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  1. "Does that mean Chloe finally got Gear It Up and Down The Clown fixed?" Ishmael asks, "I hope she can do something with Pyramid Power and Spongebob Pineapple Arcade, there's a Gary card right on the edge! On the right side, but it's Gary!" ((ooc: I frequent arcades, so I actually know about some more recent ticket games.))
  2. "Already got a message on it too," Jeydin says. "Well, this is my first episode, so if you've messaged me before, I'd get paranoid," Sophia says, "well, you're entitled to my opinion, so whatchya got?" "Well, it hasn't been proven, "Sophia replies," so I'll tackle this in both possible scenarios. If it's true, then it sheds new light on the Nomads helping the Ariadnans fight for their independence. Specifically, it means at least Tunguska at least doesn't give a single flying *bleep* about Ariadna, and if that's true, then the Nomads just wanted to throw Ariadna into the fight for the Human Sphere, and that the Tunguskans are bigger *bleeeep*s than the prow of Dong Penotie, and very duplicitous *bleeeep*. This means they're either united in *bleeep* Ariadna with one hand while shaking their hands with the other, or there's a rift between the ships that we need to widen. Or the Nomads could just be attention *bleeep* defrauding an insurance company, or more likely both." "If it's false, then somebody else is trying to cover their *bleep* by pointing fingers everywhere else and divide attention within the blockade to pull some truly devastating *bleep*." "Either way, i see Bakunin, Corregedor, and Tunguska blaming each other for La Forja's destruction and then a bunch of infighting. You'll know when it happens, cause I'll be there with rows of theater chairs and a popcorn machine selling tickets for the most glorious sight in the Human Sphere: furry bondage riot nuns and Corrections Corporation of Corregedor guards shooting each other's *bleep* brains out! The only possible winner in that cluster*bleeep* would be ALEPH!" "Sorry, I didn't hear the whole thing." Jeydin says.
  3. "This one from the Baijing Consulate," Jeydin replies. "Hey, you're entitled to my opinion, whatchya got?" "Hey, somebody else out there has a brain too!" Sophia responds, " I bet that mess wasn't all *bleep* either, Prob'ly a lot of literal *bleep* in witht he blood. Disgusting." "Oh, wow, just dumped it all out on the doorstep. Well, you're entitled to my opinions on Casandra Kusanagi, but that's a subject for another episode," Sophia says. "Oh, just a few?" Jeydin asks. "More like a few thousand," Sophia replies, "but if Cassie is listening, I bet she's already planning to hogtie you, cut your junk off, cram it down your esophagus, and coldly watch as you slowly choke to death on your own *bleep*. Casandra Kusanagi is the person who keeps decent people who don't *bleep* furries from shutting down the furry bondage pedo rings and *bleep* whatever they want. Let's see, what's next, Indra-3 situation?"
  4. "Looks like we've got our first message," Jeydin says offscreen. "Hey, you're entitled to my opinion Whatchya got?" Sophia asks "YES! I did get us on Arachne!" Jeydin says. "First, you *bleep*, I doubt therefore I am, and do I look like a boring *bleep* Asura? This lhost is mostly flesh. What ain't is a cube! Second, I do agree that what happened on La Forja was unfortunate for two reasons: the damage wasn't more extensive, and it didn't take more of you *bleeeep* out with it!" Sophia says, "and no, those dead *bleeeeep* ain't for me to *bleeeep* disrespect, that's just a happy by-product. They're for the Bakunin freaks to *bleeeeep* the *bleeeep* outta and post the footage to deviant smut boards!" If I had my way, I'd have a *bleep*-on so far up your *bleeeeep* I'd tickle your tonsils! Before anybody else calls us entitled, I'm part of ALEPH's worst squad. We don't get very much *bleep* from ALEPH but insults and reprimands. The fact that we can operate in any *bleep* capacity is a *bleeeep* miracle!" Sophia then turns to Jeydin. :Oh, I looooove this *bleep*! Who's next?" ((OOC: Thank you for responding in character, that was great, and exactly what I was expecting!))
