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  1. Maybe this will be one of my last posts on the old forum - I’m going to have to transfer it all over to the new one soon! Thanks for the info guys @chromedog @Section 9 @Mob of Blondes I should look for some FPVC / Sintra for scratch builds then - plasticard is expensive! At least for the main structure and then detail on top. I used superglue on the plastcraft and it stuck much better after that. @Usashi thanks dude! I like the idea of doing a remote outpost, but I really have my heart set on a city scape next - hence the scratch built buildings. I will start a new thread on the New forum soon! @Slacker69 thanks mate, I hope I can inspire others to get creative! I have a tutorial for the building With the pipe on here, but not so much the build of it. It was a one off so I will do the next one. Im based in Boston but there is a big crew of Infinity players in New England - some in MA, CT and RI. The MA Squad play at Norton MA on mondays and also I know the relentless dragon and the portal are also doing Infinity games. Im not on Facebook, but look for Infinity New England group on there. I will have to come check out tabletop hobbies Westport!
  2. Nice work guys! I agree with @jherazob it’s all about motivation and progression - I wouldn’t worry about archiving anything, people will do their own work for themselves if they feel strongly enough. It would be brilliant if we could use this opportunity to merge with the Spanish Forum community - Monthly Painting Support / Mes de Soporte Pintura I would love to see this thead be a common ground between the communities. I’m going to have to start to practice my Spanish! (Or at least google translate my messages underneath) - Buen trabajo chicos! Estoy de acuerdo con @jherazob, todo se trata de motivación y progresión. No me preocuparía archivar nada, la gente hará su propio trabajo si siente lo suficiente. Sería genial si pudiéramos aprovechar esta oportunidad para unirnos a la comunidad del Foro Español - Monthly Painting Support / Mes de Soporte Pintura Me encantaría ver que este thead sea un terreno común entre las comunidades. ¡Voy a tener que empezar a practicar mi español! (O al menos google traducir mis mensajes debajo) -
  3. Thanks guys!i was inspired by circuit boars etc and made my own tech graphic inspired by ‘glitches”. I will use these for the whole army, just printouts on paper.i think it suits the colour scheme quite well
  4. Thanks for the tips guys, but I really wanted to this in my style as the final model of my haqq army. I.e. colorful and bright. I also usually build my models before assembly as it is quicker for me. I use a brush not airbrush and I feel like the parts you can’t reach are usually the parts you can’t see either so I’m cool with it. this was a lot of fun to paint, it felt as if it only came together at the end though... maybe the highlighting and blending phases. I still feel like there is more work to do, but for now I’m very happy with her. Hope you guys like the colour way! Sharp eyes will notice the next project on the right... I keep forgetting to upload images on here 😳😳😳😳 so I’ll pledge them and hopefully get them done quickly. They have just had a very quick base coat. Cheers, Ed
  5. @Section 9 @Aphexblue thanks guys! Super interesting to me. I definitely love the height variations in your tables @Aphexblue and would love to emulate it myself. I think I will start slowly - I want to build a city board over then next few months, and I think your choice of buildings works as they sit well together through style and paint scheme. I definitely agree with spending one order to get to the roof, we use that rule at home too! And it seems footbridges/walkways are really useful so that’s one to add to the list. your new planters look excellent too btw. It brings it all to life! Great work again 👊
  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I’m digesting them all. I spent a couple of weeks last month in Vietnam and Hong Kong and was so inspired that I will be building the terrain into a city scape in the future. I think we already have a lot of good foundations to start with so that’s exciting. I’m going to do some scratch built habitats at some point once I have a design I like done. In the meantime I picked up some Micro art studio ammo dumps up for cheap and have quickly painted them up. They are made from hard foam which is lightweight and seems really durable. The quality of the mold is fine for what it is - there are some bubbles or rough areas, but I genuinely think it’s great for wargaming. You can bash them around a bit too and it doesn’t seem to chip easily. We can make a really nice industrial board with these or maybe a military base. If you want some quick and easy terrain I definitely recommend the hard foam stuff, and it’s affordable too. I picked up a plasticraft bus shelter thing and some planters I’m working on. Please note that the sign at the back of the shelter is something I made from a print out. I’m not too impressed with plasticraft. It doesn’t seem to fit very well and the plastic feels a little cheap and strange to me. It can be a pain to glue too. I can’t knock it too bad for wargaming purposes. It is more affordable then other brands and does the job and I’m sure the scatter is much appreciated on the table. I can see why the colored stuff is appealing and totally support that, but for me personally, I have found better quality products (but more expensive) elsewhere I feel. Next up we have a few little shops from customeeple I’ve built. Will upload when I get chance! cheers mates!
  7. Hey guys, I wish I had entered earlier as I’ve painted around 15 minis this month (humble brag)! Not to worry as this is the one I‘m most interested in. Hopefully I can do her justice and try to get it done before December rolls around. Going to be tight!
  8. @Usashi very very cool! Such a great idea to execute it your way and great imagery. congrats on finding the right lenticular printer, very resourceful! Regarding the frame I’m sure zen terrain do a conversion kit with one - might be a starting point?
