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  1. Thanks for the input. I think the Green from coolminiornot looks great and fits the Jungle theme quite well
  2. Hello everyone As part of our local Escalation League, we want to paint our new and growing armies. For this event I got the Wotan Strikezone Morat starter bundle. Now I am looking for a good paint scheme for the big guys. Coming from Nomads I already have a lot of Black/Red and Grey/Red minis. Therefore I want my Morats to look different from the studio paint scheme. Any ideas? Currently I'm looking at the greenish paint scheme from the Raicho. But I'm not sure how this fits the infantry units.
  3. I think you're missing my point. I did not use it against a PanO TAG. The TAG came to me in its first turn. And in that you usually do not have the full ARO potential of the Kriza yet. It's meant to be put in Suppression fire, and that was not possible at that point. Considering my other options though, the Kriza can be a nasty blocker and order expensive to remove for the enemy
  4. Not sure how this calculation comes together. But the stats of the Kriza Borac allow for decent dodging and shooting back on range bands, where the Squalos HMG is not ideal. Not saying it's a TAG killer. But it sold its life quite expensive
  5. I fielded a Kriza Broac against NCA with a Squalo this weekend. Unfortunately I did not get to use the Kriza Borac much, because I had 2nd turn. But the Kriza Borac sucked up 7 orders from the Squalo before going down and even inflicted a wound back I like it.
  6. Is there a final (and official) answer on this topic? I'm still unsure because of the cancellation conditions for Suppresive Fire State: The trooper declares an ARO different from a BS Attack using Suppressive Fire. The trooper uses a weapon that cannot be used for Suppressive Fire. If you have to select one - and only one - weapon when going into suppressive fire, the second point would be totally obsolete.
  7. Love this! Without having tried it yet, I appreciate the effort and hope to see more of this!
  8. Because the 4th mission explicitly mentions the Guijia: » In this scenario, the Attacker can be a Generic Army of Yu Jing or the Imperial Service Sectorial Army. The Attacker can add a Gūijiă to his Army List without Point Cost or SWC. This Gūijiă will have also the AD: Combat Jump Special Skill.
  9. It'll rather be a mercenary faction. The news on the homepage already names the Druze sectorial Army List ;D
  10. Maybe, but this is just what I wanted. Profiles to play with - even if it's in an isolated scenario and not for tournaments. I'm already considering using these for demo games.
  11. YESSSSS!
  12. Also, the Grenzer can be a nasty nasty sniper in active turn. Just don't use Sniper version. Take the Forward Observer with Sensor and triangulate the heck out of your enemies.
  13. Welcome to the Bromads! For flexibility you should get more A/D Troops. Hellcats and Tomcats are your choice. Also some Hacking option. Take a look at the Interventor! And while you're at hacking, look for more remotes. The basic 2-Zond pack is good. There is also the bigger Sputnik. I completely skipped the Daktari and Clockmaker and went straight for the Tomcat specialists. But each his own.
  14. The Ejection System is a tactical option: 1. Charge the enemy line with your Iguana and try to draw as much enemies as possible 2a. Get shot down and eject behind the enemy lines. Open fire from behind. 2b. Get shot down and eject on a rooftop to deny an enemy a sector. The Iguana Operator is still worth its 71 points! 2c. Get shot down and eject back into safety. better luck next time. 3. Proft!