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  1. I really do not believe I have enough experience in Infinity or rapport in the Spokane gaming community to do so. I guess I'll build a small, mechanized Waaagh or look into a Pathfinder group to build it.
  2. No, it's just that I can't call myself a new player, and "new player to Spokane" would imply that. Thank you, I think my best bet is just to get to the Pines exit of 90.
  3. While I'm not new to Infinity, I just had to leave the amazing Indianapolis Infinity community for the hillier terrain of Spokane, Washington, due to circumstances beyond my control. Unfortunately, the current information I have access to is insufficient for determining if anybody is actively playing Infinity in the Spokane Metropolitan area, and where, on what days. I've called Gamer's Haven a few times today, but only got the automated message. So, is there an active group of players in Spokane, and where do y'all play?
  4. How about a channel more focused on the hobby than the game? Not just painting tutorials for minis, but tutorials for making and painting terrain, bases, tables, and converting minis, along with ideas and cool things viewers have made.
  5. "So what's next, the boarding craft everybody's treating like a pile of dog *bleep*?" Sophia asks. "That's it, we're outta here," Jeydin says. "Whaddya mean it's over?" "We're being ordered outta the Echo Commodule, back home," Jeydin replies. "Guess that's it. Catch my next episode live from somewhere outside San Pietro di Neoterra. Until then, remember I'm Sophia Duramos, and you're entitled to my opinion."
  6. I'd rather use leaded solder: it's not as brittle. Also, a resistor is required if you want the LED to last. The issue is not the maximum amount of current the battery will supply, it's the fact that all three volts of potential will drop across the LED (fulfilling Kirchoff's voltage law), and that extra energy has to do something: it converts to thermal energy, heating up all the components and shortening their life.
  7. "What a *bleep*load of *bleep*ed up *bleeeep*. Picture back?" Sophia asks. "Clear as an empty storage crystal," Jeydin replies. "Good; we shouldn't have to fix much more *bleeep*, seems Goldilocks have the three Bakunin bear *bleep*ers well in hand," Sophia says, which make Jothi and Jeydin bust out laughing. "So, to the Ariadnans, for all the bikes, jeeps, trucks, TVs, computers, tanks, and other *bleep* I managed to fix for y'all, this is the thanks I get: you *bleep*ers rush off to Pan-O's EXO Mallbase, and let us aspects deal with this *bleep*-storm of a cluster-*bleep*, which we've been doing really *bleep*ing well!" Sophia lifts up her two hands, which the obscenity filter covers with blur boxes. "Yeah, you're veeeeery welcome."
  8. Bruce sells his molds online from his website (, where he also has instructions and pointers on how to cast these molds, and a list of tools. Yes, you can do this at home, just cover everything up that might get plaster on it, and DO NOT pour plaster down the drain. Cost of the molds ranges between $29 and $68 USD, but most will be either $29 or $34, and these molds last a long time. Cost for a whole table depends almost exclusively on your chosen plaster. Dental plasters (type IV) are very durable, but very expensive (even before shipping). Plaster of paris is cheaper, but far more fragile, and will not stand up long as terrain. I've found a happy medium is hydrostone if you can find it locally. I'm also using a lot of pieces, and you can make this type of terrain with less and still look good, so I really can't tell you how much a whole table will cost.
  9. "Oh, a non-Nomad pirate faction?" Ishmael asks, "it's not like ALEPH gives us any respect. When a turbolift on Indra-3 went out, a grunt went to drop an empty casing down it, and another said 'NO! Don't waste that brass. Just shove Ishmael down.' No respect! When I step into the mall on the EXO orbase, the custodians toss me in the dumpster, but then drag me out so I don't dirty their garbage! When I went to the pet shelter, the dogs barked at the door. They didn't want to go outside, they wanted me to leave. No respect! When I came back from battle wounded, the Sophotect tells ALEPH, 'I did everything I could, but she still pulled through.' I'll tell the rest. I know Sophia and Jeydin will be on board, but I dunno 'bout Glitchy and Chloe."
