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  1. CB does not require that models be painted for Official ITS Tournaments, right?
  2. The REAL issue is that whether CB says you shouldn't do it or should, the WAAC players are going to try anyway they can to find out the Private Information anyway aren't they? Be knowledgeable, be kind and play to have fun. Then everyone wins, regardless of what CB says the rules are. Take the rules in the spirit they were intended. That being said, if someone is being a Dick, just don't play them again. What are you going to say to them? "CB says you can't do that!"? Yeah, that's going to stop them, LOL.
  3. I don't think that's what people are talking about. It's more that someone will try to calculate what you have that isn't Public and make a big deal about it. AND waste your time during the game doing it.
  4. Only thing bad about the game is I suck at it since I can't play very often.
  5. Does anyone argue that Army is NOT an ingame tool? Isn't that how 90% of people bring their Army Lists and hand out courtesy lists from? Then you refer to the weapons and soldier lists that are printed out for stats and calculations and such?
  6. I kinda see what you're saying, but it's War. You try to deduce any advantage you can. Again, I'm kinda new at this, but is someone going to win or lose based on what they think your Private Information is, that they won't know for sure until it's revealed? The other issue whether they put on a public display about it. If someone was going to try to deduce these things, I would imagine they would write it down or keep it on their iPad for their use only. If they're jumping around "I figured it out! I figured it out!", then I'm totally with you.
  7. Aren't we supposed to be having fun when we play? Again, I'm new. Are people talking their games THIS seriously?
  8. First of all, Godwin's Rule. Second of all, dude, you need to calm down before you pop an aneurysm or something. Wow.
  9. Not sure I would so happy to play with that person again...
  10. I agree with this. It's not like if someone brings the rule book with them, they can't check in that anyway. Right?
  11. Ahhhhh okay. I'm very new to the game still, so I appreciate the feedback very much. My local Meta does not do this. Basically, it goes over the units deployed and the weapons of each, but figuring out their individual skills is on me, unless it is during the game and revealed to me. Like "this guy can see through smoke because he has MSV2". That kind of scenario. I guess asking about smoke is a grenade type though, right?