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  1. Absolutely what the guys above have said! Mines, repeaters, hacking, flames, templates and AD. Youre not gonna win FTF shooting so play sneaky and ambush them. I have had great success with the hacking game - with our WiP 15 is very significant to get repeaters (hunzakut/Baird) and infiltrating hackers (al hawwa/Ragik) down and immobilize/isolate rude dudes (mutts). One game I immobilized their big dude in the first turn with an infiltrated al hawwa. It broke the link so I could then move up safely into suppression fire lanes with leila and Jan HMG. I charged a mutt up behind cover then so every move they did I could challenge a Jammer attack aro. Best thing was that he turned out to be the LT so they were all irregular next turn and when he went frenzied he ran out to get the mutt into my fire arcs. Steel phalanx seem to be focused on Fire teams so lots of template weapons and cc bogs them down (chain rifle/shotgun Kum) also flanking can be v successful with bashis (with E/M mines). Also remember that if a template hits then the rest of the link gets hit so shotguns are amazing here. Mines are essential - do the old mine around the corner recamo and pop out a Farzan trick. Finally It's often -6 to hit the buggers cos of ODD. We have flames in naffatun and HRLs. Burn it off with surprise hafza HRL. Im not sure but I don't think they have much (if any) infiltrators/ AD so take full advantage and dominate the midfield with your minelayers, repeaters and hackers to slow them down and force AROs to your advantage. Let us know how you get on! 👊 *Edit* ah limited insertion... that messes up all my experiences then 🙄
  2. RAISED PLATFORM / HELIPAD AREA I wanted to create more dynamic space on the board. We felt that having a raised platform would be a great way to create cover and avenues that can be adapted with different terrain placements on top of it. I didn't necessarily want it too high to shoot over - more to be used as a height advantage - you can see more from a top of the 'hill'. Also it gives opportunities to create fire lanes if you place a small scatter like boxes or rocks to block LoF. In the final result S2 models can see over in some parts but not where the pipe is but the other side. It was also really important that it fit the Mars attacks board and the aesthetic had to match but also be easy to produce. My first idea was to create an industrial platform so metal and panels and gizmos, but then the easiest option was to combine this with the pink rocks that I had created earlier. Pink foam is relatively cheap and easy to manipulate so it made sense to use this as the main base and then embellish it with details. One edge was adapted using the scaffold pipes that are becoming trademark to look of the board. The other thing was to have a landing/loading platform as I want to look at getting a spaceship in the future or creating a warehouse style area. The final detail was to make sure that it could overlap the design of the mat so I designed a road to go through the middle to link with the patterns on the mat. Simple design layout - I made the initial sketches on paper to scale and then cut the foam when I was happy Creating texture - looking at the idea of making it even higher. I'm glad I didn't as it would have been too oppressive on the board and cut down our options. building the details out of thin plasticard - glueing the pipes together. The base is thick cardboard. I use wooden coffee stirrers to build the scaffold for the pipes and the landing details. I glue sand onto the piece to give texture in parts. I also covered the whole thing in a thin layer of 'spackle' ('filler' in the UK) and then watered down PVA (white) glue. The plasticard is stuck down with a crap ton of Gorilla wood glue. Painting I use spray cans - note the wooden scaffold was done separately before glueing down to get all the angles on it. finishing painting and details - the walkways and landing pad are made from plasterers sandpaper which comes in a 'grid'. After this stage I painted a couple of stencil details I made from paper on top to link back to the Asian language theme of the board. final product - I made it to fit between the pattern of the mat The mars board is looking pretty healthy as a collection now Finally IN GAME!!! it has definitely been a great addition to games. The two towers really was a cool scenario and focal point and a successful Haqq Attack Ambush blasted the Alien scum off our rock! In all it was a very quick turnaround project - less then a week. This was because I knew what I wanted to make from the start and feel confident in the process after experimenting on my other builds. I have some ideas for the next project but my priority is to finish my Haqq army and take some time out to play more games. Send me any suggestions you have and I would be happy to contemplate them. ED
  3. @grEEn! nice paint job mate and Great idea with the bases!!! - if only I hadn't finished mine already @Section 9 have you tried Imgur dude? That's what I've been using for uploads and it's set up on my iPad and phone now too. It's free and seems to work ok at the moment, you can make separate private folders and stuff. -- Could we we make this thread the *Jannisary Appreciation Society* - everyone upload their cool Jans! I would love that lol
  4. @theGricks Awesome! 👏 I don't have Facebook so thanks for sharing!
  5. @theGricks nice work mate! Would love to see finished pics when finished painting. I would add that the Akbar Doc is my most used Jan in-game. He is a fantastic specialist and a tough nut to crack, the extra AP damage on the rifle is brilliant - especially religious in suppression mid field. I have had success when he goes toe to toe at BS14 with other HI. He usually draws a lot of attention from the bad guys! I play *mostly* vanilla but have started to drift into the sectorials now my army is nearing completion. I would be tempted to try running two Jan doctors in some 'assault' style armies - they're pretty good And could be a lot of fun as tough specialists
  6. @Robock thanks!! A whole new world of tactical awesome has just opened up! So, on the flip side, if you had an IMM1 HI on your active turn. You declare an order to reset and find that you are in range of an enemy repeater. The enemy hackers get AROS through their repeater, but they would be FTF. is this correct? Thanks in advance
  7. Is Reset a face to face ARO against the active turn? Some of the comments are leading me to think it's just normal rolls for active and reactive player? EXAMPLE- You use carbonite/gotcha and succeed in getting IMM1 on a HI. You then spend an order to come round the corner into LOF and shoot HI target in the face with a BS. All the HI can do is reset - to get rid of the IMM1 effect. 1. You (active) get B2 BS shots face to face against the B1 WIP reset (target has ARO FTF chance to nullify shots against it). 2. You get B2 BS shots normal rolls. Target gets B1 WIP reset normal roll (and faces the result of the shots). I appreciate the clarity as I have been playing reset as face to face (option 1). Thanks
  8. Here's my finished 5x man Jans. The difference is obvious but the paint scheme ties them all in nicely. i think that the AP rifle/sword would be perfect as an Asawira proxy too. P.s. I love the tin bot- one of my favorite models!
