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  1. I'd say, Bradchilles is a tremendous improvement on your initial miniatures. It is way cleaner and a decent table top standard model. Once you start to feel comfortable with that level of painting and you can keep the paint in lines, you might want to explore further and start adding depth to your models. Quick and easy way to do this is use various washes for recesses and gentle drybrush for highlights. Both of these techniques are easy and quick once you understand the technicalities and will make your models pop! Also, after reading your other thread, if you find yourself disenhartened by slow progess, consider organising your work more effectively. As suggested by others, try painting your minis in groups of 3-5 models (providing, they have similar uniforms).it will save your time on waiting for the paint to dry and preparing (diluting) paint. Make sure, you use the right colour as your undercoat- trying to get a solid, even yellow on a black undercoat can be very challenging and time consuming. Anyway, keep posting your stuff and practice. Good luck, and hopefully see you someday in Wargamer!
  2. Quite a story, bro. I am really sorry that your family is not more supportive of your hobby. When I grew up, painting and collecting miniatures was considered lame and nerdy by the cool kids, so I did not even talk about it to my peers unless I knew they were also into the hobby. I think it is more widely accepted now (also among grown men ). I definitely second Alkasyn. You __need__ to come to Wargamer and feel the place, talk to people, play with your miniatures! If you are shy, and not sure if you want to introduce yourself, that is okay as well. Just come by on any Thursday afternoon and hang out. Maybe watch someone else play, listen to people talk, see how passionate about the hobby they are. Warsaw Infinity community is great and very welcoming. I'd say, it is the best wargaming community I have managed to delve into in my 20 or so years in the hobby (I am one of the newbies, Alkasyn wrote about). Also, note that there is a painting station in the store, so you can always consult and ask about painting tips and people will be able to show you the techniques that you discussed.
  3. BEST. IDEA. EVER! Also, the poster design is absolutely awesome. Would you be willing to share/sell the files with the posters?
  4. They look really cool, though it would be nicer to have all of the models in focus.
  5. I am using the Raicho Pilot and Pneumarch HVT.
  6. Yup. Sorry I did not say anything, but I did not want to interrupt the game.
  7. It was good to meet you today!
  8. First of all- yay for morats! Secondly- wow these look amazing! Great choice of colours and a striking scheme to go with it. You have managed to make Raicho look good, which is a feat of it's own.
  9. This is a very interesting point. I have been painting miniatures for almost 20 years now and I have to admit that my attitude towards applying paint to miniatures was simply to do it tidy and pick uniform colours for my armies. I have never thought about composition nor have I looked at a miniature imagining how the colors will flow through it or if I need to place focal points anywhere or possibly even counterbalance the pose of the model with certain brighter tones. It looks like I have been coloring more than painting my models. Yup, I am from Warsaw. I would be happy to come to one of your workshops or even meet at Wargamer and have a chat about painting. Yes, I need to finally do this. I'll give it a try during the weekend when it is still bright outside when I am home.
  10. Okay, things need to be said @Maru. I've been watching your thread since I registered on these forums and I have to say I was not a fan of your style. However, the more I look at your models (the pneumarch especially!), the more I appreciate how much is going on on them regarding the colours used, little patterns (for example pneumarch's right shin) and awesome feeling of wholeness, which can only be achieved by having great taste and 'feel' for composition. I hate (yes, it flows through me!) to admit it, but I really envy you, as I think my models look pale, boring and uninspired in comparison.
  11. Hate the freehand on the coat. However, very nice osl (kudos for going with red, which is a bitch to make look good) and an awesome themed base
  12. Can't say I'm too keen on the buildings as they are too blocky for my liking (this is true for most of hdf terrain though), but as pointed by Section 9, the ad-displays and the fast food stand look really nice. Looking forward to seeing the official pricing.
  13. Pretty much what @Maru said. Not waiting until the primer fully sets will hinder it's mechanical resilence significantly. Also, always (especially with metal models), varnish your finished miniatures.
  14. Spectacular in terms of technique, but a bit too monochromatic for my taste.