  10. "*Bleep* have changed here in the Wotan Blockade. The Ariadnan forces O-12 assigned to protect the Echo Commodule have abandoned their post, while we were rubbing the Dong Penotie raw, more ships passed through the gate, and yes, I'm in a *bleep* tired lhost. Today's guest will be whatever space artichoke wants to wander in here and stink up the place, and I'm always taking voice messages. I'm Sophia Duramos, and you're entitled to my opinion." You're Entitled To MY Opinion with Sophia Duramos "So, first thing, murder monkeys and other ugly *bleeep*s from the Combined Army *bleep*ed up the place, and guess who had to fix all that *bleep*? If you guessed me, Jeydin, and Jothi, you are correct! If you guessed Chloe, any other Sophotect, or Dactyls, sorry, those *bleep*s were near the front lines fixing weapons, Penny's bike, bots, netrods, and lhosts. We've been keeping vital info flowin, and had to burn non-essential data, and my show for some *bleep*ed up reason." The image starts to pixelate and lag behind the audio, and freezes for a second. "The pi-i-i-i-i- ... lagging a-a-a-a-a-a-" Jothi says through the lag. "Oh, *kshhhhht* - I'll be back," Sophis replies, picking up her soldering iron and some wires.
  11. The T-wall, likely to be one of the heavier pieces, once I put the top pipe on the other side (at least two sides are usable on most pieces) will probably be 9.3 ounces (or about 263,651 milligrams, or 0.0415179 stone). The foamcore lets me use less pieces and maintain structural integrity. Also never dreamed I would put pressure on @bugbait_nz! Bruce Hirst puts a lot of good detail into his patterns, which comes trough well to the cast pieces (when you can manage to cast them without bubbles, that is).
  12. "Okay, rapid-fire messages here," Jothi says. "Lay 'em on me," Sophia says before she turns her virtual image towards the "front". "You're entitled to my opinion, whachya got?" "Okay, first, yeah, the Sword of Allah is really putting some deep *bleep* gouges into the Jade Throne, and while ALEPH supports them, I do not. All the Sophotects that ALEPH assigned to the Imperial Service are real stuck-up *bleep*s, to the point that hey keep saying they're the ones keeping the Jade Throne spotless. Have fun taking out those gouges, *bleep*s!" "I wouldn't know much about the noodles though, I've never had a lhost long enough to worry about weight gain. Thank uou for the compliment, and I never do. Next..." "Them murder monkeys are some tough *bleeeeep*! Doesn't matter if you outshot 'em when your shots don't even make 'em *bleep* flinch! They're the reason I rebuilt a noob toob, and can even consider leaving my tools behind to carry enough rockets. Still might not stop 'em!" "What are these 'murder monkeys'?" Jothi asks. "Morats," Sophia replies, "We call 'em that 'cause they look like apes and they kill the *bleep* outta anybody! One would even give McMurder a run for his money! That"s what we call McMurrough, for the same reason. "Wait, did jy'all say you're almost sober? What, did the Ranger Force or the Caledonians run out of moonshine? Next..." "Well, first, I could say something really racist, biut I won't, not just 'cause it ain't entirely true, but I'm pretty sure Mayanet will boot me if I do after the description of the wood-class dongships. But yeah, secret's out, y'all can pick up the *bleep* pace now and join the *bleep* that's goin the *bleep* down in here. Also, Major King is right, that codename is *bleep*ing dumb." "How would you compare your speed to sound in a place it cannot travel?" Jothi asks, "they're really traveling at Mach positive *bleep*ing infinity since Mach has no definition in space." The live signal cuts off abruptly, then a Mayanet error screen comes up for Mayanet users: "Sorry, this feed is no longer active on Mayanet. ERR: WECM055, Mayanet connection low bandwidth" For Arachne users, the error is: "Sorry, Tunguska must be holding another drinking contest. ERR: DSDP coonection interruption"
  13. I used #274 (steel bridge), #321 (3/8" pipe), #326 (industrial accessory), and I'll probably be using molds #300 (station builder), and #320 (5/8" pipe) for future pieces.
  14. When I started playing in the Wotan campaign, I noticed that none of the stores I play at have any pieces of terrain that resemble a starship interior. With some pieces from select Hirst Arts molds, and scrap frame shop foamcore, I intend to rectify that, and I've already started. Since I can't upload pics for some reason, I'll just need to give y'all the links. Not @bugbait_nz quality (seriously, he's amazeballs at terrain), but I think they'll do nicely once I make enough for a whole table and put some paint on them. I will definitely have "pipier" sections, console sections, and maybe even a power distribution section.
  15. Well, you've rocked the Imperium of Man with your brand of terrain on Terragenesis, and now you're rocking the Human Sphere with it here. Every Infinity table I look at, or piece of Infinity terrain I make will now totally suck balls next to yours, just like my 40K stuff.