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  1. I liked scarface a lot but I don't think he is a major loss for USAriadna. Most of my lists did not include him unless a TAG was needed for scoring. It just means for those missions I will bring some firepower to take out the TAGs I will likely be facing. lucky, USARF has good options for that. Solders of fortune makes Scarface very expensive in SWC so I would look for other options.
  2. well, you 3 types of troops in Biotechvore Solos, they can clear the 8" zone on their own without any additional orders. desperados, devil dogs, and Scarface all fit in this category Corpse: can get out on its own order and needs anther order to get out of zone. Most individual troopers fir this description. I.e. Moving 4-2, it will take a grunt 2 orders to get out Angels: they not only can get out on their own, but add orders to the pool to help out the corpses. Mavericks are a good example as impetuous gets them out of zone and their regular order can go else where. This is where fire teams fall as well. a 5 man link generates an extra 3 orders to use on other models I typically build the list to insure I can move out in round 1 and also dish out damage. No clue if we get to keep scarface but he is very useful for this mission. Run him up the board and put him in suppressive fire. You can also use a command token to turn deperado and devil dog orders regular adding to the order pool to move other models
  3. Ops, damn auto correct t now I am going have to paint him techno Actualy I tried both a 5 man and a Harris and found it too limiting. You just have to go one or the other. With a 5 man link, you still get 5 other troops to place anywhere. For frontline, the link is highly useful for both order efficacy and killing power. I ran a 5 man Minutemen link with 2 devil dogs, LR maverick, unknown ranger (made sure it was right ) and an airborne with molotok. Worked great.
  4. I just played a LI tourney ad USARF and had no issues being able to accomplish objective... i.e. Kill the other guys stuff. USARF get devil dogs with are duel pourpse beat stick-sensor bots. Acces to 5 man links with good firepower and protection. As well as mobility (light rocket maverick is a bargain link killer) and airborne deployment troops. The black jack option is great for hard targets like TAGs or T2 to shred any HI or 1 wound model on the board. Unknown raver gives you a great specialist that can fight as well. Most TO will run DA missions with limited insertion due the reduce amount of specialist as a result of ne order pool. I don't know about vinillia or other sectorials but USARF is great in LI for me
  5. I just used him in a 300 pt USARF list today. I will be sad to see him go. He might not have been the best tag but he did fill some gaps for me on certain missions for me. Just have to play to his strengths.
  6. I play USARF so don't have direct experience with all kazak. Looking at your list, I have to agree with Barakiel that you have your orders too split up for the main damage dealers. I typical run a full group one of combat troops and but button pushes etc in group two.
  7. It seems many of the tourney are setup as public events on Facebook. You could try searching there as well
  8. you can order a custom bag with bigger tray slots. Personally My USARF fits in it just fine but they make many other tray layouts for other games. Just look under the small trays and you will find ones for warmachine and 40k designed to hold bigger models.
  9. I am not versed in the mechanics but according to this, the scores should be different. Ariadna held the Don Peyote for the first few days of phase one. That should count as a .5. The CA also took Stygir for a brief period (if the final numbers hold out, I don't remeber) so they have .5 going into phase 3. not sure how to count the Haqq and tohaa gains vs YJ. Going strictly by the rules above they could get multiple take over bonuses in phase two (as the locations changed hands). So interesting to see the mechanics but more questions on how scoring works before we can have a good idea of standings
  10. You could see if the dog soldiers arms fit on the devil dog. Less work chopping metal
  11. I didn't see Thursday late show on the list of events at gencon web site. I might be interwebiing wrong.
  12. That is what I thought as he liked bending rules. I play Ariadna and use surprise shot lvl 1 all the time. Just didn't know how you got lvl 2.
  13. So I played in a tourney last weekend and one of my opponents claimed he had surprise shot lvl 2. He had a crocman sniper and claimed it was -6 to shot back at him. Going forward, I just want to understand how one gets surprise shot lvl 2... Is it in the profile? Or is it a result of having the right skills?
  14. Lol, I know I can make my own terrain and board. I was just curious why such a heavy slant one way.
  15. I have only been playing a few months but I have noticed that the vast majority of terrain used is all urban sprawl. Very little in the way of woods, water, or other natural elements. This by default, makes the terrain skills in trooper profiles useless as there is no difficult terrain. I am am cruious why the focuse seems to be on urban devoid of an natural elements. You could have parks or lakes in urban settings. Or just a board with natural terrain. So why is urban so prevelant? Do you include natural elements in your board builds?