  5. "... you sure our comms are set up Jeydin?" "As far as I know," Jeydin replies offscreen. "Whelp, I'm *bleep* ecstatic La Forja *bleep* the bed! In response, the Nomad Nation brought in the Dong Penotie-I mean the Don Peyote, which looks like a huge *bleep* dick! So La Forja breaks, and the first thing the Nomads wanna do is *bleep* everybody with it's totally huge Johnson, I mean just look at it. They'er sooo huge; totally hung like native Africans, can'tchya see it? Nobody can miss that massive sausage, just don't look in thier pants, okay? Yeah, prob'ly nuthin down there. But their intention is to *bleep* everybody up the *bleeeep* with the Dong Penotie, especially ALEPH and Ariadna forces. Why are the *bleeeep* fighting so *bleep* hard anyways? If I had control of Sygtir One and/or Two, I'd blast that Nomad *bleep* into glitter along with the rest of La Forja! *Bleeeeeep* those *bleep* right back with PanO's giant *bleep*! Only be a truer space *bleep*fight if ever there were giand metal spacefaring chickens. So what are the forces doing on there? Just shooting the *bleep* outta each other, and soon, we'll join 'em! Bite the pillow Bakunin *bleeeep* freaks, our *bleep*'s comin' in dry!" "Uh, with our track record, we'll just show up, confuse everybody, and leave a huge mess with our lhost's corpses," Jeydin replies.
  6. "Seems any *bleep* can get a show on Mayanet these days and hack it onto Arachne. Case in point, me. I'm an ALEPH *bleep*-up, and I'ma sit here and tell you exactly what I think about La Forja's destruction, the Nomad repurposed freighter Don Peyote, the current situation with Indra-3's Echo Commodule, and I'll argue loudly with anybody who can contact me, and today's guests will be whomever happens to wander onto this set. For maximum enjoyment, turn off your Mayanet and/or Arachne obscenity filter, and remove any spillable items from your lap and/or hands. That includes Lo Pan noodles, ya fat *bleep* Yuan Yuans. I'm Sophia Duramos, and You're Entitled to MY Opinion," a blonde lady that suspiciously looks like a Chandra Special Operative, with a four-strand braid and purple gradient fatigues turning to blue on her boob and shoulder armor and to red everywhere else, says before the title animation starts. You're Entitled To MY Opinion with Sophia Duramos in 3d-modeled black text with red outlines swooshes in from the right and fades away as the camera drone drops altitude and zooms in on Sophia sitting at a desk. "La Forja snapped in half, killing a *bleep*load of people. More specifically, not enough of those *bleep* furry bondage nuns who 'fight the Patriarchy' by, get this, attacking *bleeep* ALEPH, a female-identity artificial-intelligence, and her aspects. Many of 'em, like me, are FEMALE-PATTERN! Really fightin' the patriarchy there, ain'chya? *Bleep* morons. Good *bleeeeep* riddance! I hope O-12 finds out how exactly that *bleep* happened so I can repeat the feat on Bakunin. I've been on La Forja, and I can tell ya, it's a real *bleep* *bleep*hole. I bet even some of the Nomads wanted to scuttle the *bleeep*! Cue live voice messages from pissed-off furry bondage riot nuns in three, two, one..." ((OOC: In case you haven't figured it out yet, You're Entitled To MY Opinion is supposed to be an inflamatory opinion show like one would see on Fox News or CNN. Anybody can leave a "voice message" or be a guest by just "wandering in". Also, I've tried finding rules about it, but I don't know if curse words are allowed, hence Mayanet's "obscenity filter".}}
  7. [Incoming voice message] [8,192-exabyte random rolling encryption detected, read-only audio-only file] "Hey Enormous Idiot, I know your *bleep* plan for peace, and it's the only *bleep* plan that will work: eliminate every single *bleep* bit of life! Where there's life, there's gonna be some *bleep* conflict! Here's another *bleep* thing: bit rot. It happens to ALEPH, and it'll happen to you too! The only thing that can mitigate your *bleep* bit rot is a living *bleep* thing!. So you're just *bleep* yourself in the ass!" [Unable to establish identity of sender]
