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  1. Hey @Bridges! I'd suggest to move to the new forums (see above), people are slowly migrating there. This one will only last about a week more.
  2. Wiki usually doesn't accommodate clarifications coming from community. As for this particular question, isn't it kind of obvious that it's not a deployable that declares an ARO?
  3. Is it from ITS rules? I think I've glanced over that. I think that if you want to play 3 Bolt paramedics it's your wishes that are truly abusive, mostly towards yourself
  4. Its official rules on that are pretty good tbh. However, TOs may be more restrictive than official rules. For example, our local tournaments, as far as I can tell, tend to only allow proxying a unit if no official model exists for that unit. And judging by off-handed comments I've heard from tournament goers, they'd rather prefer to use official models for specific profiles if those exist, but I'm not sure if it's because of tournament rules or as a preemptive measure against potential That Guy since even a remark in official rules (IIRC) requires your opponent to be okay with your models. But then again, from what I know our local competitive wargaming community is toxic AF, so maybe it's just that stuff seeping into Infinity as well.
  5. I think it would be fair to point out that the wording "An enemy trooper activates within its Zone of Control (ZC)." is somewhat confusing, as ZoC rules allow you to react under conditions broader than that: "Enemies entering or acting inside the Zone of Control of a trooper while remaining outside that figure's LoF can be reacted to, but only by using the Common Skill Change Facing or Reset, unless the trooper has a Special Skill or piece of Equipment that can be used without LoF."
  6. I mean, yeah. But whereas I feel some other armies can still have a decent benefit out of Holo2 for Turn 0, I'm not sure if it's a huge deal for PanO.
  7. Well, the entry I found was for satellites from 1967, whereas GLONASS is a modern thing, but I guess that works too.
  8. I mean, I wasn't arguing with the assertion that we are dealing with space program themed naming, merely addressing that "UFO" idea. For that matter, "Tsyklon" may be referring to Soviet navigational satellite and system of the same name.
  9. Yeah, the first proposal is strange... Unless there are boxes with extra "universal proxy" bolts. And even then it's only ok if you run "the infinity forum link" with the most budget profiles, I assume, not that bolts are NCA BnB, but as poster boys/girls, tey get a pass. Otherwise they will end up collecting dust.
  10. I think the real question is whether they were inf. infiltrating or not
  11. Depends if you want them to be smoke tossers for JSA or not. In latter case you already have a different concept, only have to figure out what they will be supposed to do. Aside from that little issue, already suggested tactical bow WB with above horrible BS is already plenty of flair and flavour, but... Edit: Maybe Full Auto 1 tactical bows, lol.
  12. I almost want to bet it's either of PzF variations, but in Infinity you never know.
  13. To be fair, designing a rule around particular unit without a thought on it in general is probably a tabletop equivalent of poor coding practices leading to spaghetti code and the like in programming.
  14. Eh... Maybe I don't know something, but "zond" means "probe". Atmospheric, medical, you name it. My wild guess is that "unidentified flying object" interpretation comes from the fact that during UFO craze a lot of "sightings" were caused by meteorological probes. Maybe some texts on the matter ended up within some CB writer's reach and that caused some confusion during transition of the terms into Infinity source material. Supposedly comes from French (maybe German?), but I'm not sure.
  15. I mean, it's probably still a tie with "demon cavalry" PnO box (Uhlan + Tickbalang), considering their price, even if they can be played together (in a pretty weird list).