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  1. So curious how/when/if the HRL dou Scarface will transist into QK! I think we'll get Models for Arslan/Brawlers in Q1
  2. Yeah papercraft is still the thing for me
  3. It sure is a mk12. I wonder why they declarate it as HMG in descriptions, as they usually show the correct weapon in the catalogue, maybe cause of the beyond Missions (they did it to Multirifles>Combis since first Icesstorm). So HMG in the new Tunguska Box
  4. Anyone else can't see the HMG? Why isn't the sculpt declarated as a mk12? Hope for the HMG in Tunguska
  5. Manned spider Tanks like Ghost in the shell for ISS!
  6. I built the old Aleph starter on saturday. I really liked it, though they're really tiny and lack detail, there really is a charm there
  7. Makes me wanna play Alphastrike with hexes
  8. Sounds good, i like the 4 Body Boxes on linkable troops even in Factions I only own Vanilla. Only Box purchase which was dumb so far were my zanshi swc Box (third Box I bought after Red Veil and the Ghulam swc (which do rock in QK) and the jsa support pack), as I only need a Hacker ever but those sculpts are spectacular and white Banner should be coming.
  9. Haven't played it, But I think your concerns are sound, looking forward to the discussion.
  10. Yurij I can't see your pics
  11. This and the corvus bellli homepage is a good start!
  12. As great as before! Thanks for sharing again!
  13. Is this the specops combi?