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  1. Please keep us in the loop on how you do, i'd be very interested.
  2. Interesting lists, still looking at possible lists as well I did manage to get the deal, arrived today.
  3. Ours arrived today in the UK.
  4. Wish mine was painted like yours, thats a lot of work. I always seen to take for ever and never finish. So admire what you have done.
  5. Some nice paint jobs there
  6. Could always add some tufts of grass to add a little dimension.
  7. I am looking forward to see these outrage miniatures, not got the book, but will nice to see a possible MERC faction starter.
  8. I think I will just wait and see, nothing like a box full of mini's to open though
  9. LOL
  10. I agree! Sorry
  11. I didn't think the colours would work but I like what you have done with them. Good job.
  12. Love you're work buddy
  13. Only thing I can add is practice and you will only get better, everything else these nice people have already added. Don't get discouraged