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  1. Sorry for the long delay. It took me quite some time to get back to the table. So I unpacked the ITS objective building and was terrified at fist. It seemed that the roof and ground tiles were broken. The manual depicts the tiles to be one big tile each. However they are split in two. I think this is intended but not clear from the start. Only when assembling the building. Since the roof can be detached, it is easier to take off this way. The ground tile could have been one piece though. All parts fit neatly. Much better than with the objectives. Only the acrylic lamps (?) above the doors were slighty too small. In generell I glued the corner pieaces to make sure everything stays in its place. But I'm sure the building would hold even if not glued at all. so far, i think it's a good investment with the objectives to get started. And I prefer these a lot over some markers.
  2. I'm ashamed. I didnt find the time to finish more than my Iguana squad ;_;
  3. I choose both Iguana and Geckos The Geckos are, as a duo, pretty tough. Though not as much firepower as other Tags, they still have some nice weapon choices that keep them versatile enough against different target types. And their Pilots are specialist operatives with two assault pistols. So even without the TAG, they still pack a punch on short range.
  4. Hi there,

    I saw your awesome cosplays and wanted to show them to my anime group. Hence I saw you have them on Animexx as well. I'm from the DATE circle in Dresden.


    Are you still doing the Infinity cosplays and where do you show them?


    Best regards


  5. Very Welcome
  6. So I did assemble and paint the ITS Objectives. I have not worked with any MDF stuff before, so please bear with me. Unfortunately not all parts fit together fine. I either had to apply some force to attach them together oder cut some of the material, to make room. With the amount of small pieces, this was quite bothersome. Especially the consoles were troublesome. The stand that holds the display did not fit well and, in case of the blue one, ended up in a terrible downward angle. My mistake: I glued it, before trying to fit the others, so I noticed this too late. Overall they look pretty neat. I love that all objectives have a differenc color marking. When the pieces fit, it gives a satisfaction not unlike assembling lego models Considering the price and number of objects, this is a pretty good deal. While boxes and crates can be selfmade easily, the antennas and consoles look good. I give it a 5/7 Next will be the building.
  7. Well I didnt get much time for painting over the last weeks. But finally finished the Iguana Squad:
  8. But what is no where written: The e-mail is case sensitive. Capital letters will not be recognized correctly...
  9. I just noticed. Is that an Iguana TAG?
  10. Holy Moly. Those look awesome
  11. I do not doubt this. But since we dont have an experienced player to help us with the rules and all, we need to get into the game as smoothly as possible. Pulling all available special skills of our units, would not help. So for now we do not use hidden deployment So far we haven't even dared to use the fireteam rules from Human Sphere and I doub't I can use them as long as it's just the two of us.
  12. In the three or four games I have played with camouflage, no matter how difficult, the discover roll always hit on first try. So far I'm still thinking how to use my Spektr more efficiently without the hidden deployment rule.
  13. Good day everyone, Since the rules for both levels of Camouflage have a big but mostly identical pile of text to it, I wanted to ask what are the differences between the two? TO gives a -6 MOD instead of -3 and allows for Hidden Deployment. Is there anything else?
  14. Fielding four Geckos sounds fun, really! I think I will get a second squad some time and try this too. However I might exchange some of the Alguaciles and the Clockworkers for Tomcat Engineers
  15. Cool. They really look awesome.