miniatures. I'm a fan of limited palette as well. Keep it up
  12. Cheers guys As @gru6y said, I think the Buddha is a nice stand alone piece but it's a bit dark and with that kind of painting, I'm not really sure if it looks good with other terrain on the table. Still since I'm going to build a shrine around it, in the end the statue might blend in. I don't really mind plastic toy effect (although personally I don't see it that way) as the whole table is a bit plastic and over the top. I've used Zen terrain's "oriental" overlays and there is one "nippon" style above sushi bar entrance. I was recently rereading Akira and I have to add such a banner under the catwalk at some point