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  1. I had not seen that. Possibly because I subconsciously allow aliens to look weirdly out of proportion?
  2. I can't stop seeing how long the Farzan's legs are. Is that just a weird angle or are the figures really that long limbed? It doesn't seem like you could get the length of legs wrong when you're doing 3D sculpting...
  3. Oops my bad. I should let myself get a full night's sleep before I try to remember details of things. Sorry for the confusion
  4. I am pretty sure Teslarod is right. You get to hack a team as long as one of them doesn't have stealth. Having one loud trooper in the bunch ruins it for all the stealthy ones.
  5. The demo I played had three characters per player, so 2 on 2 might be hard since you'd have a spare character per team.
  6. Okay. I am going to try this one more time: Lets say that I am playing PanO in the next campaign. In my local club there is another PanO player, two CA players, two Nomad players, three Yu Jing players, two Haq players, an Ariadna player, and one Tohaa player. Of these the Tohaa player, the Nomad players, and I are in Wotan. The others don't care. The Tohaa player can just choose to not play me or the Nomad players for 8 weeks (easy enough to do) and is bringing a 100% local win contribution to the campaign. I can't do that because the losses that the other PanO player suffers to either Nomads or Tohaa get reported. So for me to report 100% local wins I have to make sure that the other PanO player either always beats the campaign players or just goes away for 8 weeks. Similar things are going to happen in every meta, a minority of players are going to be involved, so everybody gets a wide scope of opponents, but most of those opponents will play the popular factions (those that had new blood jump in through Icestorm and Red Veil, in particular) so the losses will come predominantly from the popular factions. It is really really easy to find a win against PanO or Nomads, there are people who are playing those factions everywhere. It is comparatively hard to find a win against Tohaa because you need to find one in your local store, and there are fewer of them around. Essentially, your campaign will be boring, because there is no way for Tohaa to lose, except if you treat each sectoral separately. Then Tohaa will be the biggest faction and Shasvasti will end up ruling the roost.
  7. For the record, I have had a very good experience running new players through just the last mission of Icestorm. It takes a bit of time to explain things up front, but nothing more difficult than explaining a board game before the first time you play. Playing through all the missions step by step is only really necessary (IMO) if there isn't an experienced player around to help guide and explain thing to the new player(s).
  8. Okay here is your proof: 1) Under your system only victories are ever reported. A report of a loss will cause your own faction to criticize you and ask you to stop, so it won't happen past week 1. 2) This means that every report is a win for the side that writes it up, and a loss for whomever they chose to play that day. 3) They are more likely to choose a player from a larger faction, because there are more players to choose from, unless their meta somehow has only less popular factions played. 4) Therefore the most popular factions will get hit by your system because the percentage of wins among games they report will be the same as for the small factions (100%) but the number of times they are listed as the losers in reports others put up is larger (because you are much more likely to find a PanO player on a given Infinity night than a Tohaa one). 5) QED That is setting aside that your system essentially removes the report linking thing for anything except draws, which is a shame because I enjoyed that. So that is a bonus reason why your system isn't the way I would like CB and BoW to go.
  9. Might as well list myself on this thread too. I'm in Newton, MA. Mostly come down to Norton on Mondays, but happy to meet in Cambridge or Malden if a group develops there as well.
  10. To build on what @WargameHub said, there is an active group in Norton, we meet every Monday. I live in Newton and it is a 40 minute drive for me, so doable. Nashua, NH is Tuesday nights. There are also some players in the city itself who either drive down regularly or host games at their house. I would be willing to drop in for a game in Pandemonium or the Hobby Bunker but haven't found a way to connect with people who are looking to do that yet.
  11. Wait... So your argument is that since the current system is unfair to small factions, it should be replaced with one that's unfair to big factions because that's somehow superior? Shouldn't we be trying to make the system more fair, rather than switching who it is unfair against?
