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  1. In my last game My Hunzakut popped out of camo to drop a repeater near to a Hac Toa behind a wall so I could carbonate him then light shotgun in the face with my support units. Opponent congratulates me on a surprise tactic that he didn't expect and I gleefully roll the dice. Needless to say, after I found out that KHD don't get the -3 Mod to go through enemy repeaters (it ignores all firewall Mods), all my attempts to AHD him with my Haqq WIP 14 (+3 for carbonite AND DT ammo) ended with a Barid and Al Hawwa (surprise attack) in a vegetative state. Every time they got nasmatted up they got fried back down. Opponent congratulates me on dropping a repeater for him to use in his active turn to dominate the field and sparing him an order. Very frustrating to find out the hard way that KHD is nearly impossible to counter with AHD (and shotguns), regardless of the insanely good Hac Toa high BTS and WIP. Next time I'm bringing lightning and ignoring AHD tactics. Tough learning curve this game
  2. All of that took 1 *FULL* day to build and paint. We are missing the final stage to add posters and do the details but I have not had time yet as it is a busy week in the office. Now I need your help - I need to find a way of Varnishing the models to make them last longer and stop the Spackle from chipping away. I use Testors Dull coat varnish and really feel like there must be something better out there. PLEASE let me know if you have any advice for Varnish! -- Hope you enjoyed the tutorial - let me know if you have any tips for improving the next one. Heres a cheeky reward for lasting to the end - my 8pt Daylami using the new terrain to his advantage and smashing a Su-Jian who was, quite frankly, asking for it... 'Till the next time!
  3. PAINTING 4 - white glaze streaks - once wash dry using an old brush with a bit of wet white paint start to streak white paint from the top down the model. It's a technique I've invented called Wet-Dry-brush... Be gentle and soft and remember that it will tint the other colours out a bit PAINTING 5 - dusting - while painting the orange mars dust rocks - glaze over the parts of the building that will collect dust and be dirty. I use the same manky brush from the last step and make sure it is watered down paint and really just let loose and don't worry about mistakes - it goes with the look of the piece PAINTING 6 and FINAL CONSTRUCTION - use the black wash and do the outlines of detail around the edges of the pieces. I then glue the elements together including the walkways and the steps I made (which are huge and out of scale but do fit minis on). I go back and touch up any details that get mucked up in this process.
  4. Thanks a lot guys @Epidote @KayWroshyr it means a lot to lure a lurker out I was a fellow lurker for a while too before I introduced myself - every comment like this makes it worth while so feel free to share when you're ready! This site was my first ever blog posts and now I'm thinking about starting a website!! In the meantime I've got a step by step to follow up on. This build took 1 day - but the concept was knocking around my head for a week. The trick with speedy builds is actually the design. The physical build and execution is mostly the easy bit - as long as you have an idea or plan and stick to it you can bang it out quickly. Designing takes the longest part - coming up with ideas and solutions for how to solve problems. I know this happens as you go along, but if you get a plan together first projects are quick and focused. Base your ideas around inspirations - I use Pinterest and store screenshots off my phone from my commute on my computer. Base ideas around peers - check out ALL the pages on this thread (theres around 40-50 i think). There is a ton of amazing design and ideas bouncing around in here as well as other websites for other games. And finally just remember - you don't have to be a brilliant designer or artist or creative or builder - check out my crappy sketches! They're scrappy and quick but they give me the idea and then I build off that. Paper and pencil are your tools. Get sketching. STEP 1 SKETCH IT OUT sketching - on the train - in front the telly - on the toilet - wherever and whenever - added bonus - it gets your tired eyes away from the screen for an hour or so. looking at the scaffolding to scale for the pipes - I used coffee stirrers on the build cos they're cheap. I counted each piece I needed and measured and then cut them all in one go - bulk production saves time. The sketch is to scale so I simply placed them on top as a 'template' when building the frames. The base gave me an idea of how big to make the rocks underneath and what to expect on the table. STEP 2 BUILDING I missed a few steps I'm afraid as I forgot to photo. I used plasticard and old MDF sprue parts - the door was from a MAS Habitat build I have where I made sure to keep the spare door off it for a project like this. NOTE - the building and rock are not glued together yet for painting. The white stuff is spackle which I used to try to stop the spray paint melting the pink foam. STEP 3 painting I painted both parts separately but this is a guide to my technique for painting buildings PAINTING 1 - Spray paint - all over gray, then rust brown 'dusting' along the bottom edges and finally a white 'dusting' from above PAINTING 2 - paint splatter - use different colors to make points of interest and depth. I like to use pastel hues and neons to represent lights reflections PAINTING 3 watered down wash - I use black and this pot of sticky badness was bought from a FLGS I only use it for terrain. You could use any colour depending on your preference - brown/blue/red, but remember to water it down.
