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  1. To piggy back on this, would martial arts effect this roll? Would it still effect the dog warrior if he declared a shoot instead?
  2. Really need a sakiel box
  3. Yes and I'm quite excited That would be frustrating..
  4. If you really wanted to throw a hacker in there,depending on the groups/friends rulings, our spec ops can be outfitted to be a 15 WIP hacker. And depending on the enemy, and map, I really enjoy throwing more viral at them, 4 burst viral combis being shot at troops not equipped to take a shot is just so much fun, that's just my preference though.
  5. Yes.
  6. For clarity, is the +3 to medkits from symbiont a mod to the -3 or does it just make it a PH +3, the former doesn't make me love my dice chances compared to the doctor check Edit: definitely says mod, which just makes them like 50/50 rolls
  7. 1. It is a FtF bs attack, so it uses your ph if thrown and bs if fired, and takes into account all normal modifiers 2. Yes 3. Prone/standing is declared at the beginning of a movement skill so you could only change state once per short skill is my understanding 4. Just no base to base
  8. Now that you've pointed it out the Rocket arrow amuses me greatly, and thank you for pointing these out
  9. Does anyone have any ideas or concepts of what our missile launcher would actually look like, as far as im aware we have no art of it anywhere, and with the sukeul models around the corner id like the try and do a conversion.
  10. If the rules don't state it I'd say it's safe to say it's allowed. And that in the case of Camo where infiltration is more common, you're unaware of what that Camo marker is, or more so hidden deployment, so you can't really police ZoC if you're not aware of the existence of zones of control right?
  11. Is it shut down for just that order then?
  12. 1. If you're referring to a hidden deployment state, I believe any order will reduce you to the TO camo state, In which case you will generate ARO's 2. I'm not 100% but since they are forced to declare their ARO before the movement they are shooting you while you are still in cover.
  13. This would be super nasty, I love it You're right, but he can't link, and he just completely slipped my mind because I don't own him.
  14. Thank you
  15. In an ARO situation, where the false holoecho is the only one with LoF, can the echo: 1.Declare an aro 2.participate in a FtF roll 3.do real damage if it wins And after that order is resolved is just the echo taking the ARO removed, or do all echos get removed.