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  1. you can order a custom bag with bigger tray slots. Personally My USARF fits in it just fine but they make many other tray layouts for other games. Just look under the small trays and you will find ones for warmachine and 40k designed to hold bigger models.
  2. I am not versed in the mechanics but according to this, the scores should be different. Ariadna held the Don Peyote for the first few days of phase one. That should count as a .5. The CA also took Stygir for a brief period (if the final numbers hold out, I don't remeber) so they have .5 going into phase 3. not sure how to count the Haqq and tohaa gains vs YJ. Going strictly by the rules above they could get multiple take over bonuses in phase two (as the locations changed hands). So interesting to see the mechanics but more questions on how scoring works before we can have a good idea of standings
  3. You could see if the dog soldiers arms fit on the devil dog. Less work chopping metal
  4. I didn't see Thursday late show on the list of events at gencon web site. I might be interwebiing wrong.
  5. That is what I thought as he liked bending rules. I play Ariadna and use surprise shot lvl 1 all the time. Just didn't know how you got lvl 2.
  6. So I played in a tourney last weekend and one of my opponents claimed he had surprise shot lvl 2. He had a crocman sniper and claimed it was -6 to shot back at him. Going forward, I just want to understand how one gets surprise shot lvl 2... Is it in the profile? Or is it a result of having the right skills?
  7. Lol, I know I can make my own terrain and board. I was just curious why such a heavy slant one way.
  8. I have only been playing a few months but I have noticed that the vast majority of terrain used is all urban sprawl. Very little in the way of woods, water, or other natural elements. This by default, makes the terrain skills in trooper profiles useless as there is no difficult terrain. I am am cruious why the focuse seems to be on urban devoid of an natural elements. You could have parks or lakes in urban settings. Or just a board with natural terrain. So why is urban so prevelant? Do you include natural elements in your board builds?
  9. That sounds like something the MRRF would say :). I love my devil dog. He is good at causing havoc and his smoke can help cover movement of other troops. I would definitely invest in a full 5 man team of grunts. They get a +3 to their BS as well as 6th sense and +1 burst (on AROs as well). The whole link team can cost about 60-70 points and a few SW and give you extra orders and some back up specialists which are important to ITS missions. They are good at holding a position and restricting enemy moves with ARO.. Sniper gets a 2 burst BS 14 ARO in a full fire team. On active, they can use Marksmen LX to increase BS Skill by +6 (reduced to Burst 1) so that give them a base 20 target before any other modifiers. Foxtrots are you primary specialist and can infiltrate as a camo marker. This helps them survive to reach objectives. They also have anti personal mines they can drop around objectives to deny them to the enemy. Marauder haris is good to get mid board and use to deny space to the enemy or take objectives. it is also one of the few sources of multi spectral visors the sectorial has. So just my thoughts
  10. Hi everyone. I am looking to start an Infinity group in the West palm beach area that can meet up to play at a local game store. I would like to develop the community to the point we can run tourneys and leagues. Please let me know if anyone is interested and we can find a local store to play at. So far I am think PPF or Tates... not many choices TBH. Thanks!