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  1. Actually, I find that losing a 9 pts mini, even if it is a regular one, is quite a good deal in exchange for a burnt Achilles (with maybe one or two lost W ). 6/2 mov helps a lot to get the ikadron close. And we can get two of those little badasses for more board coverage. Yeah, it wont work each time, but definitely a good option to keep in mind.
  2. Hum, 9 pts, 6/2 inches mov, double flamer Ikadron disagree
  3. That's a lot of Fraacta's!
  4. Thanks for the better picture The concept art is really cool, let's hope we can buy the mini soon!
  5. This nexus is looking great! Can't wait to see the renders and the minis I'll finally stop using my Legate as a proxy... Any idea of when the Nexus could be available? I'm quite new at Corvus Belli and I really don't know how this company works. Thanks