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  1. So I plan on starting Steel Phalanx very soon with •300pt Starter •Steel Phalanx starter •Scylla and Drakios •A Dactyl •Atalanta •Machaon Was wondering if there's any tips, tricks, strategies that are common or not so common knowledge, stuff like that. I have played quite a bit of Tohaa, so I'm just new to SP.
  2. Primary Tohaa player and looking to pick up Steel Phalanx soon, very soon
  3. you make a solid point and in response I blame my brother.
  4. I thought it was required that they AD in?
  5. So with courtesy lists in mind how does this work, because it's all out there before deployment right?
  6. Same, I had a much harder time with the gao-tarsos
  7. "You must share Open Information about your Army List while you deploy your models during the Deployment Phase, and also any time your opponent asks during the game." Does this mean that your models and their loadouts are told when they are deployed, or when they are all out. Specifically, if I have a counter deployment, are their weapons and such mentioned during my deployment phase, or after when I actually deploy them? Assuming of course they are camo or the like.
  8. With the upcoming beyond packs, for ice storm and red veil, there are new rules being added that can be found in their pdf's on the CB website
  9. With the addition of Fatality and Full Auto, and the fact they are fairly generic rules what are the chances we get access to them? And on which units would they be appropriate? More likely i'd think if anything we'd see new units with them.
  10. We do, males females and chaksa's
  11. Why stop at the box, if we're all there we can go above and beyond!
  12. Would like to see those graph comparisons for the other phases, looking forwards to the fluff as well.
  13. If it does end up being comprised of mostly human mercs i'm with you, but I really think we lack enough information to know what we're getting yet. excited for 2035 though!
  14. New Tohaa always interests me. Someone in the august thread did say he was going to be available to vanilla factions which is kinda unfortunate, was hoping for some Triumvirate previews. Also makes me think how do we not have a Taqeul dossier yet?
  15. LRL is needed, really don't need another spitfire, everything else can be viral/normal combis. Females would be interesting.