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  1. I'm curious how they aren't shooting your newly hatched seeds unopposed, though. First, your seed either needs to be in the open or in ZoC to ARO an advancing troop. If it's in the open, then you are hatching before they declare their second short skill, which should be BS shoot, right? You get no reaction to that, as you just used your ARO to hatch. If it's in ZoC out of LoS, sure, but remember that you can't hatch prone, so if your seed was behind short cover and you hatched, your new unit will be in full view of someone who has another short skill to spend. As for Spawn Embryo, I don't see any difference in combat potential from unconscious. The only thing Spawn Embryo helps with is scoring (unless I'm missing something).
  2. The rule isn't set in stone, yet though, right? I mean, they could easily put a bullet point like this: "- This +1 Burst does not stack with fireteam bonuses."
  3. I know, hence the "For what it's worth..." in the beginning. But perhaps this will push Carlos or someone else to actually respond with a definitive answer :). His forum name is @bostria, right?
  4. For what it's worth, this came up in the Beyond Red Veil video just posted. Around the 35 minute mark Killian declares "stand up" as his first order with a camo token. Carlos then declares "delay," but does not specify who is delaying. Killian then declares BS shoot and Carlos declares BS shoot with both the Hsein (who is in B2B contact with an unconscious enemy) and his Guilang sniper. The strict interpretation of the rule says the Hsein could not have declared BS shoot if he had actually been engaged (and the Haqq sniper would be firing into CC). But they both played it as the Hsein being disengaged.
  5. This. I didn't bring one for the longest time because of the price, but having a Infiltrating HD Specialist can be very powerful in missions that score on the last turn. I'm slowly coming around to fitting one in when I can.
  6. Just echoing this. Do what feels right and can be agreed upon with your opponent. You can, of course, see the foliage as an abstraction, which will better rationalize an infinite height zone.
  7. Note that all troopers in a link team are considered active when the link spends an order. So if a link team moves first skill, you fire a template at a link member that is not the leader, and they decide to shoot instead of dodge, that roll will be normal for all except the link leader if he/she is within the blast template.
  8. The problem is that an "exact answer" to something like this is likely not going to happen. That said, it seems that there is only one person left in the thread that thinks you can declare two AROs (and only because they haven't responded recently). Community consensus is coalescing around the notion that you declare once at the moment you think you have an ARO, and check to see if it's valid at the resolution stage. If you guessed wrong on declaration, you lose your ARO.
  9. Agreed. I was having trouble with those bullet points myself until I read the examples.
  10. But that's the way the rules read anyway. The argument for multiple ARO declarations is that if you are out of range, you could not have declared that ARO, and - therefore - should have an ARO that you can declare. Personally, I see this argument as a weak semantic one at best (difference between "declaring" and "getting"). I, personally, wouldn't mind a rule rewrite for pre-measuring ZoC, but I think Cartographer has given decent anecdotal evidence that it could do more harm than good.
  11. Also, note that if any of the other models moved under the template at any time, they will also be hit (even if they end outside of it) with no recourse. You need to be very careful about how you move a group of troopers around template weapons.
  12. Question about the Sphinx. You mention putting it down as a marker if you have Turn 1 so that you can get the order for it. But if you plan on using the Sphinx in Turn 1 anyway, and it generates it's own order in HD, then you aren't really losing the order by putting it in HD, right? I guess you mention putting it down once you know where all the hackers are, which essentially means it will be your reserve troop... in which case it won't matter at all.
  13. Huh, not sure where I got that from. I remember it coming up in a game, but now I can't recall if the enemy was in a marker state or not.
  14. With the one caveat that they get to delay ARO as if the opponent were a marker no matter what, yes? No.
  15. Technically, he would have had to delay ARO (if the HD model had LoS or you were sure they were in ZoC) revealing that something is there, but not what. I do not think you can declare an ARO with a HD troop on the second short skill unless you delayed the first one. The exception being if they were not in LoF or ZoC at the end of the first short skill.