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  1. I like actually like the Spektr and Naga minis that are dropping mines. Given that my Infiltrators spend more Orders deploying mines than they do Shooting, Dodging and Hacking all combined, I get a kick out of seeing it on the table.
  2. That's my thought. At 12-15 Orders, you gain some really valuable support roles without detracting heavily from your concentration of heavy hitters. The only thing you're losing is 2 Orders if you go first... Which I'm willing to sacrifice in most situations. I also find defense, or breaking a hard defense, much harder with fewer Orders. If you're giving up chain rifle mooks, flash pulse bots, cheap defensive links, etc. you have fewer boots on the ground for keeping an enemy out of your DZ. You also lose redundant LT possibilities, making it easier for an opponent to both identify and reach your LT with a threat. Similarly, if you have to break into a section of the table defended by mines and Suppressive Fire, one Warband with smoke and a Chain Rifle in a second group can trip those mines and force an enemy out of Suppression with ease, still letting your hard-hitter or quality Specialist in your full primary pool to get the mission done or exploit the gap you've opened. Once again, not dictating a right or wrong way to play, but I'd be curious to hear more about how the 10 Order guys help to address these kinds of challenges.
  3. Much obliged. Yeah I've been pleasantly surprised with Order heavy Acon. I don't always run to such extremes with that 18+ Order setup, but I do build what I think is best for the missions at hand. If I need high mobility, high order pools, lots of Specialists, lots of mines, with the ability to disrupt an enemy backfield... Yeah, I'll go lots of Orders. I also play a ton of Limited Insertion, but that tends to be because the event specifically calls for 10 Order lists. That experience with LI has really helped me gain perspective on 10 Order lists though... And honestly I can't think of any situations where I'd rather have 10 Orders rather than 13-14, at least. I think that with the elite scale of 10 Orders, you suffer severe diminishing returns on the power level of your troops, while also missing out on the fundamentally useful performance of Impetuous/Irregular/multiple AD or TO that are much harder to incorporate in a 10 order list. Even if you're primarily focusing on 10-order play, the ability to replenish a mostly elite Order pool with 2-3 additional orders as the game goes on is a really big deal, necessitating a second Combat Group so you can transfer units at need. Even simple fundamental elements of the game, like fulfilling a Classified Objective, Doctoring a trooper, tossing smoke in support of another unit, adjusting the positioning of a link team, all become critically taxing with you're limited to 10 Orders. Now, I've seen players do amazing things with 10 Order lists. I don't presume to tell someone else what's "better" or "worse". But as someone who plays a lot of ITS, and has experienced a pretty good cross section of the North American meta, I'll always field some kind of second Combat Group whenever possible.
  4. PanO is a natural candidate for this format. In Vanilla, our cheap troops are pretty much nonexistent. We're either relying on 8 point REMS or 10 point unlinked Fusiliers, both of which are units that players are happy to drop. So as a result, you can take some very powerful units, especially if you're already planning to bring Joan that good Order efficiency and the very cheap Orders she brings. Kind of an interesting choice. I think things get far more interesting for the Sectorials. MO can run their link of choice very comfortably, padding out with solo knight or (more likely) some great Order Sergeant support. NCA and Acon get really interesting, because you can link your Fusiliers/Regulars for a good cheap firebase and then choose from some great TAG/HI combat options. As far as deliberately running these lists outside of a Limited Insertion event... No, I don't think I would. Any serious button pushing mission becomes a massive liability. Failed button pushing is nasty Order drain, over which you have no control other than throwing 1 dice and hoping it lands how you want it. No matter how high the quality of your gunfighters, button pushing tends to be the great equalizer, and I'm wary of having success dictated by my ability to make a WIP13 roll quickly.
  5. I'm curious what Echo Bravos will bring that incentivizes their use. i.e. why will I want to take them over Kamau, or a pile of Fusiliers to support Crocs with mines/boarding shotguns. If Kamau are the link doing the long-range thing, that seems to indicate that Echo Bravos will want to be up close. But if they're Medium Infantry, with 4-2 MOV? And you have high AVA or AVA Total Fusiliers and high AVA Crocs as an alternative? Hmm. Mech Deploy or Forward Deployment would help a lot there.
  6. I'm curious to know more about the history of Blue Sea/Varuna Ops in general. With NCA and Acon for example, we know that the units that are part of both Sectorials also operate far from their respective planets. Troops like Swiss, Aquila, Guarda, Acon Regulars, Montessa Knights, etc. are active in a lot of different theaters. So I'll be curious to see if and how this applies to Varuna-specific units. Like, do Kamau operate outside of Varuna at all? What about Cutters?
  7. Yeah that's a good question. In keeping with the general counter-terror theme, I'd think KHDs to counter cyber terror would be fairly commonplace.
  8. Hello dude, im here again looking for some seasoned veteran opinion !!