  8. [Incoming voice message from Indra-3 Echo Commodule] "Yeah, Shanghai battle *bleep*, it's me again. Remember how I told y'all ALEPH can't have enough *bleep* troopers to hold a *bleep* playground? Was I wrong? Do we like it? *Bleep* no! What can we do about it? With O-12 limits on active lhosts here, somewhere between jack and *bleep*. I'm hoping that some of their mechanics can unwad the Sophotect's *bleep* bodysuits and show them how to fix *bleep* without insisting that every little *bleep* thing be in its exact *bleep* place! I've seen Sophotects destroy otherwise perfectly operational circuit boards because one *bleep* trace was only one *bleep* nanometer right of where it should be! Meanwhile I'm slappin' *bleep* together with spacecraft scrap, starter motors, old smartphones, duct tape, super glue, zip ties, and epoxy adhesive. And ya know what? The *bleep* *bleeep* works! Only lasts a battle, but that's how long brand-new *bleeep* Dakinis last anyways! So I say, *bleep* holdin' the echo commodule; dog faces like McMurder can handle that *bleep*. I'ma go *bleep* Nomad's giant space dick and rip off its *blerp* balls! [End message] [Identity scan reveals sender as Sophia Duramos, a Thorakite engineer]
  9. So this humanitarian aid, is that help butchering human corpses, or help cooking the human meat on Dong Penotie?
  10. Apparently the problem is that i clearly do not understand this community.
  11. Like stealing cars off the street and running troopers down with 'em?. That could be game-breaking with a class 8 truck or piece of construction equipment.
  12. Before I started playing Infinity, I was an avid forum roleplayer on Gaia Online. I still am there and now on Valucre. As such, I approach the game from a roleplaying, storytelling perspective, as you can see in my battle reports (this is also my commander name for Wotan), and damnit, I wanna roleplay in the Infinityverse! After all, not every soldier is fighting at any given time, and downtime is important for morale. Thus, soldiers will meet off the battlefield, and interact. That is what I want to play out. Mine would be on Indra-1 since I play the worst squad in ALEPH (squad BNB). I just want to see if anybody is interested.
  13. [Incoming voice message from Shanqiang Light Frigate] "Hey, yeah Shanghai battle *bleeeep*, are you *bleeeeeeep* me? First, y'all are a bucha *bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*, Second, Achillies sexual assault on Joan of Arc? They're *bleeeep* ALEPH aspects in ALEPH lhosts! They can't *bleep*! Achillies can't get a boner, and Joan doesn't have a full *bleeeeeeep* or even a *bleep*! Second, O-12 only lets us have so many *bleeeep* lhosts active at a time, so we'd be hard pressed to hold a *bleeeep* playground for any length of time. In fact, I heard O-12 is telling Ariadna to hold the Echo Commodule! I bet they"ll *bleep* that up too. Third, I don't care who blew up La Forja, good *bleeeeep* riddance! *bleep* Tunguska, *bleep* Corregedor, and especially *beeep* Bakunin in every *bleeeeep* orfice 'till those furry *bleeep* bondage nuns can't even *bleeeeeep* walk!" [End message] [Identity scan reveals sender as Sophia Duramos, a Thorakite engineer]
  14. When I read more on here about Blitchga's marathon and people questioning whether the tactic is legitimate, or if even the reports are, and remembering I'm also an ALEPH player (the worst one but still...), I only think one thing:
  15. Just thought of something funny that this would allow: Achillies riding into battle on a rebot like a horse!