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  1. I could be totally off base, I thought I had read a statement saying that, though I have no source.
  2. This is where i'm at, almost, I would be very displeased if it end's up being a bunch of existing human mercs. I chose to play Tohaa for the way they look and play, I don't want humans if I did I would have played one of the many human factions, and as you said it's really bad because we hardly get releases. If vanilla Tohaa had new releases on the horizon I wouldn't care as much that our sectorial is being squandered by humans, but as far as I know cb has said that vanilla Tohaa is basically a completed faction. If it ends up being Tohaa or other alien mercs just so that they aren't available in vanilla that is more than okay. I just don't see any reason to give Tohaa a sectorial that is human mercs + some Tohaa other than a huge fuck you.
  3. @Cothel is there confirmation that regeneration doesn't work, or we just haven't had the chance for it to happen? @Wombat85 you can't use the doctor skill on troopers that are not in an unconscious state.
  4. I'd like that, however regeneration is a normal PH roll, which would be 16 and that may be a little strong
  5. I like him, however he doesn't stand up to other factions tags
  6. The Bomb only works once, and if you use it to face to face a hacking attack you're not using it as your only way to make a wound back, the Chaksa is a handy thing to have.
  7. I really think one of the glaring downsides for me, which is partially fixed by SymbioBombs, is that it cannot regain wounds like a normal tag because it does have wounds, and is Symbiont armour. We can't support it like other armies can with their TAGs, we just have to give it some Symbio buddies and hope they're enough.
  8. This is the kind of stuff I bring up during a game and no one believes me. Trying to use a boosting koala to get a impact template shot on a camo marker.
  9. Oh yes, the horror stories about symbiobugs, ghazis cower and proxies run from the field when I deploy those bad boys
  10. DTW

    alright excellent
  11. DTW

    When using a DTW to attack are there ANY rolls associated with it? we had been playing with crit rolls, but upon looking I can't actually find any rules for that...
  12. Just to be certain, ECM doesn't actually effect hacking right?
  13. This has potential, maybe we'll get more releases as a CA sectorial
  14. there was a stub for it on the wiki, but it was removed a little while ago sadly.