  9. Thanks mate! @Section 9 yeah those bikes would be sweet - tuk Tuks totally made sense when I did the conversion and the look pretty legit so I was happy with it! I would love to have a ton of bikes and tuk tuks for a city board. When I was in Vietnam it was insane! So cool 😎 I can’t seem to find any models though and sure don’t want to build them all myself. I thought bout hot wheels or toys and converting them,but it’s a big project for such a little thing. Here are my first bunch of Aleph! I’m going for bright blended hues of colors like the blue/purple and orange/yellow with white armour plates to contrast. I want them to be really popping and almost retro sci fi or comic like. My paint style seems to be bright and colorful so this army will be su[er loud compared to the sandy haqq attacks. Also they have white/blue robot skin. That’s gonna stay I think, but the orange hair didn’t really work how I wanted it to and it is a bit too extreme right now. I should go to white/ash blonde instead moving forwards. Im not sure what to do with the bases right now. I don’t want to buy resin ones so I’m thinking along the lines of the haqq with printouts, but I’m not sure what I want them to be right now. Maybe semi industrial or a city base... we will see. One final note to self - I totally should start putting these on the monthly painting support group!
  10. The Haqq Attacks are nearly complete! I believe I started them about a year ago so it feels good to get them all done. My favourite Infinity models so far - so easy and fun to paint! This last few months of the project were constantly banging them out as I really enjoyed it! There is nothing better then having a fully painted army on a sweet looking board. I have a couple of missing units - Tarik and Saladin. I’m not too stressed about the other al fasid or Azra’il at the moment - maybe I’ll pick them up later. Also I’m proxying govads special weapons as ghulam in game cos I never bothered picking up their box either. I’m not in a mega rush for these as you sharp eyes will notice there is a much bigger, mechanical unit that is missing and she is on my paint table this next couple of weeks... looking forward to getting her underway! 🦂 my next project is Aleph steel phalanx. I’ve already got the colourway down I’m doing - very pop and almost comic sci-fi, will post these up later on. All my models are built and primed ready to paint and it feels good knowing that there is less then 30 for my army! One extreme to the other lol. i interested in expanding the terrain too, have a couple of new things to paint up and I may pick up a new Mat for variety. I would love a city board so I’ll thinking about this in the future. Catch you later with updates!
  11. @Aphexblue mate!! I’m such a big fan of your work, this is fantastic! The city looks insane! The lights make a big impact. I love the height on it - something I will start to look into building into on my board. How do you find the height affects gameplay? Camping sniper dominance? Does it eat up orders traversing the environment? I presume it brings a totally different tactical style to the board.
  12. @Hydra simply awesome mate! Love your work - very inspiring!
  13. @Manfred_VR thanks mate. Just blasted out these two tonight... only ONE LEFT! Quite a good feeling knowing that the silver pile of shame is vanishing slowly.
  14. Hey guys, been traveling a lot and have some new inspirations from Asia for the board, but in the meantime the Haqq Attack grind has been ongoing behind the scenes. My painting is improving and I feel like I’ve got my colour schemes pretty much on point for the Haqq at last. I’ve been trying out glazing and my first NMM technique on Kasim’s bike below which I’m happy with. Obviously I can improve more, but I’m proud of the effort for first attempt I’d say. I’m so close to finishing the Haqq army- there is literally three or four models left to paint. I’ll reward myself and Plan to finish with a Maggie Once they are done. That is until they release new kwarij or zhayden box sets (please CB!)... And very soon we are off onto the next army. I thought it would be the YJ, but I recently picked up a bargain Steel Phalanx 300pts. I have had a binge build and undercoat and I’m ready to paint them, but I have no idea about what colour scheme to use. I’ll have to do more research, but I’m the meantime here are some of the haqqs I’ve been working on. I’ll try to do a family shot at some point soon. cheers, Ed
  15. Absolutely what the guys above have said! Mines, repeaters, hacking, flames, templates and AD. Youre not gonna win FTF shooting so play sneaky and ambush them. I have had great success with the hacking game - with our WiP 15 is very significant to get repeaters (hunzakut/Baird) and infiltrating hackers (al hawwa/Ragik) down and immobilize/isolate rude dudes (mutts). One game I immobilized their big dude in the first turn with an infiltrated al hawwa. It broke the link so I could then move up safely into suppression fire lanes with leila and Jan HMG. I charged a mutt up behind cover then so every move they did I could challenge a Jammer attack aro. Best thing was that he turned out to be the LT so they were all irregular next turn and when he went frenzied he ran out to get the mutt into my fire arcs. Steel phalanx seem to be focused on Fire teams so lots of template weapons and cc bogs them down (chain rifle/shotgun Kum) also flanking can be v successful with bashis (with E/M mines). Also remember that if a template hits then the rest of the link gets hit so shotguns are amazing here. Mines are essential - do the old mine around the corner recamo and pop out a Farzan trick. Finally It's often -6 to hit the buggers cos of ODD. We have flames in naffatun and HRLs. Burn it off with surprise hafza HRL. Im not sure but I don't think they have much (if any) infiltrators/ AD so take full advantage and dominate the midfield with your minelayers, repeaters and hackers to slow them down and force AROs to your advantage. Let us know how you get on! 👊 *Edit* ah limited insertion... that messes up all my experiences then 🙄