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  1. I will try and put this simply as possible. Can you pop smoke as an ARO without special dodge. Say someone moves around a corner, can you throw smoke to any point you choose?
  2. Because that is what came up when googled berserk and martial arts for infinity.
  3. If you use berserk to make the CC roll a non ftf, is the penalty from the enemy's Martial Arts from lets say level 3 impose the -3 to hit? I was thinking no from what I could find, but that is old forum posts from 2009+ when MA L3 gave you +3 ARM. And I can see that it imposes the negative to hit because even in a non ftf roll of someone shooting some one using Mimetism still incurs the negative to hit...
  4. Thanks. I am new to Infinity and was told that the Warcors are the rules arbiters... Good to know =)
  5. I also heard that from Mayacast that is why I wanted a Warcor to weigh in on the matter. Zero-G is just gives the same bonuses as picking Zero-G from Multitarrain. And, this makes sense thematically. I could see a timing issue though. That is why I put this up.
  6. In Wotan it they introduce the Zero-G AD infiltration special rule. Does Mulitarrain count for this?
  7. The EVO hacker already allows you to spend a command token in the reactive turn to activate Overclock and such. So, I was thinking specific overrides general because of the wording of "any failed WIP roll". Thank you for answering my question.
  8. The EVO Hacking Device allows you to reroll a failed hacking WIP roll, with the use of a command token. "This piece of Equipment allows players to spend a Command Token to re-roll a single failed Normal or Face to Face WIP Roll when declaring the use of a Hacking Program. The player may re-roll just one die, no matter the Burst value of the Hacking Program he used." Is that any roll? Including a roll in the reactive turn?