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  1. Awesome, thanks guys I thought there might be a way to switch marker states without revealing the model (and thus at least keeping loadout private), but if the model reveals, then yeah, there doesn't seem much point
  2. So, hopefully some fairly quick questions/confirmations on a TO Camo interaction. I know that if I've got a skill, I can elect to use lower levels of that skill (ex. a Hellcat using AD: 2 over AD: 5), I just want to check some interactions to potentially hide Spektrs amongst normal camo markers. Note for all penalties to discover/hit, I'm ignoring MSV/Sensor (so I don't have to write something to that effect each time)? 1) If I've got a model with CH 3: TO Camoflage (say, a Spektr), can I deploy him under a normal camo marker (using CH 2: Camoflage)? I'd say yes, because I can elect to use a lower level of the skill (and the skill is tagged optional), but do I need to declare it at all (since I'm not using the max level of a skill or something)? 2) Following on, I'm presuming discover checks against him would be -3, not -6 (because I'm only using CH 2, and CH 2 explicitly says -3), yes? 3) Once he's out of marker state, at what point does he go back to being -6 to hit (from CH 3)? Do I need to declare I'm using CH 3 (which then cancels CH 2) at the conclusion of the reveal, does it happen automatically, or is it something that waits until my next turn/order? If another model pulls a Discover/Shoot order combination, can I have the shot against me suffer a -6, even though the discover is at -3? Somewhat tangentially, if I wanted my Spektr to go from Camo marker to TO Camo marker (to get the full -6 discover), I'd presume I'd need to spend a Full Action (out of LoF/Sensor area) to activate CH 3, which then would drop CH 2? Thanks
  3. Heya, could I bag two Grenzers, the Ice Storm Spektr and one Mobile Brigada w/ Missile launcher please? Got some conversion ideas rattling around.