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  1. Tried this theory out as a "fun direct action list" during Wotan (without the Q-drone), write up is here TL:DR is that it's fun, this game went hideously wrong for me as in my insane rush to kill the intruder sniper who was basically going to massacre anything I left in a good position I managed to run my sphinx into range of a wild cat A:HD and then had to kill it myself with my Rodok link.
  2. In short CA are super fun to play: I tend to find shas are hard mode, Morats are medium-easy and Onyx and vanilla are medium-easy, this however is mostly meta, mine involves a lot of intruders, Nisse and ghostwolves which all make extremely good anti shas tech (ignoring my camo while benefiting from their own) where as nasty tricks like AD, super jump, cybermask and white noise work a charm, the later two both have more access to hyper elite or eccentric forces that make CA fun to play. On Unidrons, personally I love them and tend to take them when I can as they are slightly more versatile than a vanguard due to plasma, dogged courage and shock immunity along with their synergy with hackers. Fluff wise I also think they fit the bill, mass produced high tech bio-weapons that can keep fighting when they should be dead feels very "horrific alien invasion" Onyx feel like a precision optimised terror force to be used as a scalpel, MAF are the blunt instrument you use to get the job done.
  3. I Got a pair of Overdron when they came out, one to run with Plasma snipers and one HMC, I started off with this multi barrel affair, but wasn't too happy with it. So I made a different version (being carried by this gunteam for refit) It's now occurred to me I don't have a particularly good picture of him now (this is in fact the only one) but I'm far happier with it now than I was. Not quite happy enough however so if anybody has a better suggestion I'm for it.
  4. Ran a legate hd+ and a charontid hd+ once, the cybermask party was strong that day and lots of nomads died including the intruder through white noise. Fun memories. I usually use my charontid as the "break glass in case of war" HMG MSV3 but the plasma rifle version is in situations far more useful and the hacker is hands down one of the best in the game, that armour, those wounds and the utility of cybermask and whitenoise or a buff for one of your many drones: well worth it, would use more.
  5. I'm going to jump on the band wagon here too! Big thanks to @bostria and @Beasts of War - Warren (and their teams) for their effort in putting it together and engaging with the community, looking forward to the next one even if we did get a pretty thorough kicking. (So not picking a fight with Pano next time)
  6. I remember these from Wotan, they look even better with the lighting, well done. I'm also going to have to remake my nano screen tokens...
  7. Neither list is especially one I'd use but there hasn't ever been a right or wrong. The second list has I'm guessing an oznat link to power Kornak and the soggy but not that much else, something terrifying under 16" would also be helpful to you such as a Rasyat. and without the benefit of a hacker to defend him with fairydust your soggy is likely to get locked up if you over reach with him, I'd also say the T-drone is out of place with only a line trooper forward observer to spot for him, far more useful in generic or onyx where a malignos can pop out of thin air and target with a -9 or -12 mod. The first list I assume is a yaogat harris and 5 man vanguard link, I rate both quite highly and it's got kornak and a suryat to do the rest of the work, could probably do with Dr Boobworm to put your morats back together and be your classified carrier. I'd probably try to squeeze in a ML or HMG to take advantage of the link bonuses in a 5-man team they are both far more deadly than the suryat. While the yaogat sniper has it's merits I also favour the Spitfire in that harris, the ROF is better and the weapon gels better with the close up and stuck in encounter feel of that team, I prefer the sniper as a lone killer, all of course personal opinion. As you've already noticed Rodoks can add a lot to your options with mimetism and super jump and little oddballs like mines they can cover a lot of bases your other forces lack that can give you an edge in face to face engagements with a -3 mimetism bonus while possibly denying your opponent cover due to superior positioning or pop up attacks. Don't overlook a daturatzi link either, as good as a vanguard but with fantastic CC, mimetism, smoke, grenades and direct templates all with the point reduction from being impetuous, just sprinkle in a combi rifle and a B:SG for a tasty close up threat you can disband when you want the impetuous orders. Morats are expensive, morats do not win fair firefights, morats don't have tricks and morats don't have exceptional specialists but morats are reliable, using links and smoke effectively are their two major strengths which you seem to have already clocked on to.
  8. I particularly asked him about Exrah as I love my Cascuda, he laughed, a lot. Shas should be sorted for "Acheron falls" they aren't planning a resculpt of the Skio (it's already that design language) but the Charontid is definitely on their list near future
  9. From a slightly different angle. Also I had a chat with Bostria later during the con and asked him if the other aspects were getting a similar rejig, the Charontid will be getting the same treatment.
  10. That was my one
  11. I've run dual Overdron in the past (HMC and Plasma), it was fun but overkill and left me lacking severely in the mid range area. The dual Xeo- haris is a personal favourite of mine, during Wotan we tended to play quite a few zero G boards so superjump was really useful pairing them with a 4 man rodok/samaritan team. One of each tag does have some legs, one for range, one for close up. I've also run two suryat duos in Onyx which was also extremely fun, 1 pair for close up encounters and 1 for long range. Obviously if you want to run heavy armour outside of onyx you're looking at MAG, the suryat team has some legs if you meld in the raktorak and Kornak, and as much as i'd love to i've never run dual Raicho. The only other real option is generic. I ran a Skio a charontid and an anathematic once, it was really fun but also awful.
  12. I can understand the argument for skills not having mixed bonuses and as modular design point of view it makes sense adding on what you need to each level eg full auto 1 (as a +1b) and suppressive burst 1 (as a -3 in active) as an alternative to full auto L2 which combines them both. It will however make profile notation even more of a nightmare that it is, for example if they gave current full auto to an anathematic: ODD L2, Camo L2, Stealth, Remote presence, "jumping Lt", full auto L1, suppressive burst L1, veteran level 3, courage, Instead the current shorthand is: TO camo, G: Pnemonica, full auto L2. easier to remember when my opponent asks me what is does and easy enough to to explain when they don't know what G: pnemonica is. As to the tabled skills that are similar but not the same, that's where the flavour is and those differences do make a difference, there is a reason I like to kill line troops with a samaritan and stabby types with a legate.
  13. Nobody was shocked you authoritarian maniac
  14. B6 HMGs would be silly, The fluff aspect for full auto across some Morats is pretty well established such as the Sogarat Tempest [of bullets] regiment, or particularly for the Raichio, described in the fluff as being beyond trigger happy, half the weight is ammunition and their WIP of 12 represents not cowardice but near suicidal disregard when paired with suppression fire. Other units suit it less but it would still fit, I've had Yaogat spitfires previously refuse to break suppression fire and fall back when confronted with a sniper at 24.5" (he didn't get two opportunities). I suppose it all comes down to how you see full auto portrayed in the fluff, it sounds like an unrelenting advancing barrage of fire which is what Raichos and Soggys are mean't to be doing as part of the Morat aggression force and it's very definitely an aggressive rule, basically giving you mimetism and +1b in active turn a bonus for being aggressive. Morats don't use camouflage however keeping the cowardly and inferior enemy continually suppressed and terrified while you stride inexorably forwards seems an extremely morat tactic.
  15. It definitely isn't, its a rule basically written to put on a raicho or soggy. Whether that happens however is another matter.