  12. Nomads had little legal ground to stand on? How so? If O-12 is like the UN or EU, which is how the fluff describes it, then Nomads had every legal ground to stand on. They are a sovereign state and they have a monopoly of legitimate use of force in their territory, full stop. Any troops from any other faction is by definition committing an illegal act and there was nothing written in the official fluff that changed that. There was never an official refutation of the Nomad claim to their right to investigate their own territory, just a threat from Yu Jing to use force if they aren't given free reign, plus accusations of PanO involvement and demands placed on Ariadna. None of that changes the legal fact that anyone in a non-Nomad uniform who discharged a weapon on La Forja is a criminal. Granted, anyone who isn't wearing a Yu Jing uniform that shot a gun in Baijing is also a criminal. In fact the only people involved who aren't criminals are the CA (they're at war) and anyone who attacked their ship, and for the humans who attacked the CA even they are criminals if they used illegal weapons and ammo (like shotguns). So yeah... Point is, Nomads were legally in the right per the fluff. If there was an alien intrusion on a Nomad base only they had the authority to investigate unless they had GIVEN anyone else, including O-12, the right to investigate. They never did in the fluff, so O-12 had no authority on La Forja. The second a ship left La Forja, they are in international space and can be boarded by O-12 legitimately (as the original incident shows, everything there was legal except maybe the excessive violence shown by Ariadnan troops). But the space station itself is sovereign ground and could no more be entered by Ariadna, Aleph, or Yu Jing than the Chinese embassy could be entered by the CIA today just because they suspect that some diplomats there might be up to something bad.
  13. Focusing on win percentage also creates bad incentives within the faction discussion as well. Can you imagine if somebody who is new to the game jumps into the spirit of things and starts to play games, loses 80% of them but is still having fun so they write up the games and posts their losses. Now, let's say that they are losing in an important sector. Can you imagine what sort of grief they are likely to get from some of the super competitive members of their factions? Man, I don't even want to think about it. Much better would be to set the goals completely separate from other factions. For instance, the fluff goal for the Nomads could be to hack into an installation to discover what PanO discovered on Paradiso. So if they get 120 points at "Hack the Consoles" campaign mission they get a win there and when the fluff for the Kriza comes out there will be a blurb included that says their special guns have the rapid fire ability because of stolen PanO tech gained during the campaign. If the Nomads fail, that blurb isn't there and nobody even knows it was ready to be added in. Meanwhile the Yu Jing mission is also for the same mission, but they are doing it to hack the EI system to try to get a cure for Sepsitor. If they succeed the next book will have a little picture of the reward the State Empire is offering for the capture of Ko Dali so they can test their prototype tool to free her from EI control. Again, if they fail that little fluff call out is just never produced and life goes on. The point is that if a Nomad player and a Yu Jing player are sitting down for this mission, they know that in a tie they both advance their cause, and with a win they advance it more. They can't hurt their cause, so there's no penalty for a loss, and in fact the system should be changed to give you .5 points for reporting a loss (IMO) to encourage linked reports in all cases.
  14. I have heard that Nomads were somehow guilty throughout the campaign and that always bothered me. I read the official fluff as Yu Jing trying to turn a security event into an excuse for war. After all, there was a Nomad investigation into the event that YJ essentially tried to prevent. Real world illustrations are always tricky, but let's try anyway. Imagine if a Japanese ship leaving from Okinawa was examined as it was going through the blockade toward North Korea and it turned out that rather than humanitarian supplies like it was supposed to have, there was some hidden uranium. The Japanese government declares itself shocked and pledges to get to the bottom of things. China says that Japan can't be trusted to investigate itself, and demands that Chinese troops (note that YJ wanted their own people in La Forja, not O12) and police be given free reign to go to Okinawa and investigate it as if it was Chinese territory. When Japan tells them that isn't going to happen they send their special forces in. Nomads did exactly what any government on Earth would do today. You don't let foreign troops act like they own your place. If you do, you become a colonial possession. As for supporting CA in the campaign itself, you can say the same thing about Aleph and Ariadna as you can about Nomads. Essentially once PanO declared war on CA, YJ went in for the glory, and good for them. Other factions went for points, and that is just as good for them.
  15. While I found the few players who spammed dozens of battles to be lessening my enjoyment, and making me feel like what I do doesn't matter very much, I don't think limiting the number of battles per phase will stop that. It would just make them shift how they do it. The spammers would just make 5 accounts and get 3 battles per account. Nothing changes. I think changing the missions and scoring would be much more effective. Also, I think some friendly guidelines should be issued at the start. Not enforced rules, just something to say how BoW and CB hope we all play the campaign. That way the factions can choose to police themselves if somebody is breaking the guidelines, but without anybody needing to actually enforce rules which would be too resource intensive.