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  1. I don't think anyone's mentioned it yet, but the first time I saw an image of Kasym Beg, I immediately thought of Raven from Snowcrash.
  2. @inane.imp I posted this on the new forums. If you want to post it yourself, I'll request mine get deleted.
  3. That's probably because of the bullet point that specifically says so :P. "Up" and "Down" are pretty specific within the context.
  4. The only Haris available is 2 Xeodrons and a Samaritan. I've used a core of Unidrons aggressively before: PSR/ML + Spitfire + the regulars/FOs covers all of the range bands, mostly with templates. No need to make all 5 strong (as if a regular Unidron were not "strong"). Usually, though, I bring a Core of Unidrons that mostly plays defense, then several pieces that I can move up the board once the big ARO threats are dealt with. That way, I have a strong defensive fireteam that is hard to dislodge and provides a large number of orders for my more aggressive pieces. That said, we have another CA player that swears by Rodoks in Onyx and almost never brings Unidrons. However, even with Superjump I find their 4-2 MOV cumbersome. I don't think I've ever played the same list twice outside of a tournament, so it would be hard for me to have a "favorite" list. I do love me some Sphinx action, though.
  5. If you have the ability to change the aperture setting (f-stop) on your camera/phone, make it a larger number. That will make the shutter open smaller and give you a larger depth of field (more stuff in focus). Note, however, that the larger the f-stop setting, the more light you need. If everything is automatic on your camera/phone, then it might do it on its own if you get further away and zoom in a bit. That should force the camera to close the shutter a bit to catch more of the background in focus.
  6. Got registered without a hitch here.
  7. Why have I never seen those sketches before?!
  8. Unfortunately, the best you are going to get in most cases will be @IJW Wartrader, since the actual rules writers do not answer on this board very frequently. And he, likely, won't bother if others have brought up the same points he would have anyway.
  9. But that's just what I like about this Universe. There are no "good guys" other than the faction you are playing. Everyone is just human... except the aliens, I guess. What would a "good guy" faction even look like? Would it have to be human, or could it be another alien race?
  10. Unidrons can link with a Nexus hacker, and that hacker can buff the Unidrons. Only problem is if they are in a link together and in LoF of an enemy, that buff will give the opponent free shots at your exposed unit (usually a Unidron on ARO duty). By starting with the Nexus out of the link, you can safely buff the Unidron without generating AROs and then use a CT to bring the link up to 5 for the bonus. All that's left is to go on a killing spree with your Plasma Sniper Rifle or Missile Launcher. Rodoks are certainly not bad. I mean, every time I bring them, I wonder why I'm not playing MAF, but they are actually really good if you bring an aggressive Lt. like a Samaritan. I've never regretted playing with them, it's just that I get the idea in my head that if I'm playing Onyx, I am doing it to bring a Core fireteam of buffable Dogged REMs.
  11. I used "normal" Elmer's glue and it works fine. I did need to use some of the cardstock that came with the package as shims for the largest markers, but the others are holding great with just the glue. EDIT: erm, maybe ignore that. I was thinking of Warsenal, though it is probably the same idea.
  12. I plan on using the pneumarch as the hacker, probably even after I get this one.
  13. #mindblown
  14. Alright... last attempt: There is literally no situation where this could happen unless you actually make up a sequence for resolving end of turn effects (not supported in the rules) AND put something like "check for Dogged and remove models" (also not supported in the rules) BEFORE Biotechvore. That's what I'd call "assuming a lot that isn't stated explicitly." You do not attempt to remove models with Dogged that have not yet gone Dogged (and then fail). There is nothing in the rules to support this line of reasoning, and your entire argument hinges on this point. There is no global "check" as I've pointed out numerous times now, nor does there need to be. There is nothing in the Dogged Skill that forces or even allows you to "check" for Dogged at the end of the turn. The only thing that forces you to remove Dogged models is the Dogged state itself. And it is quite clear as to when you remove that model (HINT: if you have a Dogged model on the table when the tactical phase of a player starts, you're doing it wrong). As to @DukeEarl's point, I do believe @Hecaton is poking at inconsistencies most of the time and not trying to "game" the system. If I ever came across as anything more than somewhat exasperated, it is simply because I have been accused of doing things that are actually what he has done, and he refuses to respond to all of the points as a whole, so we keep going around and around repeating ourselves.
  15. I believe this is incorrect. Though the answer isn't completely official, IJW has indicated that it's only when dispersing off the table that it is lost.