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  1. Looks good Koin : P Highlights looks pretty nice. I think some edge lining with a very light blue, and it should look perfect. You could maybe try a final highlight with the airbrush, but I think you pretty much hit the spot. Right side arm looks a bit darker than than the left tho, but that could be due to the pic. Far from finished with my three Ghulams, but making good progress. Most basic colours are done, so now it's time for some highlights and shades.
  2. Last two Ghazis finished at last I wanted to try and do some very dark skin for this model, which turned out to be really difficult to get right. Not completely satisfied with the result, except for a few areas I got pretty much to my liking. Once the model is varnished, I will also add a few grasstufts to the base. I used Martian Ironearth from the Citadel Technical series, to achieve the cracked earth effect. The female scanner Ghazi turned out ok in the end. I wasn't sure the choice of colours for her hair and scarf would play well with the overall minieture, but once the flesh was finished, it more or less came out nicely balanced to the rest of the miniature. The chrome effect on the scanner also worked best for this model, because there's an even balance between ground and sky. I'm still not to happy with the colour of the reflected ground. Should have used more brown, to match the colour og the base. And ofc a picture of all Ghazis together ^^
  3. Last months pledge finished. I'll post more pics in Dark's Miniature Vault ^^ Almost vacation time, so I'll try and step it up a notch for this month. Finally got around to the Red Veil box, starting with three Ghulams.
  4. First attempt at painting Chrome mirror effect. I must admit the choice for testing out this technique, might not have been the most appropriate, since the area is very limited, and the reflection is parabolic inverted. Otherwise the technique is pretty simple, once U get the hang of it. Only thing I'm not completely satisfied with, is the ground colour. It ended up a bit to dark and reddish. Wondering about the different reflections? well, one Ghazi is pointing the scanner upwards, while the other is pointing his downwards, hence more ground reflected. I've included an inverted picture, as I think it makes the chrome effect more visible, and it makes more sense when not inverted. Phew, almost done. Only the flesh needs highlights now
  5. Glad to have U back Koin ^^ I tried, but didn't quite manage to finish my last two Ghazis. Still a few details to go, including skin and bases. This is the result so far. I will post pic of finished models in a few days, along with Augusts pledge.
  6. Correct. I've been looking for something Yu Jing too, but suspected an older box. Well done ^^
  7. Really nice colour scheme for Zúyong. I may have to try it out for some of my Yu Jing troops
  8. I was actually thinking of another sawtype. Turns out it's called a fretsaw ^^ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fretsaw#/media/File:Fretsaw.jpg
  9. I recommend using a balsa wood saw. The saw blade is extremely thin (>1mm), and is excellent for precision cuts.
  10. Sound like it's supposed to be that way. Mine has the same properties. Don't have much experience with liquid masks, only recently started using the Vallero edition. Seems to work pretty well, although it's a bit of a pain to apply. I use an old brush, and only clean it using a dry tissue. Water and brush cleaner doesn't do well ; )
  11. Nice painting Ev0k I like the colours for the Tohaa.
  12. Hey Looper Welcome to the painting fun My advise, when starting painting. Get some simple miniatures to practise on (like the skaven), get a few basic paints (Black and white is technically enough). Practise using the brush, how to apply the paint, how much paint you put on the brush and so on. It's important to know your tools. Don't think to much about advanced techniques (like highlights and drybrushing). Focus on getting an even layer of paint on top of the primer (without drowning the miniature ; ). And practise covering an excact area, without painting onto nearby detail. So if you are painting flesh, try and make sure only the flesh gets the fleshcolour. Painting a precise area on a model is actually often the hardest part. Once your accuracy goes up with the brush, learning and applying more advanced painting techniques will actually be relatively easy. And don't forget to experiment, when you get a bit more experience. That is how you develop new skills and maybe your own destinct style of painting. I have painted for more than 30 years, and I still develop my skills by experimenting with new things. Stay strong, be patient and you will eventually reap the rewards White often changes a colour significantly, so the better option is to use lighter or darker versions of a colour, like the brown. If you don't have many paints to choose from atm, using BaleWolfs suggested technique, could be usefull, but maybe not so easy if you lack general experience. Therefor, keep it simple, focus on the basic stuff for now ^^
  13. Gratz to last months winners, good work folks ^^ I had to skip the painting last month, because of work. But I managed to get most of my assembled models primed, so I now have 30 models ready for brushlove. Which means I have to get in gear, or I will still be strungling with this bunch far into next year >< Still have a busy month, so I'll will start out by trying to finish my last two Ghazis, once more.
  14. Bummer! It seems I have to work this Sunday, so I won't be able to stop by the Perspektiv Con
  15. From what I understand there's open house this coming Sunday, and I'm thinking of showing up. Any chance you'll be present?