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  1. Yay! Awesome to be pulled in the raffle. With last months pledge I effectively painted almost all the NeoTerra units that I have, with the exception of 2 Mulebots. So this month my goal is to finish those and then the remaining Vanilla PanO models I have. I will probably go through them slower than I have previously, but hopefully I can at least get through a chunk of them and move on from PanO painting.
  2. Made good on the last part of my pledge! I was actually done with these guys a couple of days ago but was having a ton of trouble with them. My Matt varnish came out really glossy because I didn't shake it enough and they looked pretty strange. They are better now at least! That leaves this months totals at- S1- 2 - 2x Palbots S2- 13- Trauma Doc, Machinist, Sniper Fusiler, 7x Bolts, 2x Hexas, Orc troop S3- 2 - 2x Dronebot Remotes S4- 0 S5- 0 S6- 0 s7- 1 - Squalos
  3. I am painting both my Hexas and am not quite satisfied with the way the cloak is right now. Looking for ideas on what I can do to make it pop more.
  4. Been a bit busy with my parents visiting, but I did finish the rest of my pledge for this month. Along with posting pics of those I have given myself a goal of 5 more through next week.
  5. Continuing my pledge I was able to finish 5 more units, 2 Palbots, Trauma Doc, Machinist and my last Fusiler (Yay!). I was also able to base coat all 7 bolts which I won't post until all of them are finished.
  6. With more free time I am going to give myself quite a pledge for June that I can hopefully meet. The units I plan on working on first are the Squalos, Trauma Doc, Machinist, my last fusiler and 2 palbots. Once those are done I plan to dive right into my bolts, of which there are seven. I have already started painting on this pledge and have finished the Squalos! I am leaving pictures of him below next to my Uhlans from last month. Time to get back to work!
  7. I have finished all of my models that I have pledged for the month! Over the last week I finished my 3 Fusilers and 2 Bulleters. That leaves me with the following finished for May- S1 - (2) 2 Auxbots S2- (12) 5 Fusilers, 2 Auxilia, Black Friar, Swiss Guard, Aquilla Guard, Knauf. Bipandra S3- (0) S4- (2) 2 Bulleteer Armbots S5- (0) S6- (1) Clausewitz Uhlans S7- (0) Leaving me with 17 models finished! I hope I'm as productive next month, though I might start finding myself running out of PanO to paint if I am.
  8. Sorry for the double post, but I got started on my Uhlans and couldn't stop! So here he is along with my addendum to my May Pledge. Since I finished my original pledge I am going to be over ambitious and go for 2 Fusilers, Angus HVT and 2 Bulleteers as my goal. I was excited to start and one Fusiler is already base coated. It should be doable since I'm a teacher and school is out for the summer, which means more painting!
  9. Here is most of my May Pledge minus what I shown already and the Uhlans. Then I have my 300 point list (All my neoterra!) I made when I was deciding what to buy and try out first. They are ready to enter the fray and see how badly I did putting them together!!
  10. I have a few more that I worked on over the weekend, but before I show those I need to show what my pledge for May is! After reading the first post again I realized I hadn't shown models before I start. So I am aiming to paint a big bunch of Neoterra in the form of- Auxbots, Aquilla HMG, Blackfriar, Swiss Rocket Launcher and hopefully the Uhlans. Onto what I have completed or mostly completed last weekend. Just a few finishing touch ups on Knauf (knee pads and parts of his leg) needed and completed some Auxilia, with their Auxbots next in line for paint.
  11. Finished 3 more Fusilers, so that now I have 5 total. I am considering either doing brighter highlights in some areas or just calling them good and sealing them, thoughts? Also included my new WIP of Knauf. I think I will use him as a Hexas Sniper proxy, since I like his model and the character in the manga.
  12. I was drawn to PanO by the models because of the knight/futuristic soldier theme and the color scheme. Looking into the game more I was very interested in the idea of Sectorials and the theme they brought to armies so I looked at Military Orders and Neoterra. Initially I was leaning toward Military orders, but I found I grew more fond of different Neoterra models; the Bolts, Hexas, Aquilla and Swiss Guard all look fantastic to me. Plus I could also use the Black Friar who I also like quite a bit. I might eventually branch back into Military orders, but I am happy starting in NeoTerra.
  13. I have been painting board games slowly for about a year and really fell in love with Infinity Models when I first saw them. I picked up Operation Ice Storm and then started to pick up other Pan Oceania models. These are my first tries at painting this type of model! I started with the Knights of Santiago and tried several different methods/colors of painting them, which had some success. I started with them because I realised I really just got them for their looks and was interested in Neoterra, I also had some issues due to small parts and too much glue on them which took away some detail. Once I felt more comfortable I tried my hand at two units I will be using, Fusilers. I am happy for the most part, but am trying to get the eyes much smaller. Right now they are very anime-esque, though I don't think it looks too bad. I would love any advice you guys have for me!
  14. I'm interested in the following to the US- Thrasymedes Yuriko Oda Thanks!