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  1. Is it me or it looks like an expansion of the RC premium range ?
  2. Thanks @DarKteleFaX a bit more airbrush highlight will be indeed a good thing. I may also add a middle one glaze once done to blend it. Edge highlight is definitely a step I can't avoid.
  3. I still have to find if I try to fix the Hac-Tao by 1 - cleaning up the crappy lining I made or 2 - going full damage and adding a lot of scratch on the armour Beside, I started the Invicible HMG : I'm not sure if the highlight is enough or if I should continue until I reach pure white. Advices are more than welcome here.
  4. Partially happy with it so far. Some rework needed
  5. @Icarium your paint is awesome as usual. The gold work is just gorgeous. Still, I agree with you, there is something missing here. It's hard to point it but I'm sure its just a little thing. Maybe an extra color on a few details (on the arm maybe). Strangely, on the back pic in your other thread, it seems more balanced. Another option could be to replace the grey pants by something a bit briter maybe.
  6. Crazy Koalas done ! I feared to paint white but those cute little ones were a pleasure to paint. Took more time than I wanted but not an issue in the end. It's strange but all the koalas I've seen around looks kinda mean. Those looks like some happy fellows to me Maybe some kind of parental reflex
  7. So it's "Ye ol' blister trick" @Xanthier Very well used I have to say. Thanks for the tip.
  8. I really like your marking @Xanthier how do you achieve them ?
  9. Pic is well hidden within the spoiler tags Yesterday I spent most of my evening to clean the maghariba guard bits (there is quite a lot of them) and started to assemble them. I'm still having gluing issue which make be think I may have to replace it but there is also plenty of pinning required. BTW I need some advice on this specific model : - I think I won't assemble the top of the tail and paint it apart to easy access to the rest of the model, should I do the same for other parts ? Legs, front weapons ... - is it worth the effort to magnetise the front weapons ? - about the base, should I stick with my previous Haqqislam minis (here) or go with a more textured one ? Anyway, I'll leave it behind for the moment as it just hold me back so far and I need to go forward with the rest.
  10. Assembly : done Missing bases : done Invicible ML order stuck : done Being exhausted by the assembly hassle : done I should have primed them tonight so I can start painting tomorrow but I just want to go to sleep right now. Still have to pin the bikes though. I did a pre-pining on the riders but didn't glue them as I think it should help to paint the bikes. Any advices welcome here. Edit : just realized that I forgot to assemble the maghariba guard
  11. When using Chrome on my phone, I pretty much got the same interface as on a computer but Tapatalk is not able to perform anything lately (I can't even like a post from it).
  12. I've just realised that the default links I used so far are not pointing to the full size pic Re-posting the hi-res version for testing. In the mean time, assembly is taking much more time than usual. I'm not usually fast but lately gluing parts is a pain
  13. I don't envy myself either Thanks for the cheer up. That's the right place to be indeed, so much love shared here you have no choice but to be motivated Awesome pledge btw. I can't wait to see what you''l do with this sexy beast (I know I'll fall for it at one time or another)
  14. I said I will be ambitious this month : Here comes the details : - Imperial Agent Crane (from the Vol2 book pre-order) - 2 x Aragoto bikes - 2 x Fat Yuan-Yuan (I am not into the fluff enough to plan this one but it was a bargain so it ended in my order) - 1 x Yan Huo (HMG) - 1 x O-Yoroi TAG and his 2 x little friends - 1 x Hac Tao - 1 x Maghariba Guard - 1 x Yuan-Yuan from the Red Veil box (in the little bag) - ( 1 x Yan Huo (ML) in a pending order could join them) Honestly, there is little chance that I went through all of this, but I prefer spend some sessions for batch assembly and priming. No nuts, no glory. Anyway, this your duty to keep me motivated here, so if I fail, I still can blame you all
  15. Here it is !!!! The August Edition Topic thanks to the man in the shadows : @FatChance