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  1. Cheers guys The drink mixing stirrers are perfect holo type adverts whenever you need Mimi vice like vibe, go go club or some bodybuilders l-hosts. Plus they are nice and cheap source of acrylic rods as well
  2. I'm not sure if ariadna architecture is that dated. The last building looks more like something taken out of LOTR table On the other hand, modernist style building is amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing it completed.
  3. I recently got my commissioned laser cut bits. Combining them with some semi-transparent cards and stickers I got on eBay + a drink mixing stirrer I was able to finish some outdoor adverts for my table.
  4. You can use chibi Musashi as a replacment for ninja all-stars. Still 5 versions of Musashi is enough but I wouldn't mind if CB did infinity's version of Kozure Ogami (or a conversion pack out of Musashi and Uhahu)
  5. Why Tarik has a skull on the base? No, you can't do this to me CB, it's too grimdark. I was so happy to play scifi game with no skulls or zombies. You start with one skull and you end like... We all know how it ends.
  6. I must say I'm impressed and all in all, I like all the models. Nothing really mind blowing but all minis are solid. Way to go CB Not sure about Daofei's position, as it looks better from the side. Front view is a bit awkward. Guilang sniper on the tip toes is probably my least favourite mini from the bath but I guess that's what you get when you make a camo model trying hard to be sneaky.
  7. Looks like Kriza Borat is using a Rem as a backpack.
  8. Daofei HMG is probably one of the oldest an fugliest models in YJ range and no amount of new paint can fix that. Daofei and Support pack are in dire need of new sculpts. Guilang is not that bad but could use a new mini as well (and sniper rifle can be easily converted to rifle), so I'm happy about contents of beyond box.
  9. I love those kind of teasers, but why is it PanO again? Shouldn't Aleph and Combined Army get a box before we come full circle? Or they are with the same situation as Tohaa - non core/ non HS3 to get a starter like that? Operation Go Beyond Plus Ultra
  10. One of the few dual wielders in the game and part of the samurai sectorial and you don't want a miniature with drawn swords? That would be a lost opportunity IMHO. I don't see anyone complaining that MO have to many knights holding swords. Some people are so hard to please
  11. Very nice miniatures. The starter pictures could use some level adjustment, because I don't think pictures do justice to your minis. I like you approach to the bases, they look refreshing with that mixture of hi-tech and muddy parts. Keep up the good work.
  12. Everyone is focusing on the boots so it might be worth to mention the resemblance of knee section as well. I'd say extra padding is part of the hakama. Even the best ODD won't help you in stealth mission, when everyone can hear you scratching floor with your heavy armour. To master the kneeling position, you must become one with the floor.
  13. Unless they have changed design of other JSA units, shikami is the only profile with that kind of knee pads.
  14. Just asking Well I already got myself an Azure Dragon an I can barely fit it on my landing pad so I guess one big dropship is enough Still we lack smaller scifi flayers on the market and I hope at some point someone will start doing those.
  15. Nicely done. Thank you for you time and effort to design this. I'll be tempted to ask my friend with a 3D printer for some of those for my table. Any chance for some dropships ;)?