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  1. Not enough tentacles mate. It would be even more dramatic if Dr. worm was looking at Macgregor.
  2. Somehow I have a mixed feelings when I think about Nomads making a law enforcement organization and donning uniforms to its members. It's like a Yu jing creating a unit that respect human rights Still your idea is well executed and models look great in that simple scheme. You did some interesting conversions there, I really dig your anaconda/iguana upgrade. As far as the intruder goes, I think the helmet is ok. There should be a head inside after all and it's something CB quite often forgets (or gear is paper thin).
  3. Impressive work so far. Speculo and embryo marker are top notch.
  4. There you go
  5. Looks great. Even though Oniwaban has its years it sill nice miniature. Love the free hands on the Musashi. Excellent execution.
  6. That's a chain reaction. I felt urge to paint mine after I've seen pilot painted by LeFrank
  7. Cheers guys. The plan is to use second from the left scheme. Still I'd like to paint cloaks on agents with a leather brown and jade coloured ornaments. I'm not really sure if it works, so I need paint another test model.
  8. For a very long time I couldn't decide on my army colour scheme but recently I got motivated (special thanks to Section 9). So in the end I toyed a bit with infinity army painter (kudos to creators) and I decided to pick a sinister, mainly black scheme. Since I've recently done a little conversion of Gujia's pilot it seamed like a nice and easy test model. I must admit I'm getting to old to paint such little details and in the future I'll definitely avoid models with a hex patterns but all in all I'm quite happy how she turned out. I'll have to use less orange on the future models as she's a bit too bright and cheerful. Next I'm going to paint one of the agents to test a model with a mixture of armour and some cloths. I'm rather a slow painter so this long won't be often updated Wrong forum section . Can Mods move it to miniatures, please?
  9. I got my Beyond red veil just yesterday so I can't tell anything about miniature assembling. Still I got a bit unhappy about your post so I checked the miniatures. Maybe I'm blind but I don't see any scale issues (almost). Hac tao is a massive model, so Daofei might look slightly smaller. However if you compare it to Wu mings or Hsien, then the model looks perfectly fine, at least for me. Guilang as a female is around the same size as red veil's female zhanshi (although they have bigger hands), ISS Celestials (same small hands) or female Zhanying hacker. I've also compared ML Zhaning to the BRV version and I'm not seeing any issues either. Same size helmet, same arms and legs. The new agent has slightly bigger tights. I have all those miniatures unpainted. They seem up to scale and perfectly fine. All but toy sniper rifle (Bao troop has it like 20% larger, Zhanshi has it 50% bigger).
  10. Splendid miniatures and nice kazak Van zant conversion.
  11. I was recently working on my Gujia and a pilot. I really disliked the pilot's "I need to pee" pose so after a bit of sawing and buttock resculpting I got something like this. Thus I saved another CB miniature
  12. Personally I hope we get new Haramaki and Karakuri. Keisotsu new sculpts would be nice as well. Maybe they are but they look like dwarfs next to new Domaru. I sold my all Haramaki miniatures as soon as I've assembled Domaru. They just looked ridicules next to each other (the fact they have overscaled Domaru doesn't help either). I vaguely recall that CB stated they are not going to sculpt a new O-yoroi anytime soon. Still it was last year seminar (or was it two years ago?) so the same thing was said about some of the recent released/previewed TAGs. Apparently things change. O-yoroi is still in a good shape comparing to other TAGs and doesn't need update that badly.
  13. Awesome table and it's getting better and better with every post I really like the consistent look and feel of your terrains.
  14. We have a confirmation of a first human psyker in human sphere - she's clearly using her mind powers to levitate a gun and judging by her facial expression, it's not an easy task. Eat this PanO This is a really a nice pose but unless she is on a 40 mm base, probably half of her right leg will be sticking out. Since it's clearly not a final version, I hope this will get somehow adjusted.
  15. Marvellous minis and an interesting colour scheme for nomads. I like strong highlights on taskmaster's and specter's helmets. Neatly done.