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  1. Sorry to bring this back up. I'm getting ready for a tournament, and I brought the Ekdromoi as you suggested. I'm just not sure what the "ideal" play would be? Thanks!
  2. Lolll thanks @Col !
  3. Going to my first tournament soon. Missions are: tic tac toe comms center highly classified. Here's what I have worked out. Is it worth bringing an evo hacker for the wip bonus on objectives? Am I running the right Scylla? I expect to face quite a bit of onyx contact force. Since this is my first time running steel phalanx, any tips/tricks would be appreciated. Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks!
  4. I would really appreciate any input/advice! This is my first ITS tournament, and I'd really like to make a good showing/represent JSA well! Please help me get my lists tight! Thank you!
  5. Been studying a lot lately, absorbing as much feedback as possible. I think I'm getting close to a reasonable list for my first tournament! First list is for comms center/tic tac toe. Apologies, my phone does not like armymobile, so I have to post my list in pic format. Second list is for highly classified.
  6. Just wondering if anyone has any JSA/Yu jing patches I could buy? At the top of my list is the Oniwaban patch right now. Thanks in advance!
  7. @alphz Thanks for the advice! I will definitely try to get some blue tak! My biggest issues has just been getting the two arms to line up correctly!
  8. Pretty sure this has given me arthritis over the past few days.
  9. Pretty sure this has given me arthritis over the past few days...
  10. That looks awesome! Is there a projected release date for this?
  11. So ny local meta has quite a bit of Aleph/Steel phalanx players. Just wondering how some of you guys deal with mirror matches? Also side-note, it seems like aleph may struggle with capturing multiple objectives. Am I wrong on this? Thanks!
  12. So I've found out the scenarios we'll be playing are; Comms Center Tic-tac-toe highly classified. I've reworked my list a bit. Also I've found out my local meta has quite a few Aleph/Steel phalanx players. If anyone could give me some pointers for those missions or list advice it would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Here's my wip list for highly classified. In the other scenarios I guess the game plan would be eclipse smoke their firelanes to "block" objectives. Some help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  14. So I'm still kind of new, and my FLGS is having a tournament at the end of the month! The missions are: comms tower tic tac toe highly classified just wondering if anyone could give me two sample lists? Would really like an Achilles, and a Marut list if possible! Thanks!