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  1. I have a bunch: - standard fusiliers - hospitallier doctor - FO father knight But the ones i enjoy the most are the Hacker Hexa and the Nisse with multi sniper rifle. They always help a lot in the few games i play
  2. Currently i have no rems, only guys. So would you guys suggest to go with one sectorial army (military orders) or with a vainilla one having that in mind?
  3. I know :'( Still, you can't fail wip rolls if there are no enemies alive to hurt you
  4. A true soldier of God fears not the banalities of mortal flesh. *starts chanting* 🎶non nobis domine, domine🎶 🎶non nobis domine🎶 🎶sed domine, sed domine🎶 🎶tuo da gloriam🎶
  5. I vote for these ones: crusader brethren as they are trained in 0-G and all sort of space combat Fusiliers as garrison from the ships Hexas as they are useful in the closed enviroments of the ships, as well as rems. Auxilia maybe if the ships have open spaces. Maybe father knights and order sergeants if its a ship from a theological mission/crusade.
  6. Deus vult!
  7. The only thing I need in my life is a sword in my hand and the word of God in my heart, pagan 😠
  8. +++Coordinate 3478-2497-1453+++ +++ Message decryption initiated+++ Greetings commander Nusphigor. You have been assigned to lead the operations of Strike Force Hydros in the upcoming theatre of +deleted+. We know the reputation of said Strike Team during its operations on the Flamia campaign and the demise of its former leader, so expect your operations to be of high risk. You shall recieve further instructions with the force elements assigned to your personnel as well as the elements at your disposal during the Strike Force operations. For the time being, initiate your translation towards +deleted+. As always, we expect your performance to be as high as possible. Panoceanian command. +++Message Terminated+++
  9. I joined the forum as soon as i knew about this campaign because i really enjoyed the last one. So my Strike Force Hydros will strike like the wrath if God in the ships of all those pagans and heretics or die trying!
  10. Hi all! My name is Felipe Correal. I am from Bogotá in Colombia. I play with Panoceania but also have the Nomads and usariadna starters, though i only like to play campaigns because i like to create stories of my games. I played in the last global campaign with my pan-o Strike Force Hydros, so maybe i will upload more stories of them if time and real life allow Cheers!
  11. Hi all! I just found out that there is going to be a new global campaign with a code name wotan and i went straight into here to find more about it since i enjoyed a lot the last one (in fact, i just created my user on the forums. That is how excited i am about it xD). But the only thread i found about it is from Yu Jing (may god curse those thrice damned heretics!), so i wanted to ask you guys: what do you think of the new campaign? How can we coordinate ourselves in order to have a better performace than the last year? Cheers!