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  1. My humble opinion You are trapped now because you have used a high saturation red color for the helmet and some parts of the body. The high contrast is between this red and the black and you use it all over the miniature except the cloak. So whatever you do, if you stay with these colors, the contrast of the cloak will not pop. If its not popping, it is not because of your work on the cloak which looks great even if you can accentuate the contrast. it is i think because of the maximum possible contrast already present between the red and the black.
  2. I resume my work with 2 more Shasvastii re-make 4 Done at this time
  3. A second base for a Shasvastti re-done 2 of a kind now
  4. Just one word : Awesome .... Awesome ... Incredible work ... i am not just fan of multi-color flower ... in fact if i had to change something i would have repaint all the flower in reds nuance ... But this is a fantastic project ... how many around us says "I would like to have a table ..." and how many does one. This is a terrific work
  5. Ok On some other forums ... people told me that my base were ... crappy (they dont use this expression, but the idea was here) . After a while, i think they were right. So lets do something totally different Before : After : The red plant was a nightmare to do ... and to fix. Because i really want a direction which give the right arm a kind of dynamism. Playing with "water" can be difficult. All is in the small details that give you mouvement ... i try to do my best Even if i love to do base ... this one is really the most difficult that i have done. I have made it and remade it from scratch 3 times ...
  6. Good ... can we have a Group photo ? I am sure the homogeneity will go great
  7. I often ask me the opposite question : What color can i remove ? In your position ... i will keep the white/ivory and the blue, i will remove the pink/red But i will use differents blue (even some kind of blue-velvet) in order to have different You will have a nice palette : White/Ivory/Earth Sienna Brown gives you neutral/earthly colors Blue gives you different high saturation colors And of course the metallic grey You have obtained such a good result without red in your sideproject (Just an opinion ... not a judgement)
  8. OK .... my post was too much "academic" ... lets try something (that i still do often) Forget mini, forget medium, forget glaze ... or anything magic that are supposed to help you but doesnt work Just take a paper, (a strong paper or a cardboard will be better for the exercice because they can resist water) Now just take a tiny really tiny amount of paint ... when i mean tiny i mean this Now just put it on the paper add water with your brursh and spread the paint ... spread it over the paper adding more water with your brush Try to think that you spread a nano film of paint over the paper ... You will see that can cover a Huge surface You will discover ... that some paint need huge amount of waters ... other needs only a tiny amount ... and some dont even need water at all... it depends of the age, the viscosity of the original paint ... and nobody except you can judge this You will also discover that the covering power (means you dont see the paper under) of each paint is different ... there is no magic number ... only practice. Now concerning the last mini - The face is good and dont worry we see the variation in the hair Now i still beleive that you use still too much paint (in fact when people say "thin your paint", thats mean "you use too much paint") in the other parts. In order to increase clearness, you are ready to cheat with lavish and use washes.
  9. Hi .... I can only encourage you to read the free "AcrylicBook" of Liquitex, you can download it on their internet site. After reading it i have made huge improve understanding what i was doing. I will copy/paste here some point Components of Acrylic Paint Pigment : A dry, powdery material that does not dissolve and remains suspended when mixed with acrylic polymer emulsion. Pigments can be organic, inorganic, natural and synthetic. They have little or no affinity for the surface to which they are applied. Vehicle A combination of water and acrylic polymer which create a polymer emulsion. Once the water leaves the system via evaporation or absorption the paint dries creating a stable film trapping the pigment particles. Binder Acrylic polymer without the water. Binder gives the paint its handling and durability characteristics. How Acrylic Paint works : Step 1.Squeezed from the tube, or scooped from the jar, acrylic paint is a finely balanced dispersion of pigment in an emulsion of acrylic polymer and water. The water serves to keep the emulsion liquid, and acts as a kind of chemical ‘chaperone’ preventing the acrylic polymer particles from getting close and personal and locking up before the artist is ready. Step 2.When exposed to the atmosphere, water in the emulsion evaporates, or is absorbed into the painting support. That’s when the acrylic polymer particles come into direct contact and fuse with each other. Step 3.The polymer particlesorganize themselves into a stable, hexagonal structure, trapping the pigment in place. Bingo! The stable paint film! So when you paint and you are lost ... you have to remind that Painting Acrylic is ... "creating a thin film" over a matter. It is for that, that aero works so fine with acrylic ... it has been designed to be an industrial paint before being accepted by artist during the 70. Did you see someone using aero with "Water colors" or "Oil colors" ... no of course because the Vehicle and the binder of the paint are different. When i paint a gouache, i dont use the brush the same way that when i paint with acrylic. When you add water you increase the fluidity of the Vehicle, which is good when you want the thinnest film possible. But adding too much water will create dispertion of the polymer and pigment in some kind of "islands" of paint which is bad for first cover but good for lavish. I would encourage you (and i do it myself so often) to test your paint on a ... paper. I just try to do the thinnest film possible on the paper. When it is pasty, thats mean i dont have the fluidity. When there is no homogénéity of the film or when the paint spread everywhere around the brush, there is too much water. The relevent thing is too create a "Film" When you use a medium, you create a dillution between your paint and a "paint without pigment", you have no idea that the 2 vehicle are the same. You can perhaps fluidify your paint if the medium use a more liquid vehicle than the paint ... but thats all. On the other way you are sure that you are always in a polymer matrix. So using medium is really the good way to "dilute the pigment" of the paint (means increase the medium space between two pigment) which can be a very good way to create transparency for exemple. So technically : Water is an addition which has an effect on the "Vehicle" of your paint. Acrylic Medium is a dillution which has an effect on the concentration of pigment per inch square. Pfff ... i am boring ... i have wrote sooo much ... but there is soo much to say for exemple understanding the opacity of the different pigment is really important. (I always prime my miniature with prime vallejo polyurethane)
  10. Thx for comments and helps I reallllly need motivation to resume the work. I present you now a Gwailos ... that was the first painted
  11. The Malignos from the box
  12. The Cadmus A larger image for some details
  13. Some pictures of the first miniatures done. The seed Solders from the box
  14. Hi Everyone. Sorry for my poor english ... trying to do my best. 2 years ago ... i was just falling on some incredible painting of infinity. Now it is time for me to present my project ... I totally change my way of painting when i begin to paint the shasvastii ... i have now incredible "pulp art" color using only Liquitex, Daler & Rowney and Sennelier inks. The high concentration of pigment does the work even if i have to fight with acrylic medium and retarder in order to obtain something suitable for miniatures. But my shasvastii now are a quite advanced project. I will try to post in this thread the different works. Some details can be found in my starting blog (in french sorry) http://epidotefigurine.blogspot.fr