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  1. I would love an Aelis Keesan V2 with symbiont armour, something that makes her more resiliant without depending on dice rolls. The hacking device... well, may yes, it seems a little bit circumstantial, but it's on her background, on the Viral Outbreak PDF she hacks computers...
  2. No. That's only an idea I had few weeks ago and that I commented with another tohaa player. We actually spoke about a igao merc character with impersonation. I dunno if that's going to happen, but I doubt it (although, I'd love it).
  3. Do we have to sign in anywhere or it is automatic?
  4. With all the grass behind, it came to my mind some parts of The Last of Us.
  5. Wow! Thats a f****** awesome table! Actually, a very inspiring work.