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  1. Thanks for the comments guys Yea, you're right! I'm gonna start a new topic there as well.
  2. I made some progress on my Nomads but I wanted to make a new thread about my force. I'll be posting all my work here. More minies to come.
  3. I know I'm getting one...the thing is amazing. Nomads are getting some bad ass models lately. Some new remotes would be cool though.
  4. Oh, my ... for all that is holy that thing is amazing!! Even better than I expected.
  5. How accurate is this!?! Holy crap that's loads of money for a mini with a few extras. IMO way overpriced! Pretty sure I'm gonna skip it if this is the case. FFS I bought beyond icestorm exp. for 35 euros...
  6. The model is crazy good looking! Recently Nomads are getting awesome minis! I can't wait to see what Tunguska will bring. I'm new to the game and SOOO happy I started with Nomads.
  7. Cool info! THAT Szalamandra man...
  8. Amazing! The models are incredible.
  9. Oh my sweet goodness...those models look amazing! That Kriza Borac yummy...must have...
  10. Thanks! That's one of the reasons I chose Nomads. I think orange suits them perfectly.
  11. Thanks mate!
  12. A little update. Finished my army centerpiece.
  13. Thanks mate.