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  1. I find I am gravitating towards Kriza HMG + intruder and smoke support as a staple combo for Vanilla. Between them, they can answer a lot of questions.
  2. Too bad only three out of four in the crew are rocking DA
  3. Bran + uberfallkommando and three morlocks would still leave you 225 points and 6 swc
  4. Yeah, he needs support. Blitz an uberfall kommando up to provide eclipse cover?
  5. Still I think Bran should be your best bet. He would crit on every 4th attack roll or so in addition to normal damage due to MA. Or use lvl 2 for +3 dam.
  6. D charges can be used as a cc wpn with -3 hit mod, so I would say that they are legit when used that way. Sorry, re-read the question. Planting and detonating would be illegal.
  7. Ok thanks for the replies. Normally I’d try to run with what feels like the intent, but in this case, who knows how schwifty CB intended a trooper with sixth sense to be?
  8. So has there been any official resolution of the issue?
  9. With Kriza + interventor/custodier and Intruder + jag/lupe/morlock you can mod stack most things in the game. Also, several of those can be your LT and you still have more than 150 points left for other stuff.
  10. I can attest to this. Ran something similar but with Bran and a lone saluyt tr bot in Supremacy yesterday and got a solid win. We have a limited insertion tournament coming up.
  11. Tricky to give advice since so much hinges on how you use your pieces. For list 1 I'd probably try to switch the zero assault hacker to either a Spektr or Hellcat, since I feel that they are a better platform for the device. That will require some shuffling though, can provide an example when I am at my computer. Regarding list 2: I find that I rarely have time to fiddle with fo and spec fire in a 10 order list, so I'd run the Szalamandra instead of the Lizard. For 3 more points you increase BTS and get a HRMC. Again, this is down to playstyle. Also, I find it hard not to work Zoe and Pi well in when I am going to use a stempler anyway.
  12. Again, thank you for swift and clear resolution.
  13. Thank you for clarifying. But a model standing on the rooftop as the example above would still be counted as firing through the zone if it tried to attack something on the other side of the template? This because the template has infinite height, correct?
  14. Hello all! Couldn't find the answer to this anywhere, so here it goes: trooper on ground throws smoke in front of building, on ground level. Template covers part of the building, let's say a corner. The building has a roof, so the aforementioned corner is present on the roof as well, inside the template footprint. Will the zero vis zone also cover the part of the roof that is inside the template, even though the template was thrown on ground level?
  15. I've run the Iguana with some success in annihilation. Since he is worth the same as an operator, he can perform an initial rambo and then relocate.