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  1. Because that is what came up when googled berserk and martial arts for infinity.
  2. If you use berserk to make the CC roll a non ftf, is the penalty from the enemy's Martial Arts from lets say level 3 impose the -3 to hit? I was thinking no from what I could find, but that is old forum posts from 2009+ when MA L3 gave you +3 ARM. And I can see that it imposes the negative to hit because even in a non ftf roll of someone shooting some one using Mimetism still incurs the negative to hit...
  3. Thanks. I am new to Infinity and was told that the Warcors are the rules arbiters... Good to know =)
  4. I also heard that from Mayacast that is why I wanted a Warcor to weigh in on the matter. Zero-G is just gives the same bonuses as picking Zero-G from Multitarrain. And, this makes sense thematically. I could see a timing issue though. That is why I put this up.
  5. In Wotan it they introduce the Zero-G AD infiltration special rule. Does Mulitarrain count for this?
  6. The EVO hacker already allows you to spend a command token in the reactive turn to activate Overclock and such. So, I was thinking specific overrides general because of the wording of "any failed WIP roll". Thank you for answering my question.
  7. The EVO Hacking Device allows you to reroll a failed hacking WIP roll, with the use of a command token. "This piece of Equipment allows players to spend a Command Token to re-roll a single failed Normal or Face to Face WIP Roll when declaring the use of a Hacking Program. The player may re-roll just one die, no matter the Burst value of the Hacking Program he used." Is that any roll? Including a roll in the reactive turn?