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  1. Doh. You got me. When I saw this post in the morning I was wandering how badly I want one. It's a nice model but 150 pounds for a piece of scenery is a bit too much. Then you have lowered the price and I could no longer resist. I hate you
  2. My bad.
  3. Tanks guys I'm currently working on a next MAS building and making some custom billboards and adds, so watch this space In the meantime I've finished painting suicide booth and a transport vehicle for Zen.
  4. I like the huge billboard in the middle of upgraded arena. With that size you could go for larger ads though
  5. Danvas looks really nice and I'll be tempted to use her as sophotec's replacement. Even old ninja models look so much better in new paint scheme.
  6. That's a resin cast of alguaciles head (LGL).
  7. To say it's amazing table would be an understatement. You Sir have put a lot of work into it an the final effect is truly jaw dropping The only thing that spoils overall effect for me and could use in my opinion a bit more work, is structure of the rocks. I'm sorry, someone had to say it
  8. Thank you for your kind words Yesterday I've finished painting sushi bar. Usually I stick to greys and oranges. In this project, instead of orange I used pink and green to match colours used on outdoor ads. I was quite happy how it turned out. Things went wrong when I decided to cover it in a layer of varnish. It took me few seconds to realize that instead of varnish can I'm holding a grey primer Well, It could be worse but left and front sides are kind of greyish and contrast is almost non existent. Hard learned lesson is to never space out while doing something important. I'll probably repaint "varnished" parts at some point but I need to muster my inner strength. For now I'm too furious to do it.
  9. Jaw dropping model and painting. Any estimated date when it will go into mass production? And can we hope that second bath of dropships will be done in plastic?
  10. Very nice painting job on those, so keep them coming. On the second note, infinity guns use caseless ammunition, so although hexa's base looks cool, it's not really good addition fluff wise
  11. I'm not sure how I could miss this log. Really splendid job. It's funny, when you compare airbrushed hac tao with the finished picture, there's not much of the original airbrushing left. I often wonder if there is really a point in using an airbrush on such a small minis, because I find myself doing the same thing - using an airbrush and then repainting many areas with a regular brush.
  12. As always, it looks great, especially your custom made building. Neatly done
  13. Infinity is getting more and more popular every year. I guess there is a huge demand for optional weapons and at some point if CB don't provide those, third party will (see GW-like bits making companies). Personally I'd prefer to give my money to CB but for now, I just make commissions and get bits I need cast in resin for personal use. If they don't want to do it themselves, why not to give permission for some of official partners like Antenocity or Microart to make those?
  14. Small conversion of a DF Gui Feng. I wasn't a fan of a hac tao backpack, so made a little swap for a female domaru "regular" yu jing armoured plate.
  15. A solid box but I don't feel the urge to throw money at the screen. I couldn't help but notice how Angel painted eyes. Something seems really off. Like every member is argy about how shasvastii have stolen whole transport of haggis field rations. Look at the grey rifle guy, he's barely able to contain his rage.