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  1. Can my non Camo (Impersonation) guys with martial arts even get the surprise attack ability that Martial arts says they can do? (e.g Tarik Mansuri). Pg 104 Surprise Attack: states that my trooper must fulfill all requirements: - He must have a special skill that gives him surprise attack. (Martial arts does this). - He must also be in a marker state! (Tarik Mansuri cannot do this). - He must enter base contact in the same order surprise attack was declared. (Easy) Guess I kind of answered my own question.
  2. Does this mean that shotguns (while not ignoring cover to hit the person) ignore (partial) cover bonus' for the arm roll??? They produce an impact template everyone under the template take the attack. Templates ignore (partial) cover. Am I reading this right? Tell me I'm wrong!!!
  3. I'd also like to see if anyone has last Seasons Scenarios? they are missing from the Downloads sections?
  4. Brought up similar situation but didn't deal with the link teams and one model throwing smoke over another. Got anything that might help with that?
  5. To clarify, 1. If the Enemy 1 fires and my Model 1 and I throw smoke to block the shot, It is face to face. 2. But if Enemy 1 fires at my Model 2 and my Model 1 has LoS and throws smoke over Model 1 to block the shot, while the smoke is a normal roll, does it still roll against the shot to block it? or does the shot ignore the smoke even though I am covering my Model 2 simultaneously? (Assuming model 2 has no Aro attempting to block the shot for whatever reason. I.e shot in the back arc) 3. If Enemy 1 targets both my Models 1 & 2, 1 deploys smoke to cover both models and 2 shoots back, does the smoke block my model 2 Aro shot back as well as Enemy 1 shots (if the smoke roll is higher than both of the shooting rolls)? 4. (last one)If my Models are in a link team of 4 people hence getting sixth sense level 2, and I apply the above scenario 3, (assuming that the smoke blocks all shots) would the Aro shot still succeed, because 6th sense, for lack of a better term negates smoke penalties? Sorry I got specific. Just wanted to know how it all worked. I have been playing on a tiered system where the dice rolls are resolved based on the highest success first then going down to determine the order in which the action took place.
  6. Personally I colour the insides of my mymidons CC weapons based on what weapon option I would expect that model to have. eg. Achillies and Patrocles have EXP weapons Euduros and the other character myrmidons have DA Regular myrmidons and officers have AP SO I colour them as such RED = EXP Blue = DA Green = AP Gold = Monofliament Its working so far, i just coloured one of the regular myrmidon models red to show me using a EXP CC weapon Myrmidon. Helps me keep track what with my SWARMS of Myrmidons, I run.