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  1. Love the colour on your Iguana. Show us more!
  2. I think that additional lighting on an Infinity table is an awesome feature and something I would love to dig into: This table proves that even in reasonably bright environment, additional lights on TT add loads of character. Unfortunately, I am completely hopeless when it comes to electricity and from what I was able to gather from interwebz, you do need at least basic knowledge to build custom LED or EL setups.
  3. What a great thread! Very inspiring. Please, continue the awesome tutorials!
  4. I hate tactical rocks as they rarely mesh with Infinity-style bases. The model itself is nice, liking the cocky pose.
  5. More awesome stuff! I love the limited colour pallete, you're using. Also, digging your whites on the Crane, which have a very smooth / semi-translucenty / polymeric vibe to them reminescent of robots' 'skin' in I, Robot.
  6. I second that question! The Lo Pan's Noodle Hut is hard to pass, but $130 + VAT and custom charges is a bit steep for us EUers.
  7. Your models are stunning and pretty much spotless even in these high-res zoomed in photos. That is probably the best testimony to your craft. I especially dig the hazmat! I also enjoyed your painting vids, though I would like to see an improvement on the camera angle / lightning / zoom, as it is a bit hard to make out all the intricacies of what you are trying to show. Keep up your awesome work!