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  1. As mentioned before, you need to consider the faq on template weapons which say that once the template is down, any model that traverses over that template at any point (before or after) during the same order is hit. You may have a situation where a link or coordinated order moves one chap out to trigger an Aro from a template weapon. You then move the other fellows out and they cross the path where the template sits. They all get hit.
  2. There will be more. Generally third Saturday of every month. ED
  3. Anyone is welcome. Infinity has a steep learning curve but there's nothing to stop your coming along. We have a mix of experienced and new players and it's all about having some fun. Of course, people want to win in a tournament setting so don't fret if you lose! If you're local we will also be starting two ITS leagues; one a true Escalation starting at 120 points and following the rules in the ITS pack. The second is one that follows quarterly patterns of 200/300/400 points. If you're interested we also have infinity events on the 1st and 2nd September at the same venue - 1st is an evening event starting at 1800, 2nd is an all day event starting at 1000 be great to have you along!
  4. 300 points limited insertion tournament s Wayland Games Centre in Hockley, 17-19 Eldon Way, Hockley, Essex, SS54AW. Missions will be posted here after the new pack is released. Prizes will Be from the new ITS season 9 pack as long as they turn up in time. Tickets are £5 per person. More details will follow early September.
  5. I am running a league and may just have completely missed something. We have played the first round, and results are confirmed. It doesn't seem to automatically sort the pairings, which I had hoped and expected it did. Am i doing something wrong?