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  1. Okay perfect thank you!
  2. A unit is hit by a rocket launcher and fails both saves, does this unit make a single fire save roll for both failures, or do they roll a dice for each original failure?
  3. something something low bar
  4. 13 right? only time it's usable is unconscious, and on the inactive profile which is 10 PH
  5. It's okay, i wasn't the one who broke the ice
  6. I second this motion, at least a concept card thing.. Also sakiel box dear god please
  7. We are integral to the story
  8. Don't leave out Tohaa's Symbiobugs!
  9. I love my makauls on this terrain
  10. In this case CH: Camo gives you stealth, so unless the hacker has Sixth sense i don't think they can make an ARO against you from outside of their LoF
  11. How does that resolve?
  12. Both put a unit into the targeted state, so they do not stack in any way.
  13. Very excited for her, especially that model
  14. Thank you, came across it, just wanted to double check.