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  1. Bummer! It seems I have to work this Sunday, so I won't be able to stop by the Perspektiv Con
  2. From what I understand there's open house this coming Sunday, and I'm thinking of showing up. Any chance you'll be present?
  3. Thanx AWOL, you got some really nice models yourself I live near Roskilde myself, so not to far away. Are you still member of a gaming club?
  4. I mostly use Valero paints, but also a few GW paints, especially shades and some of the older washes. I have also used a few P3 Formulapaints, but I mostly bought those for their metallic paints, which I don't use for Infinity ; )
  5. Yep, and hopefully for a while, according to the number of Infinity minis waiting for brush-love
  6. Thx mate ^^ I had to move late last year, which put a stopper on the painting fun for a while. That said, I'm really glad for the monthly Painting Support Group threads ; ) I decided to more or less use the studio colour scheme (cause I'm a stickler for white/green colourschemes), but I generally tend to paint muted colourschemes. I generally use a lot of washes and glazes to tone down the highlights and add a more dirty look. Also, I rarely use white for edgelining, which also tones down the colour scheme. It works well for the Haqq troops, I think. I'm really surprised myself, that I managed to get the faces more or less right. I will try and be more carefull when shading around the eyes, as the wash goes into the eyes as well, and colours the white in the eyes. I'm still strugling with the eyebrows, so it takes a few tries to get an acceptable result ; ) Thx Bale ^^ For the pale green, I use a base of Flat Green, which I then mix with Green Sky for highlights/glazes, until it's pure Green Sky. The last couple of highlights are done with a mix of Green Sky and White, going towards pure white. I generally use a green wash as well, to tone down the transitions between colours. Just make sure to thin down the ink, or else you have to repeat some of the highlighting steps, which I generally do. Hope that explains
  7. I managed to finish two of the Ghazi's, that I began painting last year these were actually the first miniatures I had painted in a long time, so it's nice to, hopefully, finish that project soon. Ghazi w. Shotgun Ghazi w. Chainrifle Comments are, as always, welcome ^^
  8. Phew, only two hours late (according to my tz). Busy month, so I only made it halfway with my pledge. But two of the Ghazis are finished, except for cleaning the baseedge ; ) And thx Regnvald, for the last minute OSL inspiration for the chainrifle. Nice detail! I'll post more pictures in my miniature vault : )
  9. Looks fantastic! really liking the colourscheme
  10. I know this is a while since U posted this, but absolutely well deserve 1st prize : P I love those Kum bikers, fantastic paintjob! I'm gonna try and see if I can get that chrome effect going on some of my miniatures.
  11. First attempt at Stipling is more or less successfull Had to test out and trim different brushes, to get a couple of usefull stipling brushes. I found a functional technique, by testing out different dillutions of paint, and amount of paint on the brush. I was a bit carefull in the beginning, which ended up having a more drybrushy effect, but I managed to adjust this eventually. I recommend trying out this technique on a larger surface. This loincloth was pretty difficult to stiple, because of the folds, which limited the areas where I could actually use the technique. I expect to get a better result on more plain surfaces, like coats. The image is not 100% sharp, so please comment if I need to get a sharper image.
  12. Alright, finally finished the Azrail with HMG. And that'll teach me to not take to long before finishing a model Had some troubles getting the colours to match proberly between back-carapace and the rest of the armor, but managed to get pretty close after a couple of tries. I still wanna do some weathering damage on the armor, but have decided to wait untill I have painted the Azrail with Feuerbach. I have already spent to much time on this model, as it is ; ) Below is a few close-up pictures of the model, and as a final touch I remembered to put a few tufts on the ground.
  13. Thx Mate : D Long ago, when I played/painted WH40K, bases were a necessary evil. I have since gotten very interrested in terrainmaking, so fiddling with the bases is almost as big a part of the model, as the model itself. I have been working on a lot of bases for my Cryx and Scyrah armies, and I really enjoy putting together themed bases for my models now. The bases below were made for 3 Cryx Bonejacks. The plan is to make a modular gaming table with swamp and ruins....at some point, hopefully before I die of old age : P I plan to make a modular gaming table for Infinity as well. And I have made the bases for my Haqq models with the theme I hope to use. I also have Yu Jing and Combined models, but will use other base themes for those models. I actually plan to purchase premade bases for all my Yu Jing models, except a few.
  14. Really nice work on those miniatures Deathstroke. I hope get some practise with the airbrush as well, looks really nice. @Golem2God I felt the same way about the Guijia as well. really nice model! ^^
  15. Thx for the comment Maru. I will definetely remember to let the first layer dry completely ^^