    In a month i will have another ITS and there is a 75% of Deadly Dance being one of the missions and i need suggestions on TAG´s.
    If Hunting party is one of the other 2 then i will play NCA for a Bolt Link + Hexa spam, so the TAG for the second list will probably be the Uhlan.

    In case of not Hunting Party i will probably play Vainilla (there are only 6 possible missions to chose from and i have an amazing list for the other 4), so now the choice is between the Cutter and the Uhlan, i also have a Squalo, but........

    Uhlan pros over Cutter:
    - somewhat cheaper in points and SWC
    - smaller
    - Feuerbach for Tag on Tag action (sure to happen)

    Cutter pros over Uhlan:
    - TO (enough said)
    - Possible LT profile (dont see it happening, but its a choice)

    Case for the Sqaulo:
    - Even cheaper
    - Has a Heavy Pistol AP if someone gets closer

    For me is mostly Uhlan vs Cutter for the spot...... and even then is one and one thing that will decide the choosen, can the Multy HMG in AP mode be as efective as the Feuerbach in killing enemy TAG´s ? 
    Am i missing something else ?

    1. Barakiel


      Thanks for reaching out.

      Yeah the MULTI HMG in AP mode is actually more effective than the Fuerbach (higher burst = safer, four hits at D16 AP versus the Fuerbach's D14 AP.)  The ARO is just as good also.  The only thing the Fuerbach brings, actually, is a slightly better rangeband if you want to snipe from outside 32.  That's a pretty niche application though.

      Even with those advantages though, I think a case can be made for the Uhlan.  Have linkable line troopers to fuel a TAG, as well as provide backup firepower, is a very big deal.  A Cutter list, besides the cutter itself, is only like to have 1 or 2 quality gunfighters to back it up.  An Uhlan list though can have all 5 members of a Fusi link as scary gunfighters, plus Deva MSV2 (a very good choice to support an Uhlan in a TAG list) as well as the usual pile of Hexas, Bulleteers or whatever else you want to field.

      I'm not saying the Uhlan's the better choice, since the Cutter's basically a superior platform in every conceivable way... But the Uhlan's backup choices are better in an NCA list in my opinion, whereas the Cutter is going to be doing almost all the work in any Cutter list.  

      Lastly, having played Deadly Dance a lot lost season... I think a Camo TAG is a no brainer here.  Camo is such a big deal on a TAG, especially in this mission where you need to put the TAG in harm's way up the table.  Definitely go with a Camo TAG, and recamo often.

      Does that help?


    2. Make PanO Great Again :P

      Make PanO Great Again :P

      Hahahaha i was trying to send you a PM, have no idea what Is this....

      Yes dude, really helpful, dont know what i will do i think depend a lot on the other missions, but my idea on the Uhlan + link + Deva was spot on with yours.

