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  1. Looks really nice models Bayushi, well worth the time I say I spend a lot of time on my models as well (finishing around 2 models pr. month), so I know about slow progress.
  2. Finished the faces on the three Zhanshis. Sorry for the lousy pics, the rumble-pack on my tablet is running amok (also called shaky hands syndrome ; ) Difficult to get a good pic of the males face, cause of gun. got both eyes to match despite difficulties with limited access.
  3. Many thx ^^ First I thought the browns would dominate to much, but the greens ended up with equal representation, when I painted the back of the coat green as well. The colourscheme work well with the red elements also. I know a lot of people like to do their own colour schemes for different factions, but I really like the studio colours a lot. This is why I paint most of my Haqq using the Concept drawings, and will be doing the same for my Yu Jing, with small changes. I plan on doing something different with my Onyx though, but haven't quite figured out what yet ; )
  4. The top picture below, shows the colours I used for the yellow areas on the Ninja. I actually made a mistake and used Cavalry Brown as base colours (it should be used for shading instead, as it is to red for a base), so the Scrofulous Brown ended up being applied as a second base colour. This is also the reason the colours turned out more yellow than the standard YJ colour. I highlighted by mixing Ivory with Scrofulous Brown, and used pure Ivory for final highlight. The paints on the bottom picture are the correct ones for YJ yellow, and the ones I will be using onwards. FYI: Orange brown is a terrible colour to paint on top of black primer ; P For the black areas I generally use more bluish colours (base is usually a nearly black mix of Preussian Blue and black), and highlight with bluish greys (usually Intermediate blue). You can control the blue tone by using pure greys for later highlights, this tones down the blue to the darker tones only, like on the ninja.
  5. Your very welcome Savnock ^^ Please ask if you have any questions.
  6. Really nice work on both the Ragik and the Pneumarch. OSL on the ragik is spot on, fantastic colours!
  7. Great job on the Shikamis. Can't wait to get started on my own ^^ It's a shame they decided on a themed base for this model, so I decided to (carefully) remove it. Gives a ton of options for base design.
  8. Khawarij finished at last ^^
  9. Thx Manfred ^^ Unfortunately the picture doesn't do anything good for the actual White/blue colours on the suit. Only got my Ipad, so these pictures are mostly used to do QA on the paintwork ; ) Hope to post some better pics later
  10. Ninja is finished for now, since I'm still waiting for the base. Opted for Micro Arts Urban resin bases for my Yu Jing. Mostly satisfied with the result, specially the white suit. The bow took a couple of tries, since I got impatient while highlighting the NMM ^^ There's a few imperfections around, but I don't think putting any more paint on will help much. Knowing when to quit is key ; )
  11. White highlights are done. Will do a bit of shading on a few areas, when the rest of the model is finished. Cleaned up the black parts, which will be highlighted next. Love how the result have turned out so far. The blue shades really make the White pop, and gives the suit a nice and clean look (the light on the picture overexposes the white a bit).
  12. Phew, finally managed to get some highlights done. Not quite finished, but closer to finish ^^
  13. Initial shading stages have been completed, first with Turquoise (top pictures), afterwards with thinned down blue ink, across the entire suit. The lower pics were takes after first glaze layer, made with a mix of Deep Sky Blue and Glacial blue. Next step is painting the red areas to standard Yu Jing orange/yellow, and after that the black areas will be given some highlights as well.
  14. Yeah, I intend to stray a bit more from the concept colour schemes with my Yu Jing. I like the White Armored Domaru Butai, and I find the studio version of the Ninja is a bit to dark for my taste, which gave me the idea for a switch to White. I hope to put a bit more POW on the Turquoise OSL coming from the powercabels on her suit, which I hope will work well with the blue/white hues I hope to achieve on the white areas. There's a lot of nice detail on the model, and I hope the white suit will make them more visible also ^^
  15. Needed to take a short break from Haqq models, and take a look my Yu Jing Ninja, from the Red Veil Box. I've been nursing an idea about painting her in a White suit, instead of the black one. So I decided to give it a try. The model was originally primed black, so I began by giving the suit a base with Intermediate Blue, as I'm going for a more blueish white, rather than a grey tone for shade. For the next step I carefully painted the entire suit with Glacial Blue, leaving only the grooves. Next step will be to apply several washes with Turquoise and Blue. The Red areas were painted with Cavalry Brown, and will be highlighted to match the standard orange/yellow of Yu Jing.