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  1. @GentleSamurai I'm coming!! Maybe I could bring my scenery....
  2. @elvedril thanks mate! You should bring your link team brigadas back round mine - ill introduce you guys to azzy @Stormygeddon thanks for the compliment dude, I definitely have learnt a lot of ideas from these forums! Keep up the pace!
  3. Hey guys, been super busy at life this month so not much time on my hands. I have got the Azzy finished though! looking forward to bringing the AP HMG out to play
  4. @Nazroth YES mate! This is so helpful! I have so much trouble painting guns. I leave them to last and then do a bad wash technique I 'invented' mainly out of laziness. Your version seems v efficient and I'm sure I can emulate it easily. Simple things like the scratched surfaces make such a difference. Nice one 👊
  5. @MisterSwiss looking forward to seeing these mate!!
  6. Hey guys, thanks you all you guys for the likes and the great comments - it's nice to see familiar faces popping up - you guys are cool! one quick Q&A - @KayWroshyr I don't own an airbrush - not really planning to get one at the moment and never used one. Maybe I'll try using a friends to see how it feels at some point, but it's a tool I've never really considered. I'm more 'casual' with my painting style and try to capture character and colour over immaculate blends and quality- which I totally admire for the record - I'm just not as precise or as good as some of the awesome painters in the community. I have been inspired by fellow Haqq general @InGen who is a bit of a legend! He has a cool board that is divided in two by a spaceship wall. Got me thinking... i want to make a board that has two contrasting sides - one dirty dusty Mars Asteroid Exterior and the other a more clean, spaceship, techy interior (obviously the dust will get in here too to a degree ;)) using @InGen as inspiration i have quickly sketched up an infinite wall - to represent the entrance into a huge loading bay / interior base. Ill make it out of card and pink foam for the exterior rocks. The interior will be pipes and industrial bits. I've asked my crew what they think and now I'm flipping it to you guys - what do you all recon? Ignore storage issues and details - more the idea of two different zones on the table. Also consider fire lanes and game mechanics - will this disrupt fire lanes too much creating 'funneling'? I'm aiming to just use one pillar in the middle to cut this down somewhat. Maybe doors for infantry to pass through the rocky supports? let me know all thoughts and comments!
  7. Had a cool game on Saturday against my bud Frank! The saga continues with the Haqqattacks VS YJ. This time the YJ were infiltrating Ilik to get their dirty hands on some our data. Unfortunately our defense force was obviously made of recruits because we almost got tabled end of turn 2. Will have to write the report up on Wotan, but have no time at the moment. Key plays - Kim Light Shotgun on a killing spree entering enemy deployment zone on turn one and destroying Engineer, Monks and Rui Shi! My new favorite troop! Playing 'ring around the rosie repeater' next to a TAG with an infiltrating Hunzakut and Kanren posing as HMG Hsien! Spoiler: it ended badly for both in a true mexican shotgun standoff . Kanren shot the repeater with a Boarding Shotgun while the Hunz blasted back with her light shotgun - both killing each other in the process. Govad Sniper VS Tag... She nearly made it... Ninja KH melting Barid brain, combat rolling into new position and immediately 'thunking' two arrows into each of the doctor Jans eyes. Failing 5x orders to pitch a repeater to break suppressive fire (YES I forgot the Barid only has disposable (2)). Very last order of the HAQ game - Ragik rolling 20 on the antenna. For you lucky guys, here are some in game pics! Kum bikers are now my favorite troops of the whole game! Repeater crisis resolved with shotgun duel Govad's territory TAG RAMPAGE TIME Final order of the Haq Game!!!!
  8. Congrats @Grimalkin @smiler and @Icarium Well deserved! I've managed to finish my Govads from last month. Next up hafzas, Azra'il and a lasiq.
