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  1. @Loftybloke there are plenty of ways to skin a cat and "Kornaks stag do" is reasonable but as DaRedOne says it's pretty all or nothing. Personally i like standard vanguard or daturatzi as well if i was just starting out again but Dr boobworm medical doctor completer of classified is pretty essential. TAGs, currently if you're playing MAF you're only able to use the Raicho, however with the MAF starter set there is nothing over the availability in generic, in which case you can use all the toys, that also applies to the stuff DRO mentioned above. BTW we have a tournament in Sheffield on the 17th of December, if you're close enough to Leeds you're probably also close enough to us. Even if you don't end up playing it may be worth coming down, If we end up with a bye I'll be playing Morats anyway.
  2. As an example of more trouble than it's worth, while playing operation flamestrike my friend and I were playing a game at camp antelia so outside the deployment zone was all jungle. Being a bastard I took a Sphinx who rambo'd his way up the board and eventually charged into CC with a dozer, who crit him with an Akrylat kanon. My medtech surveyed the 24" of ariadnan infested jungle (literally full of wolves) and the tower on the opposite side with my sphinx glued to a very surprised looking dozer: "Not today." Order group split is very much personal preference: if it's an objective based game it try to run the doctor and various other specialists in main and leave my death squad with about 5 orders in a second pool, if it's direct action stuff then it' the other way around.
  3. CA has fantastic drop troops but they all cost many precious points, you can run two Rasayat but it's quite a large investment and obviously that's only in MAF, in generic I quite frequently run one with Ko-Dali (lets my opponent sweat about whether I have an invisible murder robot or a nasty shassvatii based suprise) it's far more obvious in MAF as there is nothing else that big gap in your list could be.
  4. Rasyats are generally fantastic, i personally use the B:SG as he really wants to be stabbing people, I usually use mine as a link team sweeper early doors generally throwing some eclipse smoke down to move into engagement with a link team member or to line up a decent shot with the B:SG it's much more effective than trying to crack a fireteam in a conventional firefight when you play MAF, they are also fantastic for if you draw the Sabotage classified. As for models, I doubt they'll get a resculpt soon so mine are converted Rodoks using the head and back pack from the current Rasyat.
  5. Super-jumping-mimetic-veteran-infantry-with-a-gun-for-every-occasion are your main offensive link team, they also come with more orders than a sphinx, you don't tend to get all comers sphinx lists they are just sphinx lists aka a sphinx with some units to act as a battery. a Rodok team with a Samaritan spitfire is a pretty terrifying link for going and getting. If you want to make the list above better for every situation at some stage you'll have to compromise and add Dr Boob worm completer of classifieds and repairer of Q-Drones.
  6. Good call Gamma ray @Stuart1302 we're over in Sheffield if you ever make it that far and mostly play at Outpost, I know there are several reasonable sized groups in northern England dependent on how far around the M62 you are. There are guys who play at Harlequins up in Preston, there are people who play at Stockport at the northwest gaming centre/ Element games, there are the guys who used to be Leeds night owls, or still are who run northern open and there are some guys in Huddersfield, never met them but I'm assured they're coming to one of our tournaments next month (should really post that...) If you're on Facebook there are plenty of people on UK infinity the game, Infinity Northern Alliance or on our own Steel City infinity. Otherwise if you tell me where suits i can try and reach out for you.
  7. +1 for @Flipswitch answer, There are some other little tricks, the bikes will have a much harder time if you have a maakrep watching the advance routes since it can see through their smoke screen, other options may be units like the legate hacker, if you're opponent is putting down marauders his white noise zone can be used against their MSV1 to allow you to get closer, equally cyber mask is useful as USA have slightly inferior WIP on no other method of detection. they also have a decent enough phys to dodge all the irritating templates Overdrons would work well with their Plasma or rocket death loadout, their Albedo also works against the msv1 USA have scattered about. Assisted fire on unidrons or Q-drones
  8. I'd second this one, I've run a lot of tournaments for other systems and some for infinity and before now I've had to take somebody to one side and DQ them for unsporting conduct (in one case threatening to hit their opponent with a chair (in fairness the guy deserved it, still a DQ for an actual threat of physical violence)), had to ban them for a few after as well, it's never a nice situation and it reflects badly on the game they play and discourages engagement from others. I'd start with a talk to the organiser and raise your concerns, really after that it's up to them what they do with it, if they're content to let it drift away under the carpet then I'd have a word with both parties one on one. Overall in a group we try to avoid playing gotcha, tends to bring out the very worst competitive dad syndrome in everybody so generally attempting to nip this s*** in the bud before it happens by as they say in the rulebook explaining what you are attempting to do in detail, "if this guy moves to here will that guy be able to see?" "yes but a couple of mil back he wouldn't". As long as it isn't revealing your secret information you should be forthcoming with stuff. Sometimes you unfortunately do have to explain to people that just because it's a competitive game you don't have to be a d***.
  9. My usual: step 1: Daturatzi runs up a board edge and cobs smoke to an appropriate place. Step 2: Ko-dali walks into or behind the smoke. Step 3: combirifle / assault pistol fun time Step 4:
  10. And you probably don't have the points left to exceed the AVA of vanilla anyway...
  11. The forum is giving me trouble uploading so here is a link to my FB blog with a couple more pictures. So I used a duo last night playing transmission matrix against Pano last night and these two were the stars of the show, the AP HMG took down a Hexas sniper, an Aquilla HMG and a swiss guard HMG, didn't fire the T2 sniper in anger (drowning the target in AP HMG rounds was going to be more effective and there wasn't much left to shoot with T2 in reaction), but it did use its chest mines and SMG. Overall I really rate them, their loadouts are brutal even if the chassis is inferior to other factions S5.
  12. @Jandrus no good ones on me at the moment but they're going on operations this evening so I'll grab a couple then.
  13. Sorry was offline for most of the weekend, but did manage to reach this stage with my blackjacks: (joan for scale)
  14. The top of his head is level with the debil dogs shoulder, the top of the devil dogs head is level with the bottom of the sniper rifle scope, took a picture but the mobile version doesn't like it.