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  1. @tomjoad the largest benefit you gain from going Sectorial is the Link teams. And I very rarely leave home without a dual link team list for SP. I agree with you though and have settled on a Myrmidon and Thorakite Link team list strategy to save on points. And my average SP list comes clocking in at 15-16 orders as a result of this, which is absolutely awesome for an "expensive" faction. I usually run Thrasymedes with two FOs and a chain weilding Thorakite along with Atalanta as my second order pool. For me I have found his ODD and fire template (along with point reduction) from Nessie make him a better choice for me. And usually turn one they just feed Atalanta the orders she needs to clean house and eliminate my enimies exposed models with some smoke cover! And if they keep too much hidden from her to stop the smoke+MSV shenanigans... than the Thorakites take the orders and grab midfield objectives and Thras gets ready to punish them with fire from cover with ODD and with his extra burst rocket launcher... it's a lose-lose for them! 9 times out if 10 my Myrmidon Link is Phoenix with a LT Machaon, Eudoros, and a Chain-Rifle Myrmidon. This unit gets so much work done killing and objective grabbing it is borderline ridiculous!
  2. I have decided to switch over from Steel Phalanx to USARF for the next year, and to try and catalog my experience with the faction as I do. Here is the first post in that vein which is a battle report with a new local player that just picked up Vanilla Nomads. Ran him through the RECON version of Sieze the Antennas. Check it out if interested...
  3. Just posted another SP battle report! This time I went up against USARF in Firefight. Check it out if interested, and as always I look forward to any questions or comments.
  4. Welcome back... and the Facbook group is A.L.E.P.H.
  5. So I went back over my notes... and it was the Spitfire Asawira who in fact laid the shots down on Phoenix, not the viral Sniper. Which is why he made three, failed one, and went into NWI.... good catch Pedrgzc!
  6. Back again with another weekly game night battle report! This time I am once again playing an LI list to help prep a local Hassassin player for an ITS event on the 29th. We randomly rolled for one of the 4 missions in the event... and ended up playing Show of Force! Check it out if interested, and as always I look forward to comments or comments!
  7. Just posted a new article discussing the changes I am contemplating for my ITS List. Would love to hear some comments and feedback from those of you who are interested.
  8. Lol... do you have any evidence to back that claim up? ; ) I am actually in the process of getting them painted up. I literally just put the grey primer on them 4 hours or so before the game. And have ordered in the paints to try and get them rolling with a unified scheme. Hoping to have a fully painted list in the next few months!
  9. Just added another BatRep to the blog. This was another LI Supremacy game with a Vanilla Combined Player. For a one round "Showdown" Tourney. Check it out if interested.
  10. I never leave home without an MSV2 troop just for the reasons you listed above. I personally am a huge fan of Atalanta, and she has rarely let me down. And can make short work of his smoke tossing trouble makers.... while hiding in smoke of her own via Myrmidon troops! Secondly I think you may need to adjust your lists to give you more orders. I personally never make a list without at least 14 orders in it with Steel Phalanx. For the simple fact that more orders gives you more death to roll out in the active turn. and a lot of our troops are order hungry to get work done. Do you have the models for the Netrods and the alameda? They are great for giving you a cheap order boost.
  11. They are fantastic looking pieces from Hexagon Mill! The only downside for me is the lack of interiors... but the ability to flat pack them and carry them to the game store more easily is really handy!
  12. So after coming back from the Middle East and an 8th month hiatus in Gaming.... I am back in the States and have jumped right back into infinity where I left off! I decided to try my hand at writing out my experiences in learning this game and the Sectorial I love, Steel Phalanx! And then figured what the heck, and posted them in blog form. So far I have up the first two Battle Reports since restarting the game, and plan to also document my delving into the hobby side of this great game as well. Seeing as my Greeks are just to pretty to stay pewter for life. Would love to hear your feedback from anyone interested, and any ways I can make it better!