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  1. Well he placed the new Lieutenant on the HacTao which doesnt have Chain of Command. I found out in the meantime, that the scenario beeing played was "ITS season 8 Tagline 1.4. Decapitation" which has the scenario special rule.: "In this scenario the rule Loss of Lieutenant does not apply." Which finaly explains above to me. Its still not fully correct to place the new LT immidiatly but he should have waited for the "tactical phase of his next active turn" as per scenario special rules, but that doesnt matter unless the 2nd LT also gets killed in the same reactive turn. Thanks for the clearifications!
  2. So the "immidiate nomination of a new lieutenant" is not a legal move as he would not be in the loss of lieutenant situation before the start of his next turn and could only cancel LoL (by nominating a new lieutenant) at the end of the turn in which he entered it? Thanks a lot for the fast response!
  3. In the below battle report video in 28:25 the Lieutenant is lost on the reactive turn. The Player on the reactive turn comments.: "immediately nominate a new lieutenant". I dont understand how this is supposed to work. As far as i understand the Game Sequence states that your loss of Lieutenant check is only performed on your active turn ( ) so he is not in a loss of Lieutenant situation in that moment. Under this link it is stated, that " The player can appoint a new Lieutenant at no cost at the end of the Turn in which he entered the Loss of Lieutenant situation. The identity of this new Lieutenant is still considered Private Information. ". To my understanding as you are only able to enter LoL in your active turn you can also only cancel it in your active turn. So if you loose your lieutenant you would allways be forced to play a whole active turn in that situation (unless you have none default means to cancel it like chain of command). If im missing something here this would be very important to know, as this is a severe impact to the game. Thanks for reading and commenting.