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  1. You have the swc to take the hmg on your Kriza Borac, which would get you a better gun and nine more points to play with at the cost of just the 360 visor. Might help a little with the range problem too.
  2. yeah if I am going second that won't be a problem. That will not always be the case.
  3. Not a big fan of classified objectives. Not only do I not own a deck, but I'm not a fan of what it does to my list building where I now have to shoehorn in kinds of specialists that I may not otherwise care about. I suppose it won't be a problem if I treat it like I treat 20x20 and make lists after I know what we are doing.
  4. I assure you I am not nearly so concerned about even looking close to what things are supposed to be. I have used a baby dragon as an extra palbot =P
  5. He uses things I own as I have yet to convince him to plunge that far yet, but I cannot blame him. I have operation icestorm and its beyond expansion as well as a seraph, but I am not at all opposed to proxying anything and everything. Knights are the easiest to proxy as I have an abundance of those, but I am not too picky about it. I even have some old heroscape things that are about the size of an S6 TAG. Not that anyone I play against has been all that interested in trying to run them.
  6. This is probably the best advice to give. I might just tell him to look at the thread so he can read this. I am still not impressed by your Hexa though =P not even a 50% chance to do the job and then they go down to equal footing? Not a risk I would be willing to incur though I suppose I now have enough data to give him a full picture of what he can expect from such a play.
  7. Active Player 37.54% Hexas, Strategic Security Division inflicts 1 or more wounds on Interventors (Unconscious) 6.61% Hexas, Strategic Security Division inflicts 2 or more wounds on Interventors (Dead) Failures 25.06% Neither player succeeds Reactive Player 37.39% Interventors inflicts 1 or more wounds on Hexas, Strategic Security Division (Unconscious) 25.53% Interventors inflicts 2 or more wounds on Hexas, Strategic Security Division (Dead) Perhaps infinity dice calculator is unreliable, but, that is how I am counting it. And good luck if the second one gets to ARO as well. You in fact do not have a 55% chance of success. Perhaps my newness has made me arrogant in this regard, but you do not simply roll over the best hacking stats in the game. He could definitely do to set up more suppression fire. I am a bit worried about offering the advice of forward deployment. It complicates keeping units safe, which is admittedly not so much of an issue if he goes first, but may put them too close to a bandit for their own good if I go first. Is this easier to counteract than I am thinking? This game came off the heels of another one in which my opponent had two forward deployment guys out there and they died before doing anything for being away from the rest of the army.
  8. Well we do have the one msv2, but it is really good and I always take it. I'm not personally a fan of the locust as the lack of marker state makes them easy pickings for warbands who don't care about his ODD and are thankful that so many points start so close to my deployment zone, but I suppose given first turn they could do decent damage. I cannot in good conscience tell my friend that he should waste a hexa killer hacker trying to take out my Interventors. They are about as likely to succeed against each other and the hexa is more likely to take more than one damage in return. And that is if it fights just the HD+ and the KH version has nothing to say about it.
  9. I tend towards using 20x20 missions and we were playing 4 and 7. Destroy the beacon and kill the LT. Both of which were in my deployment zone. So he could not just grab objectives he had to work his way to my side and kill a decent number of guys around corners just to reach either objective. Meanwhile I spammed smoke and created a corridor for a Lunokhod to run up to his beacon. He probably would have been better served by putting it behind a building, but that was not the example I provided so... Are objectives in an opponents deployment hard for Pano to accomplish? Should I avoid these when setting up games? AD troops are probably a good idea and I will make sure he at least considers them. On the topic of grenade launchers, do they generally need any kind of support, like forward observes or hackers to target the unit or can you get away with running just the Squalo or Montesa? No he has not been using coordinated orders and probably should.
  10. So I am a newish nomad player. A friend of mine who I am leading through his first couple of games is having a bit of a problem with how I hide all of my units. I asked him what he wanted to use and he responded that he wanted faster units. the thing is he had a Seraph and a Bulleteer in the list he used which seems about as fast as you can get in Pano. SO I'm not really sure what to tell him Anyway the real question is, as a Pano player how does one go about getting an angle on and defeat enemies who are cowering on the other side of the field?
  11. Only gotten one game in with my nomads in the past month and right as I thought it was time to break out my Kriza Borac I messed up his sight line by a Morlock running through it and using smoke with its impetuous order. I figured I'd get another chance to use him, but alas circumstances conspired against me and I spent the entirety of my last turn laying smoke and moving a Moran around. I guess I didn't even need him from a certain perspective, but I was really hoping to actually shoot with him.
  12. @WiseKensai I did not think at all about the data tracker. I like your plan a lot better. Straightforward and deadly. Though, I do have a question. Is it not a concern that all the heavy weapons are HMG's?
