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  1. I really wouldn't worry about what to paint. Even in sanctioned ITS events, your Models don't need to be painted. Paint what you think you would enjoy painting!
  2. Remotes with sensors?
  3. Get a Guilang with Combi for sure. Cheap and absolutely indispensable. If you use him as a Minelayer, you can effectively get a free mine plopped down on deployment in Camo. I'd also recommend the Raiden HRL. He can be deployed in Camo, is also a minelayer and the HRL is awesome for long range. As far as a Sniper is concerned, I'm much more in favor of Knauf from the Outrage Magna if you can find him. Amazing stats and super cool model. The other thing to get is another Tiger Soldier. AD troops are fun and now the Two sculpts come in a Blister pack, so it's totally worth it. To add to the fun, the Hac Tao troops are amazing. Expensive, but with two wounds, they can serve very well as specialist Hackers for those types of missions. Lastly, I would highly recommend the Yan Huo HMC. The HMC is brutal (5 dice roll for hit!!) and in suppressive fire, he is a beast. If you really want to have loads of fun after learning the mechanics of the game somewhat, play a Limited Insertion 300pt game. Only lets you bring up to 10 troops, for 300pts and you can have a blast with the heavier troops.
  4. These guys are awesome. Bar none. Their stuff is awesome. Dealing with Tom is awesome. Even when there is an issue, they are awesome. Amazing Customer Service. I can't say enough good things about these peeps. Keep up the great work!
  5. This is kind of what I was wondering, too. In a Tournament situation, is this an auto DQ? Or is it up to the TO?
  6. Oh no, I absolutely had fun playing and enjoyed the game! It was just something rolling about in the back of my mind and wanted to see what the community thought. Also to see if there would be a better way to handle the situation when/if it comes up again. I also think it coupled with my insecurities about the rules and my relative newbie-ness.
  7. Thanks for all the feedback everyone. Much appreciated.
  8. Had a 300 pt limited insertion game this weekend with someone new to me and somewhat new to Infinity, but he had a lot of experience with other table top wargames. He and I both played the same army so I knew his miniatures well. I actually even recommended some of them to him the first we met, but before we played this game. We played Supremacy and when he deployed, he deployed a Camo marker and a mine on my side of the table but not in my deployment zone. The mine he deployed was by the console that needs to be hacked so it made it difficult for me to get to the console. When he eventually revealed the miniature out of Camo, it was miniature that does not have infiltration, but I let the game carry on as we were already on our second round. At the end of the game, I mentioned to him that this miniature (actually the one I recommended to him and I field as well) did not have "infiltration" and he could not have put it on my side without a roll even if it did have infiltration (which he did not do). He kind of blew it off, and said this did not effect the game in any case. It did though, as he should not have had that miniature on my side at all and certainly him deploying a mine near the console made a very big difference in my strategy. How would the good people have handled this? This was not in a Tournament setting. I am a newbie to the game and was rather deflated by all this.
  9. CB does not require that models be painted for Official ITS Tournaments, right?
  10. The REAL issue is that whether CB says you shouldn't do it or should, the WAAC players are going to try anyway they can to find out the Private Information anyway aren't they? Be knowledgeable, be kind and play to have fun. Then everyone wins, regardless of what CB says the rules are. Take the rules in the spirit they were intended. That being said, if someone is being a Dick, just don't play them again. What are you going to say to them? "CB says you can't do that!"? Yeah, that's going to stop them, LOL.
  11. I don't think that's what people are talking about. It's more that someone will try to calculate what you have that isn't Public and make a big deal about it. AND waste your time during the game doing it.
  12. Only thing bad about the game is I suck at it since I can't play very often.
  13. Does anyone argue that Army is NOT an ingame tool? Isn't that how 90% of people bring their Army Lists and hand out courtesy lists from? Then you refer to the weapons and soldier lists that are printed out for stats and calculations and such?
  14. I kinda see what you're saying, but it's War. You try to deduce any advantage you can. Again, I'm kinda new at this, but is someone going to win or lose based on what they think your Private Information is, that they won't know for sure until it's revealed? The other issue whether they put on a public display about it. If someone was going to try to deduce these things, I would imagine they would write it down or keep it on their iPad for their use only. If they're jumping around "I figured it out! I figured it out!", then I'm totally with you.