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  1. White highlights are done. Will do a bit of shading on a few areas, when the rest of the model is finished. Cleaned up the black parts, which will be highlighted next. Love how the result have turned out so far. The blue shades really make the White pop, and gives the suit a nice and clean look (the light on the picture overexposes the white a bit).
  2. Phew, finally managed to get some highlights done. Not quite finished, but closer to finish ^^
  3. Initial shading stages have been completed, first with Turquoise (top pictures), afterwards with thinned down blue ink, across the entire suit. The lower pics were takes after first glaze layer, made with a mix of Deep Sky Blue and Glacial blue. Next step is painting the red areas to standard Yu Jing orange/yellow, and after that the black areas will be given some highlights as well.
  4. Yeah, I intend to stray a bit more from the concept colour schemes with my Yu Jing. I like the White Armored Domaru Butai, and I find the studio version of the Ninja is a bit to dark for my taste, which gave me the idea for a switch to White. I hope to put a bit more POW on the Turquoise OSL coming from the powercabels on her suit, which I hope will work well with the blue/white hues I hope to achieve on the white areas. There's a lot of nice detail on the model, and I hope the white suit will make them more visible also ^^
  5. Needed to take a short break from Haqq models, and take a look my Yu Jing Ninja, from the Red Veil Box. I've been nursing an idea about painting her in a White suit, instead of the black one. So I decided to give it a try. The model was originally primed black, so I began by giving the suit a base with Intermediate Blue, as I'm going for a more blueish white, rather than a grey tone for shade. For the next step I carefully painted the entire suit with Glacial Blue, leaving only the grooves. Next step will be to apply several washes with Turquoise and Blue. The Red areas were painted with Cavalry Brown, and will be highlighted to match the standard orange/yellow of Yu Jing.
  6. Found some old silicon brushes and tested them out. Takes a little pratice, but seems to be the right tool for liquid mask. Silicon brushes also works well when removing the mask after use. well suited for areas where a piece of stickytack has a hard time reaching.
  7. First Ghulam finished (I hope ; ) The blade turned out nice although the colour is bit more blueish than intended (Actually the picture got the right hue).
  8. Looks great grEEn!, well worth the time spent I say ^^
  9. Thanks folks
  10. Finished Zhayedan
  11. Needed a break from the three Ghulams, so I ended up painting the Zhayedan instead ^^ Pretty much went for the colourscheme from the Concept drawing. He still needs a little shading and weathering on the coat. Never had to do so many hues of brown, but I'm pretty pleased with the result. When he's completely finished, he will be mounted on the base below
  12. I have to agree, 3rd pose actually looks pretty good. I find the original pose a litte tame with the sword down.
  13. Flow Improver seems to smoothen out the pigments, makes the paint more evenly spread, specially when doing glazes. It also works with washes, but thickens it a bit, so you may need to apply a little water as well, depending on the mix ratio.
  14. Damn, facework takes a lot of time, but it's fortunately worth it ^^ Been busy this weekend, som I have only had time to do headwork on three Ghulams. The lady still need some work on the hair and the flesh though. This one is my favorite so far, probably because I spent a lot of time, and because he was the most difficult because part of his face was covered. I also had to reposition his right eye, because it was looking into the barrel instead of down the barrel (picture on the right was taken before rework). I managed to get his other eye spot on as well, which is hard to see because the left side is in shadow. This one I'm not completely satisfied with, but he at least has one good side ^^ His eyes are actually slightly askew, but not enough that I will fix. Managed to a really nice NMM effect on the blade. I have covered it with liquid mask to protect the tip of the knife, so the final result difficult to see proberly. The lady still need some work, but I managed to get the eyes more or less spot on, if I have to pat myself on the back ; ) Also, I can highly recommend mixing your paints with Airbrush Flow Improver. Does wonders for Vallero paint, specially when doing detailwork!!!
  15. Amazing work Mate : ) really nice detail work.