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  1. I went with a blue scheme because at the time I was painting them for somebody else who wanted that color, and I kept it when I ended up being much more interested in Nomads than the guy who originally wanted them. So I have a lot of blue on them, as shown by the Iguana below. I decided that they would be issued uniform armor and weapons, but any clothing and other things like that would not be uniform but would be individualized by unit and specific figure. It's been working out decently well. Going back to the original question, I think CB just recently switched Bakunin from white and orange and black to white and red and black. You can see that in all the recent releases such as the moderators.
  2. I decided to start motivating myself by putting up the figures I painted up. Starting with the PanO figures I painted for my friend, then I will add the Nomads I painted for myself, and after that I will keep updating as I finish things for those two armies and eventually for the other armies I want to get going. So without further ado I will start with some of the Ice Storm troops: Next up are some fusiliers. Some of them show the results of me unfortunately not realizing the impact that humidity has on spray varnish... There will be more of that with some of the early Nomads. Live and learn, I'm too slow a painter to strip and redo figures I already finished and none of the internet remedies to remove frosting ended up removing all of the problem. Now I just accept them as a reminder to always be careful with varnish. Also got an Auxilia done, I am quite pleased with how the Auxbot turned out except for the sensor which I think turned out fine but not spectacular.
  3. Hopefully this is the right section for this: I created some demo sheets for playing the last mission of Operation IceStorm with people who showed interest in the game. They use the colors I painted my PanO and Nomad figures, so don't necessarily show what most people's game tables will look like, but somebody suggested I share them anyway so I'm going to put them up here. Hope they are useful to some and inspire some others to create their own for whatever factions they like to use for demo games. Got into Infinity after the CSU stopped being included, so I use my Nomad HVT figure and run the mission as him having gotten caught trying to sell secrets to Yu Jing and both factions are trying to rush the building and grab the goodies
  4. I am pretty sure that the pose on the Iguana is a reference to Mewtwo from Pokemon:
  5. I just saw the lizard in person for the first time two days ago, and I liked it a whole lot more than I thought I would. yours looks really nice as well. I think it's just the official paint scheme that I hate, it really doesn't do the figure any favors IMO.
  6. Mine came in, hopefully yours gets shipped out soon @Dan-O My guess is that the delay is because they didn't get enough people into the warehouse to pack and ship boxes. It takes a significant amount of work to make sure everything gets out without a lot of packing errors. With any luck they will work through their backlog soon and you'll have your figures to paint
  7. It is possible that the decision to include Knauf was taken early in the development, and only when the community responded with such enthusiasm to the runup of the manga did they decide to make the other characters as well. Though I admit that the timeline would be pretty tight for that theory...
  8. I had the same problem, just made a new report and copy-pasted all the details to it, and it worked. Am sending an email to warconsole to remove the old busted one, hopefully that'll be easy enough to do
  9. Are you sure that's the case? The wording of "more lieutenants" seems to imply that that's not the case. After all, the lieutenants are only counted as captured at the end of the game, so if you glue one on turn one, a second on the opponent's turn, and a third one on turn 3, while your opponent only glues yours once on turn 2, that should be a 4-0 win for you and not a 3-3 tie, but it would be a tie if you could only have one Lt. at a time... Or am I missing something?
  10. The rules for Hunting Party say that if a lieutenant becomes immobilized and is still immobilized at the start of the tactical phase of their active turn then a new lieutenant is chosen. It doesn't say anything about whether the immobilized lieutenant still counts as a lieutenant, though the fact you can have hunted "more" lieutenants than your opponent implies that that is the case. As such, if a lieutenant gets hit by a glue gun and goes immobilized 2, and so a new lieutenant is chosen, but in the following turn the first lieutenant is set free by an engineer, does that mean the player has two active lieutenants? That seems to logically follow, and no problem seems to be created by that situation, but I just wanted to make sure.
  11. I got the delay email and then a sent notification a day and a half later, tracking claims I will have my figures early next week. So they're working through the backlog as quickly as they can
  12. I don't mind the Haq one at all, I think the bird feet design is visually interesting and quite unique. Others clearly disagree, which is fine. The models I have the most problem with is the basic Zonds, which is unfortunate because I play Nomads. I don't like the weird wheeled legs and not keen on the head of it. Not terrible mind you, but just much less interesting than the other Nomad bots (like the Tsyklons) or the ordinary bots for PanO and other factions.
  13. The Szalamandra is the weakest TAG in the line, IMO. That said, when it is painted in a way that doesn't make those two panels on the top of the head look like giant misplaced eyes, the figure looks slightly less terrible.
  14. The game is anime inspired, and I can definitely see that as something that happens in some rather grim anime series...
  15. How about making the campaign sections depend not on a number of days but on the number of battles? This can add problems in itself, granted, but would definitely add an incentive to not hold onto your battle reports too long, you might find out that your ten battle reports in Zone A can't go in because you waited until Zone A was all played out. It also makes sense fluffwise, any given starship can only have so many incursions into it by armed boarding parties and have it's system hacked or some thingamajig destroyed so many times before any sensible captain either decides to withdraw it to somewhere safer, or send it in for much needed repairs. I mean there must be a pretty sizable hole cut into a light frigate to sneak a TAG onto it, right?