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  1. This makes them a little bit more attractive, still boring tho.
  2. You will kill me one day... you really will. Still rather boring, but now they at least have more use. Ehhh... and there I was hoping for some kind of forward deployment skills.
  3. The Kamau is boring. It's just boring. Another pseudo Bagh-Mari. I'm just sad, can't even get angry about it. Might just start Nomads, have the starter anyway.
  4. I can forgive a lot, really, a lot. But god damn they really made me sad today. I always loved these guys, the look, the fluff. And what they did was give me a nother pseudo Bagh-Mari. Lazy design is lazy (don't even get me started on that MOV 4-2... I mean, why? what is the reasoning behind this decision? to make it look even more like a Bagh-Mari? well, job well done). The Kamau is... boring.
  5. Didn't they mention in a recent promo clip that Aristeia! will be released end of June (28th or something like that?)? I'd be really happy about Andromeda, since I've been using her fairly often these past few months. A Locust would be great as well. Or a Thorakitai box... okay CB, I'll make you a deal, just give us the Feuerbach Thorakites blister and we'll wait a little longer for the full box. We good? I wouldn't mind Tunguska at all for a GenCon release, tho ALEPH would make me much happier, that's a given.
  6. I'm personally really fond of the new Riot Grrls. Have been thinking of starting a new army for a while now and the Bakunin starter plus the Riot Grrls box gave me the final push in the, hopefully, right direction. Plus, list building for Bakunin is hella fun. Regarding the Outrage box - I agree with some of the posters who wrote that it's the noticeable difference in style that is causing such a ruckus. While I wouldn't say that the box presents some of the best stuff CB recently procuded, I certainly wouldn't call it "awful" or even worse. I wouldn't mind buying one or two of the models. The molotok Ranger looks cool, the Yu Jing model is absolutely gorgeous. And the Rodok is just bad ass.
  7. I'd say just ignore them, some people will always get butthurt about stuff that no sane person would ever get mad about. That said I am personally in favour of no report banking. Simply because I enjoy the slow back and forth, logging in in the evening and seeing a faction doing really well in one area and then seeing a completely different picture in the morning and then a different picture again the next evening etc. etc. etc. Plus a coordinated strike seems really cool (the planning that goes into it, the execution) but I definitely do understand that it might be difficult to pull off. I also understand that some people don't have the time to play a game and then write a nice report immediately after.
  8. I also totally forgot about the Locusts. Love the fluff for these bastards and am still not quite sure what miniature to use as a suitable proxy (might go with the Druze hacker from the HSN3 preorder, she looks mean enough). CB could just release them and spare me the trouble of making a decision.
  9. I can only second the Thorakitai box, that would be wonderful indeed. Too wonderful perhaps. Wouldn't scoff at a Hospitaller box either.
  10. Hokay, thanks for clearing it all up! I'll try to set up the games in a way that allows all of us to report their battles and not get on the bad side of anyone on the forums (could be a bit tricky since we're a rather small group).
  11. I have a couple of questions, for which I wasn't able to find the answers in the campaign FAQ. First, say I play Aleph and a friend of mine plays Haqq. Now let's assume that Aleph and Haqq will be the best of bros during this campaign and we won't actually get orders to fight eachother. But since it's just the two of us in the area, I'd like to play the enemy in the mission he generates (wherever his orders might take him). Will his battle report be valid even if I decide to not upload one for this specific game (meaning there will be only one report for this particular battle)? And second, regarding the missions, I noticed that there is the possibility to generate a "custom mission". This would be kinda handy for us, since we have a new player in our little group of three and I don't really want to force 300 points games on him. This means, that we will probably stick to 200 points games and I was thinking of adjusting the table size for these games. I'd base the rules off of the ones provided in the campaign pdf and play them in regions currently targeted by the commanders in charge of things - is this ok, will these reports be valid as well or will they get sorted out by the Historian A.I.? Oh, and the campaign looks like it will be a real blast, we're looking forward to diving straight in!