  9. Oh my days @theGricks I just re-read the e/Marat wiki! You basically turn off their fancy armour and laugh as they are stuck inside!!! That's so OP! My YJ regular opponent is going to LOVE this 😉 Thinking aloud I guess you could also double up and do all your classified on the immobilized lemons too! Do we access to E/M grenades? They would destroy HI link teams in initiative attack! Yikes
  10. I play Vanilla and I have to say we have such great tools in Haqq to deal with anything! I'm really enjoying trying out new tricks, models and schemes with my haqqattacks. I'm not even considering sectorial at the moment cos I have too much fun smashing face with tons of supporting LI and using all the interesting units we have to my advantage. Every game I take something new and its really interesting in our meta. The only thing getting stale is my reliance on Ghazi so I may drop them to see how well I do without the magnificent little buggers! Regarding fire teams - My last few games this week or so have been against a Mobile Brigada fire team (RL/HMG/Hacker/BS/tinbot - 8x wounds and counting!) and a pretty disgusting Aleph fire team who I don't know the names of but they were seriously mean! They had ODD, Sixth sense L2 and were led by this rude dude with a hammer. NOMAD BRIGADAS - They took out my Fiday in their first turn which was mainly due to my bad positioning, but he did eat up a fair amount of orders. They then moved up and took cover from my main force poking the first dude out to cover the squad. My first turn My impetuous ghazi chucked smoke and marched up safely. I dropped a mine with my hunzakut who was prone behind a low wall out of LOF but within small template range. Then the heroic ghazi burst through the smoke and chain rifled the whole squad while the mine went off when they AROed. Once the dust settled I had one unconscious and a few wounded but no more Ghazi. I then spent three orders to outflank a muyib with X-visor spitfire to get the jump on them while he remained in cover and sprayed and prayed. Unluckily he went dogged but took out/wounded another one or two before the end of the turn. The final order I sped my Kum around the corner and beat their hacker to death in CC leaving him ready to ARO chain rifle or engage the 2x crippled remains in their next active turn. It was Beautiful! ALEPH RUDE DUDES - these guys I've never seen before and they were particularly difficult to deal with as they had ridiculous ODD and 6th sense ontop of their other bonuses. My Fiday failed the deployment role so I was on my own. However, this is where my Al Hawwa came into his own! From camo middle of the board he was able to move up to ZoC and then first used Carbonite on their hacker - IMM-1 so he couldn't ARO me again. with the hacker in IMM-1 I was then free to cast Oblivion on their link leader HI hammer dude and successfully breaking the link (and added bonus they were in Loss of Lieutenant next turn!). My heroic infiltrator recamoed and walked around the corner to surprise shot the little man at the front of the conga line with his Boarding Shotgun! Unfortunately my AH was critted - so unlucky! but he successfully wrecked their day and gave the valuable time for the rest of my force to march up taking minimal, bonusless AROs (as only the one, now broken, link team member was poking his gun out) and deployed my beautiful 5pt Ghazi within jamming ARO range (which nearly backfired as I didn't realize they have stealth - still got a chain rifle off though). Supporting him from cover was Leila and a Jan both in good fire lanes on suppression. His next turn the LT got shredded immediately rounding the corner and the remaining link team spent all their time trying to take out my little Ghazi roadblock - effectively doing bugger all all game. Needless to say I picked up a bag of chips on the way home as I had so much salt left over! lol
  11. @Icarium thanks mate that means a lot as your painting is a huge inspiration to me! That Massai is so awesome!! Between you and @Nazroth I am being drawn to the seemingly effortlessly cool Nomad faction! Guys, you are all doing great! I'm going to have to step up my game to keep up with the likes of @Grimalkin and @ShadySands you boys are quickl!!! The Jans look good with the red arms - I like the asymmetry. Next up for me are my Govads - this will be a good one for the Haqqattacks as I can also proxy them as Ghulams with heavy weapons, Halqa or even the missile as Daylami panzerfaust at a push. That means I'm going to paint them in the same sand armour as my Ghulam, but haven't decided on the cloaks yet. Leather may be the simplest or my Haqq green... or do we go bright with the silk colors like royal purple or majestic blue? I will see how I feel once I get started.
  12. For me, Leila has fried more brains then I have omlettes! I play vanilla and she is very close to turning into an autoinclude for me personally. Her shock marksman rifle is awesome and teamed up with the zhayden they make a killing team. For hacking, tie in 18 pt Hunzakut and Barid pitcher and no one seems to see it coming. It frees up the barid to be the hacker LT profile too (although lightning is pretty sweet) who supports the TR bot and control jump spitfire ragik... there is so much synergy! Golly gosh I love our beautiful Haqqislam toolbox! I agree with @FutwahJones that it may not be a beginners first buy - I would suggest to do the QK/HB sectorial starter boxes first as it gives you a lot of flavours to try out. Next I went for Mutts, support box or, playing vanilla, naffatun who get a lot of use for me personally. However, it's worth noting that the dire foes box has given me the model that is ALWAYS an auto include and plays 99.9% of my games - the freelance stringer HVT model. She sees more of the table then any other figure I own
  13. With Phase 2 of Wotan underway Reinforcements have arrived....
  14. WOW @Icarium you are killing it! they look amazing! I managed to get all my Janissaries painted and also a bonus Sekban who has been gagging for a link team to pop their heads out. The Jans took a lot longer then planned, but I'm cool with the result. At least now I have some solid HI in my force. I can't wait to see how @ShadySands Janissaries turn out! keep up the good work everyone
  15. In my last game My Hunzakut popped out of camo to drop a repeater near to a Hac Toa behind a wall so I could carbonate him then light shotgun in the face with my support units. Opponent congratulates me on a surprise tactic that he didn't expect and I gleefully roll the dice. Needless to say, after I found out that KHD don't get the -3 Mod to go through enemy repeaters (it ignores all firewall Mods), all my attempts to AHD him with my Haqq WIP 14 (+3 for carbonite AND DT ammo) ended with a Barid and Al Hawwa (surprise attack) in a vegetative state. Every time they got nasmatted up they got fried back down. Opponent congratulates me on dropping a repeater for him to use in his active turn to dominate the field and sparing him an order. Very frustrating to find out the hard way that KHD is nearly impossible to counter with AHD (and shotguns), regardless of the insanely good Hac Toa high BTS and WIP. Next time I'm bringing lightning and ignoring AHD tactics. Tough learning curve this game