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  1. Interesting read. I myself tend to have a hard time figuring out what is a good model and what is not. The Kriza is an odd model and I tend to distrust expensive models value. I however am only human and I like the big flashy HI or Tags as much as the next guy and will bend over backwards to try and see if they work. The trick is that when evaluating a profile it can be hard to tell if it is under/over performing because of luck, my own bad choices, or the actual model. It is definitely an assault model. It wants to Rambo, so lets look at it next to other HMG Rambo's. So side by side to the MB has you paying 12 more points, this is another order so the benefit must be good. +1 burst, +1 armor, and a -3 penalty to enemys face to face rolls that a visor wont stop. I would say yes it is better then the MB unless you are order starved. Intruder is a harder matchup because they behave pretty differently. Camo, smoke tricks, and 12 points cheaper vs Fullauto, 4-4 move, and two wounds. I think you will get more money out of the Intruder but I could see running the Kriza with the Intruder. Last comparison for me is the Gecko Tag weaknesses make it hard to love the Gecko here and the Kriza outguns it pretty hard. On the other hand you save 1.5 SWC, get a specialist, a DTW and an extra wound. I don't know here. I think your meta and map might determine this one. However I think I favor the Kriza just because it is going to be soo much better at winning FtF rolls.
  2. This might not be a popular opinion but I do think that an order of operation or timing chart would be something I would like to see. Might even clear up some of those dismounting tag questions floating around.
  3. It is not as silly as it sounds when discussing things like timing triggers. Hecaton seams to be making a fair point if perhaps it is fairly self apparent that he is mistaken from others point of view. I think the timing probably looks something like this End of round triggers: like biotech damage End of round cleanup: Any troops that went dogged from the first trigger would die here, you would then repeat the cleanup step as many times as needed if any new triggers happened because of the cleanup step.
  4. MB link team is the one I want t see most in action. Gecko anything with the new changes to tags is just very interesting Iguana I think has more potential for games like Frontline then people think but I want more verification Rems are just cool and allow your hacker LT to still use his order when he has very little to hack.
  5. :shock: Well I will be, I now have to reevaluate a few things.
  6. Only your link leader can dodge remember, the rest are just going to eat it. Yah you got a good 25-33% chance of lucking out but those are not the sort of odds that win you that tournament imo. I mean sure with the right table setup or the right opponent faction or maybe even the right meta you can do fine with a MB pain train but I am really not feeling it and am pretty sure in most situations you can preform better with other troop selections. I kinda lump the MB link in as a win-more unit. You where probably going to win this match anyway but now you get to win even more.
  7. Dodging is not really an option here. and being aware of it's existence and likely position is only helpful if you have a way to pull it out of hidden deployment or an alternative path that your pretty sure is going to be ok. a hidden deployment model is still doing a damn fine job if it has pinned down your 200pt linkteam and you are now spending more of your very limited orders trying to figure out if it is even there. This thing is as close to a silver bullet counter as this game gets imo. However I think there is only two factions that can do it so that is something.
  8. Yah but and it is only a 10-12% chance of death, very good chance of lots of wounds however, Also you are now bringing in a medic to get them back on there feet, All this costs more then a few of your limited orders as well as possible command tokens for doctor rerolls. You might get back on your feet but recovering is going to be much harder. The one situation where a MB pain train might really shine that I can think of is biotechvor or whatever it is called. As for teir 1 players. Good point, I am not even fully sure what teir 1 looks like yet.
  9. I will be honest, I have very little faith in the MB paintrain when it eats almost 2/3rds of your army budget as well as most of your SWC allotment. Fallow that up with a TO missile launcher being basically a hard counter and I just don't think they are a going to find a home in a tier 1 list. You can however make stupid fun lists like this! I am not sold on the ML over the HMG and I think the SML should probably just be cut but you do have tools to work with here. Stempler maybe tries to see if any of hidden deployment are going to ruin your day and is your only other specialist. Lunokhod covers your back Tsyklon flanks to deal with any med range threats and protect your linkteam Vertigo pretends to have synergy with the Stempler. Tomcat Doctor help you not lose tell at least the 2rd turn. Honestly this list looks like a massive amount of fun...
  10. Bolt's look sweet as hell, shame about there brains. =D Neoterra gives you a bunch of cool hightech looking toys if "Space Knights" are not your bag.
  11. Cheap up the board stealth specilists are always something to keep your eye on, even if it might not look flashy. The iragular order is more of a boon then a bad thing imo. Your not paying for a better order you are not going to use anyway. Shock immunity is a confusing wast. Mono CC is surprising but might have use I guess. SMG = SF and that is a good thing if he lives that long. I am not going to every wast an order doing Paramedic but I still like the fact it is a specilist
  12. I could use the guide on how to do that. I was very much hoping it was just a wash or something so it did not take anything that looked like talent. having tried and botched trying to make tactical looking armor before, I could use a simple step by step guide. For your conversion. Head looks a tad bit big but correct for an intruder,I love the gun and pose!
  13. naa Fat1 makes very little difference to me anyway. The Iggy is however fun as a data tracker. I used it my last game for Quadrant Control.
  14. Wow that is cool. As a painting noob can I ask if you hand painted the white highlights or did you use some kind of wash?
  15. Interesting. I never take wildcat core links, so I am glad to see they worked well for you. Maybe I should reevaluate there worth. I do think tags got some much needed love with its9 mostly the gecko's and iguana surprisingly so I am happy to see gecko's in the list.