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  1. Thanks @Col, @Darkvortex87, @Robock! That clears it up.
  2. Hey everyone, I just have a question that might seem silly, but I could not find the answer anywhere and I just want to be sure (as you will guess I'm far from being a veteran...) Does owning an "EVO hacking device" make you a full-fledged "hacker"? All the other hackers have the "hacker" word next to their unit name, suggesting that they do indeed, have the hacker automatic skill but does the skill come from just having a hacking device, or does it come from the word "hacker" next to the unit's name? I'm wondering specifically about E-Drones, and if they can be targeted by Killer Hacking Devices (who can only target "hackers"). My guess is yes, but I'd be happy to have someone point me out to the rule I missed. Sorry if the answer is super obvious and all over the place, I could not find it and figured I'd ask here.
  3. That is a brilliant idea! The sketch does give a nice feeling of what you're aiming for, and I'm loving it already! And I completely second @Toaster's suggestion of either splitting the table diagonally or alternating between a deployment that would have both sides "half-inside/half-outside". It might be too much of a hassle, but you could even try to make your separation in two or more segments (of different lengths) so that you could vary between splitting it straight in the middle, diagonally, or even do fancy things where the "split" is not a straight line across the table. Haha, sorry, I'm not meaning to make things more complicated for you, the basic idea for your table is really great! But I guess having some potential for variability would ensure that, if the table does end up "funneling" the battles too much (which is however an interesting tactical situation and might create interesting games), you could then vary the pleasures with different "splits". Oh and thanks @Edster for your reply concerning the airbrush, I was just curious, I recently got one as a gift, and it's great! I'd advise you to try one out if you can. And even with a fancy-shiny-airbrush I still totally consider myself a "casual painter".
  4. Just a note to say that I love your work! I'm currently working on my Bourak Table, and yours has been an inspiration (yes, yes, I've been lurking around for some time). The colours and atmosphere is spot on! I'll go for something a little "cleaner", but really, I am a huge fan of your table. I also struggled with some of the Micro Arts buildings myself, but I put that on my desire to make an L-shaped garage with the pieces scavenged from a Garage and a guard tower... It was a headache at some points (I obviously had to cheat here and there since I did not have all the necessary pieces), but as you said, their stuff is still great and pretty sturdy. Plus painting those is such a pleasure. I'm just curious about one thing though (if you don't mind), with all the spray paint you're using, why don't you invest in an airbrush? Not saying you should, (you should, it's amazing) just curious. Spray paint, if you have to buy several cans, can quickly become rather expensive.
  5. Hey Arlic, once linked, some fields (those you're having trouble with) are no longer editable. As a safety, you should always link last, once you're sure everything in your report is there. Since you can link once the report is public, it's really better to keep linking as the last step in your report. So your best solution is to contact BoW support. They're very helpful (or so I've heard). Sorry I couldn't help any further.
  6. Hey commanders and curious wanderers, Long time lurker, first time poster... My first battle report for the campaign is up and can been found here: Haqqislam vs Yu Jing / Shanqiang: Transmission Matrix And you can find my opponents Yu-Jing-propaganda-twisted version of the truthful facts here (just kidding you're great Eltutu): Yu Jing vs Haqqislam / Shanqiang: Transmission Matrix (Eltutu Batrep) The table was gorgeous and the game was great! I Hope you enjoy the battle reports, and feel free to leave feedback! It feels nice to finally join the fray!