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  1. Cheap up the board stealth specilists are always something to keep your eye on, even if it might not look flashy. The iragular order is more of a boon then a bad thing imo. Your not paying for a better order you are not going to use anyway. Shock immunity is a confusing wast. Mono CC is surprising but might have use I guess. SMG = SF and that is a good thing if he lives that long. I am not going to every wast an order doing Paramedic but I still like the fact it is a specilist
  2. I could use the guide on how to do that. I was very much hoping it was just a wash or something so it did not take anything that looked like talent. having tried and botched trying to make tactical looking armor before, I could use a simple step by step guide. For your conversion. Head looks a tad bit big but correct for an intruder,I love the gun and pose!
  3. naa Fat1 makes very little difference to me anyway. The Iggy is however fun as a data tracker. I used it my last game for Quadrant Control.
  4. Wow that is cool. As a painting noob can I ask if you hand painted the white highlights or did you use some kind of wash?
  5. Interesting. I never take wildcat core links, so I am glad to see they worked well for you. Maybe I should reevaluate there worth. I do think tags got some much needed love with its9 mostly the gecko's and iguana surprisingly so I am happy to see gecko's in the list.
  6. The HMG is a bad call imo. If you have to walk your trooper on almost in your DZ you might as well have taken something else. However a Jump trooper with MA lets you stealth up to a target and you well probably still just shoot them truth be told. If only you had a knife. The nano makes the bsg a little redundant but I have a sexual fixation with how good shotguns are so I would still probably go with bsg myself.
  7. No you don't "need" a hacker but that Q-drone really wants you to have one.
  8. Simple answer is Always an MK1, always an MK2, and probably the MK5 but you have a little more flexibility here. I would also probably always take an Order stick as well but that is just me.
  9. I don't have much play time with this faction yet but with already having lots of Chain of command, I wound up using it as an aggressive LT suicide Rambo for taking out link teams or clumped cheerleaders. Lets look at it next to an Ectros Rambo. The Ectros Lt's weapon sucks for assaulting imo so you kinda have to us the HMG. This means the Rasail has a LT order advantage vs the Ectros range advantage. Ectros can be hacked. Rasail has better armor and is harder to hit when moving or fishing for a zero cover angle of attack thanks to nanoscreen. I kinda feel this is equal to the higher BS skill and armor of the Ectros myself. The Chaksa can set up damned if you do and damned if you don't attacks. The Ectros has a heris team... this is a pretty massive advantage if you don't mind spending more points. The Ectros is much better at dodging those deadly flame weapons in ARO. Maybe the Ectros really is just better then the Rasail.
  10. But.... :sigh: I have always sucked at troop analyses. I thought the three wounds+mate made it a pretty good unit. but I might be overly valuing the Chaksa as defense.
  11. I would be much happier of sym armor and fire interaction was cleaned up and made simpler, However considering how few models there are and how badly fire can mess up our TAG I am not sure a big nerf is really needed. As for sybomates yah a nerf is needed... avi 1 or even only getting one to as opposed to two mates with a slight cost reduction?
  12. I would also be very interested in your counter thoughts to this critique. Do you agree with his assessment and if not where do you disagree?
  13. I was mostly impressed with his 20 order Tagline list. I felt he was more kind to the TAG's then I would have been and I also wondered if he was not undervaluing the Aquila just a bit, I play spammy camo lists and tend to have 1-2 MSV2 so a Swiss guard is not as much of an issue for me as an Aquila but this is more of a local meta issue I think.
  14. Having played in games where slow play can be devastating I am all for some form of an answer to make sure second player gets his last turn. Assuming both clocks have plenty of time on them then I don't see an issue. The timer should only even be an issue if you are taking to damn long then I am cool with it.
  15. Well how much hate do you feel is needed to not warrant a TAG. Will a single assault hacker do the trick? Also keep in mind that the things that hurt Tags also hurt HI.