  9. @N33son congrats mate! Very well deserved these Ariadna are excellent! Such a good idea coming out of the sewers, excecuted really well. This is one of my favourite army's on here for sure! 👏 Keep up the good work.
  10. Just a few pics from a quick game last night round my mates. Haqq Vs YJ chapter 3 of our campaign, the armory. It ended in an absolute blood-bath trying to clear the room on my last turn, but I had a really good first turn killing off some of his key units. Sekban HRL is insane, bashi did some work but MVP I think goes to Hunzakut FO for failing to open the doors 3x orders in a row! Lol. Eventually the boarding shotguns and naffatun flames died down and it was a close victory 5-4 to Haqq. The scenery is mostly Sarrisa Precision. It's very off planet base I think. The walkways are great - I will have to think about getting some myself. if you are looking to start a board I would recommend getting a mat first - the mars one really makes such a huge difference to the whole atmosphere. It's really interesting to see it looking more industrial with these different buildings.
  11. Hi guys I believe it was mentioned in Bostria's presentation that with the new 300pt box sets coming in the old ones would stop - 'one in, one out' as such. So when the new Nomad Corregidor drops do we know which one will be out? Adriana, Tohaa, Combined Onyx or Aleph. Do we know if it is going to be one for one or will there be more added/removed? Finally, do we believe it will take effect straight away in October? I wouldn't want to miss out on a second army (or third as the case may be) Thanks
  12. @Toaster nice one Robert! I love your table - I think its so inspiring! I know the brand but unfortunately it is a bit out of my price range. I can go two ways - one would be happy spending around $30 for a great model and enjoying building/painting it. The other would be to buy a scrap one or toy off eBay and scratch build it being repaired or in the 'engineering dock' as such. I guess this should go on the Archeologies thread... but still thanks for the comment
  13. Hurray! Time to celebrate the haqq attacks! Took a big group photo to see how far we have progressed over the past 8 months. Been pretty good I recon. Just finished the Kaplan KTS today. Such cool models! They remind me of the bad guys in half life 2 - anyone else? Note the bases are my new standard I'm trying to do on every one. Deep Mars Red at the back vision arc and three white stripes at the front and sides. I've used my printed out mosaic patterns and glued sand and rocks and tufts to them to give it more texture. Painting the vision arcs has really affected my games and I'm playing much more attention to facing now which is great. I'm now a lot closer to finishing all my collection of haqq minis (until I buy some more lol). On the paint table I only have an odalisque with spitfire, 1x bashi bazouk, 2x aswaira and kasim B left. With regards to the haqq attacks I want to get a box of sekban, odalisques and kameels as my main goals. Then an extra KTS spitfire, djan doctor, jannisary AP rifle and maybe a basho bazouk SMG. This is to max out my link teams at 5peeps. I can then call it finished and add to it more at a whimsy then a plan. Realistically I think about 15 more minis. Once that goal is completed then I will finally reward myself with the Maggie TAG. I dont feel pressured to buy much more then that and aim to only build on the hobby once these goals are completed. I've got a bunch of YJ models ready to build once the haqq is finished. Game play wise Im missing an Ayyar, and could do with extra panzerfaust daylami, so it's good timing for the HB release in September. By the time it gets over here I hope I will have finished My army. I also will proxie govads as ghulam special weapons in games - I don't really want to buy them as the govads are doing the same job to me. terrain looks good too, have a full tables worth now and it feels 'lived in' rather then the 'boxy buildings' that are on the market. I have a couple of ideas for more scratch built stuff and I've got my eye open for a suitable civilian space ship - let me know if anyone has any ideas. not sure what to do when it's all completed... a tournament maybe? Try to get good at the game? Sell stuff on eBay? Who knows... still plenty of time until then though so expect more updates
  14. Just posted my painting support pledge on the forum and thought I should update my mini blog. Been super busy with life stuff recently, traveling a lot and working hard. In the meantime my flatmate moved out so I currently have a spare room. Rather then filling someone in straight away I've had a couple of months to myself and devoted the spare room to a games room! I bought a foldable 6ft table and now have room to host games at my pad. It wont last forever, I'm sure to get a new flatmate in a month or so, but until then best make the most of it right? That means hobby wise I have finally been able to get on top of my Haqq Attacks and my board. I feel like my painting has improved too which is great! And zoomed out a little... I'm really happy with the Mars Attacks board - it is coming together nicely and I now have plenty of terrain for games. Also, my painting has improved somewhat - I think this big boy is a good improvement on where I have been. I'm learning to speed it up a bit and to blend my colors better which I'm super happy with. Obviously there is still a long way to go to reach the standard of some of the guys on here. Played a few games and will have to write about them later on - Vanilla Haqq Attacks have had successes and a few defeats - but its all been great fun! 'Till next time, Ed
  15. I'm a bit late to the party this month! Got my Hafza pledge and viral rifle lasiq done. Next up I think I will take on the KTS as I can't wait to get them on the table. If you want to see more of my terrain check out my other threads I'll upload some images on there - http://infinitytheforums.com/forum/topic/48346-mars-attacks-armory-update/ good luck everyone!