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  1. So... You're saying it's very expensive, good, but fragile? Huh. Almost like that was intended... Thanks for the correction on Overclock/Enhanced Reaction.
  2. JaëgerZond: MOV 6-4, CC 8, BS 12, PH 11, WIP 13, ARM 3, BTS 6, STR 1, S4 Climbing+, Multiterrain, MSV L2, G:Remote MULTI SNIPER Rifle, E/Mauler, ZondBot MkII / Electric Pulse MULTISniper Rifle, 2x Arkrlyat Kanone, ZondBot MKII / Electric Pulse Heavy Shotgun, E/M LGL, ZondBot MKII / Electric Pulse Heavy Shotgun, Heavy Flamethrower, E/Mauler, ZondBot MkII / Electric Pulse SMART ML, Heavy Pistol, ZondBot MKII / Electric Pulse ZONDBOT MKII: MOV 6-4, CC 8, BS 11, PH 8, WIP 12, ARM 0, BTS 3, STR 1, S4 Super-Jump, Mimetism, Repeater, G:Sync Flashpulse, Zero Vis LGL / Electric Pulse Developed after suffering heavy losses to the Sphinx and Avatar-type TAGs, a need for something to counter these heavy, shrouded units arose. Praxis engineering and Tunguskan backing resulted in the JaëgerZond. Equipped with advanced visors, high mobility, and powerful weaponry it is uniquely suited to punch well above its weight. However, the bulk and weight of the complex optics, processing, and anti-TAG weaponry resulted in the need to package a Repeater and defensive capability on a separate platform. Thus, the ZondBot MkII -- stripped of its advanced programming that allowed surgery or field engineering, and replaced with a Zero-Vis smoke launcher and a Repeater. Max Burst 2, incapable of suppressive fire, incapable of prone or Cautious Movement... But capable of negating nearly all negative modifier, and able to out range nearly every TAG. Best employed dancing around the board edges... Works exactly as intended. Can be Overclocked, too, but isn't going to go on a rampage against Link Teams.
  3. @Savnock The issue is that Sensor is not as good as MSV L2 and doesn't provide ARO protection. I love Bakunin but I hate getting smoke-ganked. What if there was a skill that provided an enhanced ARO? Like, Sensor that can be an ARO or allows shooting through smoke.
  4. I would be very, very happy to have ODF back. Making it sectorial specific makes sense
  5. @Loricus Corregidor is pretty great. Lots of different playstyles achievable with it. I think it has great Airborne and Smoke/MSV L2 foundation whereas Bakunin is built around around ODD and gimmicks. Both are very fun.
  6. What are you doing with that Lizard ?
  7. Bakunin player through and through. I like the wackiness and diversity, and the lack of MSVL2 is kinda liberating. Plus you can easily make an army of all girls and robots, and what's cooler than that? That being said, Tunguska has me very excited. I would love some TO camo. The Aleph Indian (Vedhic?) Sectorial appeals, too.
  8. My meta has at least four Nomad players.
  10. Thanks, Errhile. In the original At The Sharp End, there are indeed repercussions for being so unpopular with your men or commander. I wasn't sure what the scope of my campaign was going to be, in regard to time, but I think I will re-work those ends back into it. I'm also considering having the Men's Opinion affect the Retreat! threshold. I'm a dumby when it comes to the Coordinated Order goof. I thought that you could use a Lieutenant Order and Command Token together for a Coordinated Order. I may just make the penalty that you lose your Lieutenant Order. Well-Connected is indeed supposed to give you an additional +0.5 SWC. How would you recommend wording it? I was trying to do it consistent with how it appears in Army Builder. In regard to explanation, what do you mean?
  11. How about this? https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-4zHwWvy9VKLXU3cjdCUjlMNW8
  12. Here's the first draft for something I've been working on in my free time: A persistent morale tracker for you and your force! The system itself is appropriated from, "At The Sharp End," so all credit goes to where it is due. I've merely adapted it for Infinity and added some RPG elements. A quick run-down: tracks your men's confidence in your leader based on casualties, your commander's confidence in your leader based on objectives completed, and your leader's own self-appraisal based on a combination of the above. Individually, the effects are relatively minor, but they rapidly compound if they're allowed to. Eventually, I'll put together a Ladder Campaign System that will incorporate different motivating factors (espionage, destruction, security, etc.) and ITS Scenarios to allow for 5-8 game campaigns. I will also put together a Casualty Tracker, so there is more consequence to models lost, as well as consideration as to who to put in what roster. Feedback is always appreciated! Enjoy! EDIT: Google Docs Link https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-4zHwWvy9VKLXU3cjdCUjlMNW8 At The Sharp End.rtf
  13. Only if you repeat them! In my first tournament I forgot to use a regular order with a command token to coordinate, which gave me an extra order I shouldn't have had. In my second tournament, my opponent mistakenly took an illegal ARO, but neither of us caught it. They're bound to happen. So long as you can identify and rectify them, that's what really matters.
  14. Thanks for the update, battle overviews, and pictures. No shame in making mistakes. It happens to all of us as we get tired and the we do dumb things with the rules. Keep it up!