      This was the NCA list

      logo_104.png Dance baby dance──────────────────────────────────────────────────GRUPO 1sep.gifsep.giforden_regular.png10  logo_8.pngULANO Ametralladora, Feuerbach / . (2 | 99) sep.giflogo_8.pngCRABBOT Pulso Flash / Cuchillo. ()logo_2.pngFUSILERO Teniente Fusil Combi / Pistola, Cuchillo. (0 | 10)logo_2.pngFUSILERO Ametralladora / Pistola, Cuchillo. (1 | 18)logo_2.pngFUSILERO Lanzamisiles / Pistola, Cuchillo. (1.5 | 15)logo_2.pngFUSILERO Fusil Combi  / Pistola, Cuchillo. (0 | 10)logo_2.pngFUSILERO Fusil Combi  / Pistola, Cuchillo. (0 | 10)logo_14.pngFUGAZI DRONBOT Pulso Flash, Sniffer / Pulso Eléctrico. (0 | 8)logo_14.pngFUGAZI DRONBOT Pulso Flash, Sniffer / Pulso Eléctrico. (0 | 8)logo_9.pngDEVA (Visor Multiespectral N2) Spitfire, Nanopulser / Pistola, Cuchillo. (1 | 33)logo_16.pngPEACEMAKER Escopeta Pesada + AUXBOT_3 / Pulso Eléctrico. (0 | 21) sep.giflogo_16.pngAUXBOT_3 Lanzallamas Pesado / Pulso Eléctrico. (- | 4)GRUPO 2sep.gifsep.giforden_regular.png3  orden_irregular.png1  logo_4.pngHEXA Hacker (Disp. de Hacker Asesino) Fusil Combi / Pistola, Pulso Eléctrico. (0 | 27)logo_11.pngPATHFINDER DRONBOT Fusil Combi, Sniffer / Pulso Eléctrico. (0 | 16)logo_20.pngMAQUINISTA Fusil Combi, Cargas-D / Pistola, Cuchillo. (0 | 15)logo_17.pngPALBOT Pulso Eléctrico. (0 | 3)logo_32.pngTECH-BEE (Asistente Remoto Nivel 1, Operativo Especialista) Pulso Flash / Pistola, Cuchillo. (0 | 5) 5.5 CAP | 298 Puntos


  9. I wonder if Varuna will get a Killer Hacking Device. It's certainly not critical, but in a Sectorial that showcases some expensive Assault Hackers (Croc, ORC), a low BTS Core Heavy Infantry link, and one of the priciest Hackable targets in the game in the form of the Cutter, I feel like it would be pretty useful to have something that can defend those pieces. MO only sort of got access to a KHD through De Fersen, so I can see Varuna going either way right now.
  10. Hmm I wonder if they can actually do them in a blister, like they did with the Eduardo Tikbalang in the TAGline winner's kit. It's kind of a tight fit, but it's possible.
  11. Yeah, I'd say ARM8, MULTI HMG, and S7 versus the Stingray's S6 pretty firmly roots the Cutter in the world of main battle TAGs.
  12. Back on Serenity of course. It sure would be nice if we had some grenades right about now...
  13. Interesting. The comment about Nisse makes me wonder about MSV on AD. It would certainly spike up the cost, but it would also be unique, and I like the thought of an AD counter to those midfield Camo tokens and smoke tossers.
  14. I think Mercs/Bounty Hunters are right at home in Sval. I mentioned this in another thread, but it seems logical that both sides would freely employ mercenary units to stir up trouble and try to sow confusion or cover their own tracks in the area. It also seems like Bounty Hunters would be happy operating there. Both sides probably have fugitives, AWOL soldiers, asylum seekers, defectors, or other targets who they would want recovered but don't want to risk sending their Regular troops in to get that work done. Risk of international incident or whatnot. But if you send in some like Sforza, who can get the work done while only functionally operating as a private citizen... That's great.
  15. Maybe they'll get one too. No reason the aliens should have all the fun with two-Wound AD. As for the idea that Varuna shouldn't have drop troops because... Water and buildings? Not going to engage on that one.