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  1. I was drawn to PanO by the models because of the knight/futuristic soldier theme and the color scheme. Looking into the game more I was very interested in the idea of Sectorials and the theme they brought to armies so I looked at Military Orders and Neoterra. Initially I was leaning toward Military orders, but I found I grew more fond of different Neoterra models; the Bolts, Hexas, Aquilla and Swiss Guard all look fantastic to me. Plus I could also use the Black Friar who I also like quite a bit. I might eventually branch back into Military orders, but I am happy starting in NeoTerra.
  2. I have been painting board games slowly for about a year and really fell in love with Infinity Models when I first saw them. I picked up Operation Ice Storm and then started to pick up other Pan Oceania models. These are my first tries at painting this type of model! I started with the Knights of Santiago and tried several different methods/colors of painting them, which had some success. I started with them because I realised I really just got them for their looks and was interested in Neoterra, I also had some issues due to small parts and too much glue on them which took away some detail. Once I felt more comfortable I tried my hand at two units I will be using, Fusilers. I am happy for the most part, but am trying to get the eyes much smaller. Right now they are very anime-esque, though I don't think it looks too bad. I would love any advice you guys have for me!
  3. I'm interested in the following to the US- Thrasymedes Yuriko Oda Thanks!