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  1. Impressive work I understand @gru6y about the monochromatic thing. Maybe they would have gain a little something with more colour, but I have to admit that at the same time, you put so much contrast that it does not looks so monochromatic to me.
  2. You seems a bit disappointed with your Buddha's end result. If so, it may only because it was not what you had in mind. But it is really gorgeous to me.
  3. The Feline Mob strikes again But I can tell what that that eye contact was : Awesome work as usual BTW
  4. I recently use a mix of olive green (1/3) and yellow green (2/3) over white primer and get something which might of some interest to you. I even think a 1/4-3/4 or a 1/5-4/5 may be working too.
  5. New interim thread created.
  6. Hi everyone, As our fellow @FatChance is reported missing (in action ?), I (very humbly) declare the official interim October thread opened !!! I can not promise prices or fame or whatever except plenty of gorgeously painted minis by talented people (or less talented if I find time to post something myself). So, brace you brush and bring on the minis !!! PS : you know how the internet rules ; pic it or it does not exist.
  7. I love the base idea
  8. Noted. Thanks.
  9. It seems indeed.
  10. As @frostphoenyx said. It's considered as the ultimate stripping solution around here. Unfortunately, its availability is very variable (could be easier to find in small towns than in major cities, could be available in a major big store brand but not necessary in all stores, sometime available in the small groceries store but nowhere else). It also gain the "you don't have to ensure it is properly recycled" that break liquid (which is also much more toxic) miss. It also cost only a few euros/pounds/dollars (less than 4€ actually) The funny thing is that if google it from France, all the links lead to painting blogs/forums stripping tutos or where-to-buy-it questions For the record, its initial usage is more to remove previous cleaning fluid's coats than cleaning. Which explain why it is so good at stripping paint.
  11. Yes, 2D planning is always a good start. But when it comes to effects or techniques, it is of little help. At one time or another, we just have to take those brushes in hand and put some paint on a physical medium.
  12. I bought a silicon brush earlier today in a local art shop : Raphaël Symbiose S.8090 As you can see, it is affordable here (I have no idea how it is distributed) so I think similar prices could be found for similar products.
  13. Thanks a lot guys for all your inputs. I found 3 Mantic's Mars Attack minis that I received in a Sci-Fi bundle and I forget about. No remorse to use them for any test + they are unicasted so no worry about re-gluing pieces after a Glanzer bath. There is a gaming shop specialised in old stock sales not far form home, I'll give a try this week, and I'll also dig in the FLGS's attic next Friday All of those solutions are so obvious that I didn't think of by myself
  14. I actually use the magic Glanzer solution. It works for metal, plastic and even resin (but you have to ensure it won't spend too many time in it) quick and simple. Yes metal minis are not sacrificed literally, it's just that I think CB's minis deserve some dedication so I can't make the mental effort to go with a deliberate bad painting job on it Plus, this is for general test and trial, it won't be necessary Infinity related and may spend some time in a "temporary" state I know that my questioning could be strange but you can say that things are complicated in my mind something. It is indeed Thanks a lot, I'll have a lot at them. ... and another great entry. Thanks a lot. You guys are all really great Just to clarify a bit why I asked it in the first place : I have a result in mind for incoming minis (not CBs) but I'm really not sure how I could achieve it with as little time spent on it (because want them done quickly once received them in November-December) but with a decent result. So I want to experiment in the mean time.
  15. @leigen_zero The Deazone/Warpath range could be a good candidate indeed. Unfortunately it has 2 weaknesses : - I actually play Deadzone, so I will want at one point or another to paint them "correctly" (to be honest, I don't paint my Enforcers with the same dedication as my CB's minis ) - it could be as painful to assemble them as it could be for Infinity's models (but for other reasons) Though, I have a few extra minis from this range that I may not use at all. So I need to double check this point . @KedzioR_vo and @Harlekin the thing with Infinity models : I will want to paint them properly so it would be missing the main point, not care of the mini's potential screw up . Nevertheless you two made a good point about the second hand market and the FLGS's "ol' scrap box". There is definitely something to be found there. Thanks a lot for all your ideas.