  5. Thanks guys @PauloCavalcanti @ToadChild And especially @Yunzhi for the kind words since you are an inspiration to me dude! loooking back, yeah it's been a really quick turnaround I guess! I started in April and just got addicted. My painting is super quick and energetic which really helps - is is all spray can and brush. I use a limited palette to keep the board unified - white, grey, bluey turquoise and orange/Fluoro yellow for highlights. The extra depth of colour comes from the paint splashes and 'mars dust' 1. Spray model grey for white main colour or black for grey main colour 2. Spray over with white (or grey) as base colour, treat as highlight - ease up on the can - 'speckling' or 'dusting' by holding it further away or pressing nozzle softly. 3. Spray bottom edges rusty brown - again 'dusting' from further away 4. Splash and paint lots of bright colors over model - be careful not to overdo it, keep colour in a similar palette. I'm going for dusty pastel hues and soft neons to represent lights. 5. Paint details (usually panels are a soft grey and features turquoise) 6*. Cover whole thing in watered down black wash 7. Using off white slightly wet and an old brush 'streak' from top to bottom a little at a time. It's a bit like dry brushing with a glaze and a streaky brush. 8. Dry brush highlighted edges with white 9. Using watered black wash do the edges 10. Finish with glazed weathering of 'mars dust colour' focused on the bottom and the areas dust would collect in corners etc. 11. Stick ripped posters and printed out tech panels using white glue - I put a quick wash over the posters once they're dry. 12. Stencils are a paper cut I made and done with white paint and dabbing with a brush. I've tried to keep all the stencils and posters the same throughout to unify the scenery. there is sometimes a 6A* step where I will 'dust' the model with white spray can after the watered down black wash depending on how white I want it to look - I will have to put some pics in of this. Basically its all spray cans and wet streaky paints. I've been meaning to paint the paper terrain but haven't got them all together in one place yet as they get stored away after use and I've been too excited about new projects. Love the idea of the cellophane scatter! I was thinking of using paper cloths like Tarpaulin and even making little awnings on bits and bobs, but I've been focused on my main buildings at the moment to fill up the bulk of the board. Talking of which, I've been building a small rocky pump building today so will upload that tomorrow probably. It is worth saying to myself that I've put more time into the hobby over the past month or so as I'd rather spend my free time on something creative and hands on then playing computer games or watch tv or whatever. I am a designer by trade and sometimes it's nice to use my 'skills' in my own time on 'non-commercial' projects for myself. I find painting and building very relaxing and enjoyable. The other motivation is definitely the community here - I am constantly inspired and interested in everyone's work and the support they give each other - it's a great feeling to be part of such a creative, positive community. I would love to do tutorials or some kind of blog - that will be my long term project. Something I'm thinking about for the future. thanks again guys!
  6. @Varsovian well done mate this is one of my favourite threads. You're improving fantastically with each mini and your choice of colours are great. I would love to battle your army any day of the week! It is really a testament to me that the amazing guys in this community are here to spur you on along the way! Well done guys 👊
  7. Thanks @zagdag! I'm looking forward to getting some games in this weekend. There's a Nomad threat on the horizon and it'll be cool to get involved in Wotan. Will upload some pics. the vehicles are by Airfix and 1:48 scale - the British expeditionary forces collection. I must say they were a joy to build! It's plastic and the detail is great. This model is the Jackal and I have a 6x wheeled supacat coyote waiting to be built. The tuk tuk is a conversion of a trailer from the quad bikes with the infinity Kum unicycles. Again I have another waiting for a little more conversion work. here is a link to a thread for scale -
  8. Sensors report more anomalies at sector ALFUNDAQ 250/43.685. Merely 200 clicks from here. Feedback suggests unknown object landed and penetrated the asteroid at 03:00-03.17. A small Recon team went missing in the vicinity a week ago. Failure to rendezvous at emergency extraction zone leads us to treat the situation as extremely precarious and suspicious. Last radio contact leads us to believe it was a possible ambush. It may have been a space debris got through our shields last night, but with the missing squad and all the Wotan crap going on we need to be extra vigilant. Last thing the elders want is a political minefield in our own back yard. Prepare a scout team and find out what's going on over there...
