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  1. Salut, Pour info le forum international vient de déménager, je t'invite à venir ici : https://forum.corvusbelli.com Tu peux aussi t'inscrire sur le forum du bureau aegis qui héberge la communauté française.
  2. Hi @Frozenbeast It may be a good idea to have a look at the new forum here
  3. The information has already been followed on the french forum. I know they worked on the rules translation in the past but I think it was based on the English version. Having some contact with pro translators, I will forward it too.
  4. Tried to login via Tapatalk with a cut and paste of my password to avoid mistyping with no success Used a paste from the same cut to login through a browser and it ran fine
  5. Impressive work to say the least On a side note, as you're starting a new thread, wouldn't it be better to create it on the new forum ?
  6. By popular demand, the first Painting Group thread is officially published On a side note, the 2017 achievement thread is almost complete. Let me know if I misplaced some pics. EDIT : Achievement thread backlog completed. I'm so sad we loose so many pic because of the Photbucket-gat. @Icarium is certainly the most impacted one
  7. Thanks @Stormygeddon, it will be done soon. Great result with the outdoor pic @MikeS
  8. I hereby announce that our beloved @Arachas is back to help us on this transition period. I will stop polluting the thread, but feel free to PM me if you have any suggestion/question regarding the migration.
  9. Yes I created one for the forum and the web part is fine. I tried : - mail address -> bad password - alias -> bad password - CB id -> unknown user I should have some kind of chair-keyboard interface issue here Thanks for your help.
  10. Things are going on here I get in touch with @Engorn and we are working on the common thread idea. I'll give you some update on it.
  11. I found the CB forum on Tapatalk but can't login Any idea ?
  12. Thanks all for your replies I agree, it does not make much sense to migrate the old threads. After all, they'll stay available for a full year so I doubt someone has to go back in after this period. About the new thread, @Stormygeddon do you mean creating it here or in the new forum ? It seems that most people think to have it on the new one but I may have miss something. @Edster I think your idea of having a common thread makes sense as, in the end, this is the Infinity community as a whole not the Spanish vs the rest of the world. If so I just have no idea how it will live and should be handled I'll try to get in touch with the guy who dealt with it on the previous Spanish forum, he may have some though on it. Please continue to share your thoughts here.
  13. Many thanks
  14. Nice finding @jherazob I think I could try to something similar. My first thought was about keeping trace of the comments and advice provided, but, as you mentioned, the main goal is keep people painting, all of those info will rise again on the long term. Your vote as been validated @MikeS
  15. I made global post for the whole painting section regarding the forum migration but I'd like to ask here specifically for the NSPG threads : - what is best ? Start the December thread on the new forum or wait until January to ensure everything as been fixed/polished on the new forum ? - is it worth keeping archive of the past threads ? Any thoughts welcome