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  1. The new O-yoroi is nice but I think pin up version looks better (not sure if that's the paint job fault but her face seams a bit chubby). I Imagine her doing a nice kesagiri cut so that's a bonus
  2. Any info if that will that be the same Luxumbra model with just different arm set (standard CB exclusive policy) or totally new sculpt?
  3. Same here Your project sounds like fun. Plus I can't really decide how to paint my yu jing - between jade, orange and red veil ninja paint schemes. Seeing more models painted like that might tip the balance for me
  4. Actually she is wearing a portal sentry turret. Just remember to quote "I don't hate you" whenever she takes a shot at someone Not sure who painted the model but the snake skin pattern on the cloak looks a little...underwhelming.
  5. Wow. Splendid work. To be honest, that's one of the best infinity tables I ever seen. The attention to details is amazing. What I really like about your table is that it actually looks like it has a vibrant city life and it's not a typical suburb area on a desolate colony (more common table type). Keep up the good work.
  6. Personally I recommend a saw made out of a razor blade. Basically you cut razor blade in half and use a hobby knife to make cuts on the edge, turning it into very thin and flexible saw. It's not super sharp but most of the times you cut tiny elements so it's perfect for that job. It's very nice for cutting off heads when you can bend blade to avoid damage on the miniature itself.
  7. She looks like a perfect Taquel to me. This is definitely a symbiont armor with a regeneration and symbiobugs included.
  8. My bad, the grey picture was shown as well. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. New Tohaa Gorgos Pilot Preview
  10. Great job mate. I love drinking straw system cunningly hidden inside the servo arm Still, she is not really fat, she is just big boned...
  11. Splendid job and a sight to behold. Especially since red tones tend to look more dull in the pictures than in real life.
  12. Just imagine a fat Tech Bee. Same uniform and pose. I can't get it out of my head now...
  13. The joke with a fat yuan yuan profile was a funny one, but I wasn't sure about wasting resources to actually make those minis. Now looking at the models, I just wonder how I could use those guys in my YJ. I love the fatso eating noodles. He's so adorable
  14. Nicely done. I like you Haqq islam color scheme. It's quite refreshing
  15. They've shown whole new shasvastii force and you guys are still complaining. Some people are so hard to please.