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  1. those roof edges add so much theme!
  2. Glued the shooter to the ground, worked well without ruble and gives another pose as the eater. I'll put a pic in later
  3. Has anybody built the Fat Yuan Yuan Combat Flavour standing on the ground advancing? I thought this could work but I'm eluctant do cut away the Explosion with the beer keg before.
  4. It was kinda ironic. I really enjoy the Campaign, really appreciate it. Thanks for your Answer Warren and thanks for the Campaign you and Corvus Belli are doing a great job here!
  5. Yeah I do quality Reports and lost most of my games. Did I make it worse for my Faction Oo
  6. Report #4 And #4
  7. Whohoo my third one! enjoy!
  8. Great table! I think its really open enough don#t miss the height just play on a different board from time tio time and done!
  9. My second one, nice Kill Cage Madness, enjoy rate and comment This is my impro space Table played on by my opponent from my first one:
  10. I really like the idea of a manga box, should be an instabuy for many of us. All thats lacking for playing MERCS atm is another YuanYuan doubleblister (new sculpts of course)
  11. This was absolutely intended as a link party! Thanks for posting!
  12. So here's my first one might take a while until the next Good fun in the Campaign have fun!