  13. So I kinda want to suggest a slight variation on my first list. Nomads ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 10 ALGUACIL Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10) TOMCAT Engineer Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower, D-Charges + 1 Zondcat / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 26) ZONDCAT Electric Pulse. (4) INTERVENTOR Hacker Lieutenant (Hacking Device Plus) Combi Rifle, 1 FastPanda / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 27) INTERVENTOR Hacker (Killer Device Plus UPGRADE: Lightning) Boarding Shotgun, 1 FastPanda / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 20) INTRUDER HMG, Grenades / Pistol, CCW. (1.5 | 42) GRENZER MULTI Sniper Rifle / Pistol, Breaker Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 32) IGUANA HMG, Heavy Flamethrower / . (2 | 71) IGUANA OPERATOR HMG / Pistol, Knife. () SPEKTR (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 32) ZERO (Deployable Repeater) Combi Rifle, E/Mauler / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 19) ZERO Hacker (Killer Hacking Device) Combi Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 21) 5.5 SWC | 300 Points Open in Infinity Army Its not necessarily optimized for the mission, but it does let me talk about how unreasonable it is for your opponent to try and take over the iguana. Before we get there though... One guy in a solo combat group is a bad idea. Not only does that spekter now not have enough orders to do, basically anything, it also opens you up to having your orders reduced on turn one. You are in theory going to be using a tag so you'll want those orders. Also note that there's a bit of flexibility with how you want to run your skirmishers. I don't normally play ITS so equipping my zeroes with deplorable repeaters is usually fine, but in ITS making them all forward observers or even making them hackers can be a good idea. skimping somewhere to make a few of them killer hackers will definitely help with the bellow. So the Iguana has a repeater on it. That means that the two Interventors will always be able to aro against any hacking attempt made against it. Let's say an enemy Interventor tries to posses the iguana. It only has a 30.6% chance of taking over the Iguana if it resets and does not have the benefit of firewall. That's not super low, but its most likely going to take him several orders to do it. Meanwhile that Interventor must take a sucker punch and a Skulbuster back from your hackers uncontested. The Skullbuster will have a 51.75% chance of knocking out the Interventor, though it drops to 33% if they have the firewall bonus. That's Still more likely than your Tag is to be possessed and they still need to take a suckerpunch. The odds of him taking over the iguana only go down and your chances of kill his hacker only go up if the hacker in question is actually a Reverend Custodier, which is likely if he's bringing a riot girl link. Okay, but those hackers don't have an assault hacking device, so they can't use total control. A better program for possessing a TAG. What's his theoretical best assault hacker? Its arguably the custodier again, but the spekter is its equal and the wildcat has an argument perhaps for having more bts if lower wip. This program only lets the custodier get up to a 36% chance of taking control of the Iguana. So how likely is it to die for trying? 64.5% without and 43.5% with a firewall. and then it needs to take the Sucker punch which is actually more likely to work in the reaction with 66.42% and 46.25% for without and with Firewall. All of your opponents hackers are more likely to die trying to hack an iguana than they are to actually take it over. This also give you an ability to mess with msv2/smoke combo. Well, kinda. If you face an intruder it is entirely possible for it to be in marker state or just out of the way on your turn which makes it harder to deal with, but a hacking device plus gives you access to white noise. If an intruder is left out in the ope though you can use white noise made by the interventor and placed inside the repeater of the Iguana, or perhaps a deployable repeater on one of the skirmishers. In such an event an msv troop of any kind will be sad. This actually has some value against riot girls as they do have msv1, but if they are in a link I don't think it will work out as they will get sixth sense lvl2 as long as their are at least four of them. Honestly I am not that adept at countering msv as my opponents don't do anything too crazy with it, but if anything your force should be super easy to hide away as there are so few dudes and 6 of them are capable of some kind of marker state. Well, the Iguana would stick out like a sore thumb, but it has four wounds technically so.... yeah. EDIT: I wrote this thinking the only hackers in the list were the two Interventors and totally talk about it as if the zero killer hacker does not exist =P EDIT: Drop the Zondcat and the fast panda from the HD+ Interventor and you can make all the skirmishers hackers.
  14. Wouldn't they then just be able to focus on killing the tag? Haven't had a Tag in any of my games yet save my own Iguana, which is not as tanky as other TAGs so I maybe I don't have a good idea of exactly how hard it is to kill, but surely with a whole turn with most of your troops in the air they'd be able to seriously damage or kill it.
  15. we only have 7 or 8 AD in vanilla anyway =P I wish that at the very least it was not less order efficient to use a command token to bring more than one AD at once. @ I think that looking at them as flexibility is a pretty decent idea and one that I may adopt for a few lists.