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  1. I think that nagas in repack blister will contain minelayer and sniper as long as hacker is in the starter box.
  2. Our championship is near, hope to see everybody soon. I hope some of You who not decided yet will join us. In case of any questions just write to me I'll be happy to help You. There are also three updates I would like to announce: 1st - The company that makes best miniature game on this planet has joined as sponsor to our tournament. Thank You CB for all You done for Us <3. 2nd - Media support: Tom and Kip from Mayacast has been talking about us So much fame. Wow. Doge so much happy. Thanks Guys. 3rd - producer of best Army Cases on market has joined to Our Tournament A-Case. Lately You could follow their successful Kickstarter. A-Case is great for every gamer not only for safely carrying Your miniatures on tournament but also between games. It's also great for professional miniatures painters for transporting their masterpieces for exhibitions and painting contests. Moreover this cases looks very classy.
  3. Do You try to login using the same login and password as You used in O:Flamestrike? Maybe Woltan is using same data base.
  4. It would be great to combine our efforts rather than single strikes in locations where is no point of doing that. @Alexb83 I had no problem with register on Woltan site. Try to register with different mail, and if that doesn't work contact them. Consider adding to Your first post some simple army recruitment poster "Join and fight for Aleph". regards K
  5. We are happy to announce that MicroArtStudio became our sponsor. One of the oldest shop with own made war gaming accessories in Poland. Well known for their terrains for Warhammer 40k and Infinity (Corvus Belli quality mark "Designed for Infinity"), miniatures from Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" and also from steampunk miniature game - Wolsung
  6. Hello, BWT and Pomeranian Army are proud to invite You all to tournament MP2017. We are going to play 6 battles, 200p ITS Limited Insertion, SpecOps 8XP PLEASE JOIN ITS EVENT Time: 22-23.07.2017 Localization: Stacja Kultura street:Starowiejska 2, 84-230 Rumia 54°34'09.1"N 18°23'12.6"E Players Limit: As for now there is 50 in ITS system, but there is no problem to add more if required. Entry fee: 40PLN/10Euro until end of May. 50PLN/12,5Euro after 1 June Bank account for entry fees: Łukasz Wojtal 48 1240 5396 1111 0010 4832 2550 In title please add: Your Name,ITS pin number and Nickname from forum +'INFF' Points:200p Scenarios: 1)Decapitation 2)Frontline 3)Supremacy 4)Anihillation 5)Transmission Matrix 6)Firefight Terms: Every player must have: - fully painted army: If You play unpainted model, it is immediately leaving battlefield. In case of arrival with completely unpainted army , the participant does not take part in the tournament. Futhermore he/she automatically takes last draft choice at the Sunday prize draw and is not entitled to reimbursement. FAQ: 1)Miniatures painted only with coat arms don't count as painted. 2)Three proxy allowed. But miniatures also must be painted and clearly defines unit type.3) No wysywig is required,f.ex. model with combirifle may have other weapon. But it should be noted at roster. - Two copies of their army rosters. Open (with all information you can show to your opponent) and Private (with Lt., points costs, camouflaged and airborne troops etc.). - All of the needed templates and markers. - 20d dices (4-5 of them) - Measure - Models are expected to have their Front Arcs marked. Disputes will be resolved in the favour of the player having Front Arcs marked. Additional Terms: At the tournament there are are rules of good manners and fair play: Not following the rules can result in: -Reminder -Warning (-1p) -Disqualification Signing up for an ITS tournament and paying entry fee Youaccept these terms and conditions. Fight Plan : Saturday: 2 battles -> lunch break -> 2 battles -> after party Sunday: 2 battles-> Announcement of the winners and prize draw Player list: 1)Narrander 2)Ranger 3)Darek_CTR 4)Pająk 5)Venator 6)postapokaliptyk 7)Pietia 8)Ruczyn 9)Gurney 10)SamboR 11)Mysza 12)jezus 13)Konuhageruke 14)Łysy 15)MetalSlave 16)Hansolo 17)NbyN/Leszczyk 18)Maniac 19)Mroczyslaw 20)Varred 21)Garran 22)magnus 23)Xard 24)kashper 25)Strangejour 26)Ventaor 27)Sathuli 28)Jeronimo 29)idio 30)leigabar 31)Banan 32)Ghost 33)Elelur 34)Suchy 35)ysgarran 36)eciq . 40) 50) FAQ: sleeping places: at the game place:no hotels near by: Sponsors: We're looking forward to see You
  7. Hi there, I'm new Warcore from Poland. I'm very happy to join the core, and I hope to be helpful. Please help me to join me any group I need to be add I also have a little problem, I must reset my password every time i want to login