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  1. Thanks took me half a year to make it look acceptable (After dealing with my initial problems with Infinity models. Everything was so detailed and small and I lost my will to paint anything ). I may add some Shaolin and Remotes, because no army is complete without Tachikoma alike looking Remotes bringing death (and/or 360 degrees of sight) to the battlefield. But for now i bought Tohaa and will preoccupy my mind with that.
  2. Reinforcements arrived! I used the last weeks to finish the last parts of Operation:Red Veil and som other. The Zhanshi are finally ready to fill up my order pool and the Tiger Soldier with Spitfire qualifies for my oldest Yu Jing model. The Guilang has a comrade waiting for his final touch (who doesn't like Guilangs?) and the Ninja is his not-yellow friend for now. Never thought about it, but I'm running out of Yu Jing miniatures. Times to buy some more or start with another army. Any suggestions? And I have to do something about my picture-taking skills...
  3. After finishing the Hsien, I think that this is the closest thing to your idea. Just ignore the turquoise. Thanks. I'm playing with the idea of buying an airbrush, but I still don't know. Anyway, I spend my weekend well, finishing a Guijia. Even if TAGs are not everyone's favorite, I like the idea of giant battle robots/exo suits and the models. Thus, the Guijia was obligatory for my constant growing ranks of YuJing. The base will be finished when I figure out how to paint my PanO.
  4. Hello there, A few weeks ago, I sat at my room, doing nothing and wasting my time, so I decided to start painting all the miniatures that keep pilling up in a corner of my room. The troops of YuJing were the first victims to my newly found motivation and I even got to the point were I thought painting yellow is a nice idea (The nightmare of my early days). I bought the Imperial Service starter and some other to bolster the rank of everything Operation: Red Veil brought with it ( The Haqqislam part is almost finished, too) and at some point I fall in love with them. They are not as good as I would have liked (especially the base. Still a mystery to me) but i'm still proud of them ( and my continuing motivation to paint yellow ) Always open for criticism