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  1. If anybody gives you any crap about the signs not being evenly lit, tell them to look at real rectangular backlit signs at night: they're lit with flourescent tubes sometimes down the whole length, but more often in spots like that (especially when a few go out). In the future, the backlighting will likely be exclusively LEDs, which will likely also be lit in spots from behind, especially older, lower-cost systems that aren't properly maintained.
  2. Have you thought about using photochromic or thermochromic paint? I think having certain parts that change color in the light or change in temperature would be very sci-fi. I've been looking into them for a while, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet.
  3. I pulled out my Micro Art Studio tech catwalks to see if they survived the cross-country trip (one long railing didn't), and on a hunch I got two of these ammo holders and discovered a few things. Link because I can't upload... That's right, they're just as wide, and can grip the supports. They end up being a little taller overall, but nothing unreasonable. Once I find a way to bridge that gap, I have spare pieces to use as connectors.
  4. There should be an identifier for recyclability, which would tell if it's PP or not (that's the abbreviation for polypropylene that will be on there), and polytetrafloroethylene (teflon) really isn't used for packaging materials. I doubt these round holders are either.
  5. Two words: Krylon Fusion. It's purpose-made to form intermolecular attractions with plastic. Also, I thought you'd be the one full of ideas, with examples, on how to use those.
  6. Hmm, battery charging bank, that seems interesting. Or perhaps a water electrolosis vessel rack. I was also thinking about using them as diffused intakes for underground utilities, condenser stack for a hidden cooling system, building foundation, funky raised walkway, barrier wall for a courtyard or something, or I can cut them up and use them as wide advanced traffic barriers.
  7. The compartments are way to small: they're for holding .45 ACP rounds. Should include something for scale...
  8. I just went shooting at a range earlier today, and my rounds were in these plastic holders. I kept them because I think I can make a cool piece of terrain with them. Problem is, I'm coming up short for ideas. Do you have any? Link since I can't upload the pic...
  9. One thing that will help is to finagle the pieces on 8-1/2 x 11" or A4 sheets so we can print them at home without spending US$600 or more on a printer or going to a store. When we cut out the pieces, we can arrange them on the foamcore how we need to.
  10. I like lit terrain. I have a goal of lighting all mine. I think your design lends itself very well to lighting, and I'd love to see those painted.
  11. I really do not believe I have enough experience in Infinity or rapport in the Spokane gaming community to do so. I guess I'll build a small, mechanized Waaagh or look into a Pathfinder group to build it.
  12. No, it's just that I can't call myself a new player, and "new player to Spokane" would imply that. Thank you, I think my best bet is just to get to the Pines exit of 90.
  13. While I'm not new to Infinity, I just had to leave the amazing Indianapolis Infinity community for the hillier terrain of Spokane, Washington, due to circumstances beyond my control. Unfortunately, the current information I have access to is insufficient for determining if anybody is actively playing Infinity in the Spokane Metropolitan area, and where, on what days. I've called Gamer's Haven a few times today, but only got the automated message. So, is there an active group of players in Spokane, and where do y'all play?
  14. How about a channel more focused on the hobby than the game? Not just painting tutorials for minis, but tutorials for making and painting terrain, bases, tables, and converting minis, along with ideas and cool things viewers have made.
  15. "So what's next, the boarding craft everybody's treating like a pile of dog *bleep*?" Sophia asks. "That's it, we're outta here," Jeydin says. "Whaddya mean it's over?" "We're being ordered outta the Echo Commodule, back home," Jeydin replies. "Guess that's it. Catch my next episode live from somewhere outside San Pietro di Neoterra. Until then, remember I'm Sophia Duramos, and you're entitled to my opinion."