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  1. Also, the Grenzer can be a nasty nasty sniper in active turn. Just don't use Sniper version. Take the Forward Observer with Sensor and triangulate the heck out of your enemies.
  2. Welcome to the Bromads! For flexibility you should get more A/D Troops. Hellcats and Tomcats are your choice. Also some Hacking option. Take a look at the Interventor! And while you're at hacking, look for more remotes. The basic 2-Zond pack is good. There is also the bigger Sputnik. I completely skipped the Daktari and Clockmaker and went straight for the Tomcat specialists. But each his own.
  3. The Ejection System is a tactical option: 1. Charge the enemy line with your Iguana and try to draw as much enemies as possible 2a. Get shot down and eject behind the enemy lines. Open fire from behind. 2b. Get shot down and eject on a rooftop to deny an enemy a sector. The Iguana Operator is still worth its 71 points! 2c. Get shot down and eject back into safety. better luck next time. 3. Proft!
  4. If you are beginning to play, the best aro piece is the total reaction zond. Anyway - Zonds are always a good choice as you can use so many different versions. Besides that, try learning suppressive fire. It makes everyone a decent ARO piece. And airborne troops are always a thing to look at. Hellcats and - my favorites - the Tomcats.
  5. Why are we still in this old rundown place? Where is the September speculation thread?
  6. Hi there! I know there is a tabletop shop in Dublin, called Gamers World. When I was in Dublin I had some great Battletech games there. Maybe check the place out, when you're there or write them to see if Infinity is played there.
  7. I can only recommend participating in tournaments. Without experience you will get your ass kicked. But you will learn a lot in a short time.
  8. it's not a matter of skill. It's a matter of bullets.
  9. I think we can all agree that the one unit, that needs Full Auto the most, is undoubtly the Gecko Pilot.
  10. I meant how it is immune. I just recently got the Morat Army Wotan Box, but did not start them yet :3 Now this makes me want a Raicho.
  11. How so?
  12. Or you just create a merc profile for each of them, but make them not ITS available to all factions. So if you want to play them as regular mercs, just handle that in your own player group (like basically every other merc)
  13. Sound like the over the top WH40K approach. No thanks.
  14. Then use metal
  15. Which is totally okay.