  9. Big Prep for WOTAN!!! I'm getting very excited and spent a wkend building new terrain. ***PLEASE NOTE*** This post may come across as a Micro Art Studios bash - and I was frustrated by the builds, but I am a HUGE fan of their company and their products. They are REALLY GOOD. Most of my scenery is from MAS and the outcome was totally worth it, I just struggled with the builds and the prep... I'm not a master modeler and so I think I wont be putting any MDF buildings together again until my thumbs heal. PIPES AND OBJECTIVES pipes finished with 'grid' plasterers sandpaper on the walkways and painted 6x objectives from Micro Arts Studios - I only had 2x 40mm bases so need to get 4x more from somewhere... Kum on quads racing off-road to grab the data and get the heck out of dodge... MICRO ARTS BUILDINGS - L SHAPE, GARAGE AND HOLO ADS I invested in some new scenery and I must say, these were a royal pain to assemble. They look great and are sturdy but popping out all the MDF sucks and its super frustrating. I had a couple of pieces snap and the fit is way too tight in places. I have painted all the insides, but the roof is really snug (need to sand the edges after painting) so its going to be hard to play with the insides if we keep having to pop them on and off. I wanted the option to either play both individually or stack them and while the build itself was relatively straightforward I noticed that they have two front doors overlooking nothing. To get around this I build a small balcony at the back of the garage with a ladder up to it. I am aiming to build some stairs in the future for the other door, haven't designed them yet. The windows on the L-shape are orange transparent plastic so I will look into lighting in the future. GARAGE (taken over by for all my Haqq transport needs) L SHAPE BUILDING front of the building - knock knock... side with Holo Ad attached Back of the building - Boarding Shotguns are the best way to clear the house HOLO ADS The holo ads I bought only fit to the buildings with the wall around the roof ('castles'). They do not fit to my sky scrapers in the background. Also they did not come with a frame to have them stand alone. To get around these issues I built my own out of MDF spare parts from the set and it fits onto my other buildings. It is narrow enough now to fit ontop of my skyscrapers and even my new pipes which is great! HAQQATTACK BASE OF OPERATIONS The Lads have took over - you can see the two 'pillars/stilts' at the back which slot on and off and the floating door in need of some stairs... Overall I'm happy with the outcome, but found the build kinda frustrating to prep for. I would buy MAS again but hope that they get a better laser cutter The Mars Haqqattak board is coming on very well! An asteroid board in time for WOTAN... watch out for BATREPs and I'm commander Edster on the site if you're a fellow Haqq (or not) and want to share war stories.
  10. Congrats @MikeS hopefully you and your son can get some more units for your armies, I bet he's happy!!! This month I am in a pact with my mate Frank to try to paint more and spend less on the hobby! Whoever gets the most done gets the kudos and a pint! Got the Janissaries that have been staring at me for weeks to get started with. Also in the background are some MAS consoles I just did quickly for my board and the bases are done on the Kum from last month. Good luck to everyone!
  11. @ShadySands looks blooming lovely! Great job. It strikes me how the simple things make such a difference - specifically the panel lines and graphics that really bring it to life. I also love the way that it all feels together - it is clear that everything has been designed to this theme and it looks like it belongs all together as a package. A comment about 'raised levels' - I see in one picture you have a 'corridor' piece raised with the blue car on it. This feels really successful at incorporating what you already have in a different way. You could potentially look at this as a feature moving forwards to bring in different heights and adding new flavors to the build. Ground level 'maintenance' or 'ship highway', upper level 'pedestrian zone' for instance. I feel I may have subliminally been inspired by the excellent @Captain Spud with these thoughts... he is quite the influencer power-house here! Keep up the great work!
  13. A really quick paint job - I need to go in and do all the details but have no time this week. @chromedog thanks mate and a great heads up about the bases! I totally didn't think about that - great for me as a lot of my opponents use pesky TR Bots
  14. Seems like it's good timing to have a Haqqislam Asteroid Space board I guess I've recently downloaded DOOM on the PS4 and I just love the atmosphere and 'terrain' in it - it's really inspiring and a flipping awesome game so check it out if you get chance. One thing I want to create are pipes and walkways in the game that give it a more industrial feel. I decided to make my own after shopping around a bit - thinking it would work out cheaper. The simple solution is to combine the two - to create a scaffolding around the pipes so models can climb and stand on top. A simple idea and something that I need to fine tune in terms of my modeling skills, but for a wargaming board totally does the job. I've used PVC pipes and the plastic joints - super cheap from Home Depot (an American B&Q). Lots of PVA, some Card and spackling for the mars dust ('filler' in UK). Sandpaper for plaster board comes in a grid pattern which I'm using for the metal mesh floors. Finally the simple and obvious ingredient - the scaffolding is made from wooden Coffee stirrers! Someone had a ton at work so I nicked a few! Get down to Starbucks and load up lads! ***disclaimer - Totally not promoting stealing as a lifestyle choice, but to occasionally win against 'THE MAN' feels pretty good*** NEXT UP Need to paint/build some more and I have an idea to combine the technique with some of my pink rocks which could look pretty fruity!
  15. Haha! Thanks mate! Well now the Wotan deals are up I'm waaaaay too excited about collecting another army. Your Ghekos, brigs and exploding pandas are really swaying me to the bad boy space pirates!