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  1. Next miniature finished. One hassasin Farsan ready for action ^^ Tested some new paints, inks and washes from Vallero. Used a black green ink for the inner suit, but it turned out a little more green than anticipated. Unfortunately some of the detail were somewhat misscast, som I had to tone down some detail, and blend them into other details.
  2. April's pledge finished The Farzan had some bad cast details, so I had to compromise in a few places. Otherwise I'm pretty pleased with the result.
  3. Damned be frail models, huzzah for pinning ^^ Broke the Ninja Combat bow while cleaning the model. Managed to drill both parts, so I could pin them together again, with decent result. Used a broken drill for pin, so it won't bend easily.
  4. Your Shasvastii looks really great. Can't wait to get started on the Onyx myself, but I have to get some of my Haqq models painted first. Looking forward to seeing more Combined from you, and also getting my hands on the Overdron as well ^^
  5. Really looking forward to busts and "large" scale models. I need to start practicing with my paintbrush ; )
  6. Hey, practise makes a master. Keep loving your brushes and aim for your best ^^ That said, painting is a two-edged sword for me. Looks nice, but takes a lot of time, so I don't have to many models to show of ; ) And yeah, she does have a Lara Croft-y look, allthough I plan to make her hair dark/black. If I remember correctly, Lara has brown hair.
  7. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm currently working on a few models, which I will try and finish as part of the monthly painting support group pledge thingie. The first models I started painting was the box with 4 Ghazi Muttawiahs. I've painted armor and some leather om all models, but decided to work on each model individually from there. The lady with the Shotgun is the one I've done most work on. This is also my first attempt at painting NMM, som the effects are a bit random. Next ongoing project is the Azrail with HMG, one of my favorite models in the Haqq range. This model is mostly done, except for the armoured hump, which has only been primed on the picture below. I've since added some highlights, but there's still some work to do including some battledamage to the armour.
  8. Greetings fellow organic beings ^^ I'm finally getting my Infinity painting project launched, and want to share my work with my fellow hobbyists. A bit about myself: I hail from Denmark, and I have been a miniature painter and boardgamer for 20+ years now. Painting has always been the main focus of the hobby for me, so many hours of work goes into each miniature. I've been on and of the hobby for several years, having had long breaks in between doing some actual painting. It was Warmachine that got me into the hobby again, a couple of years ago, but I've had my eyes on the gorgeous miniatures from Corvus Belli as well. Last year I finally decided to focus on the Infinity game, both because I really like the system, but most of all because the models are some of the best and most detailed on the market (if U ask me). So I decided to get my infinity project going, by getting myself a buttload of miniatures from Haqqislam, Onyx Aggression Force, and now also Yu Jing (because of the Red Veil Box). Painting is progressing slowly, as I'm still trying to dust of the old techniques, and at the same time, I have to learn a few new tricks (like NMM, OSL and such). But it's great fun, and a really nice challenge as well. I will try and post here regularly, as the project progresses. Please ask questions or comment. I'll be happy to elaborate on my various models, and I generally try to take pictures of each model I work on. Hope to see you around! Best Regards DarKteleFaX ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I just managed to finish my first Infinity model (more or less), which ended up being a 40 hour project. A Hassasin Barid Hacker. I will probably do a little fiddling around with the feet, as I'm not satisfied with the weathering effect. I was going for a dusty rust-coloured effect, but I probably should have gone for dry pigmentpowder instead of pigment wash.
  9. Haha, awesome concept : P and very nicely done to boot.
  10. Greetings! Added myself to the Google Doc. Denmark, Roskilde, "DarKteleFaX"
  11. Greetings Folks : D Recently joined the Forum, because I stumbled upon this thread. Great idea!!! My pledge for April will be painting a Farzan and finishing up two Ghazis and an HMG Azrail (which are ealier unfinished projects).